Sunday Nov 27th

Four weeks from today is Christmas Day.

First order of business today, finish the green chile enchiladas with the leftover dark meat…

That’s sour cream on top…I found a new way to heat the tortillas; just cook them a few seconds in a hot non stick pan…no more heating oil or that mess.With my glass top stove, I set the burner on 7 and allowed to preheat my non stick pan for 10 minutes. Keep a large hunk of foil close by or something to cover the tortillas so they won’t dry out. I just fold it over to cover them while cooking. it takes about 20-25 seconds per side. They’ll get some black spots on them and that’s OK…no need for tongs, just be quick about it.

These rolled up easily with a handful of chopped turkey and some American Cheese.

The salsa verde I made from tomatillos, onion, serrano pepper, garlic, some green pepper all roasted under the broiler, then whipped in a food processor. I later made a wee bit of roux with chicken broth, butter and flour, and added it to the concoction before pouring it over the enchiladas. Topped with cheddar cheese…likely, they’ll all be mine as the girls don’t care for the spicier foods. These are better than my beef enchiladas.

Now with the new tortilla cooking method, there may be more in our future.

Looks like almost all the Thanksgiving dinner leftovers are gone now, say for a bit of smashed taters, and the rest of the dark meat. There is some cranberry salad, but that will be gone soon…apple pie too is left, and looks like I am the only one eating that; probably only for one more serving.

Temps up into the seventies today with lots of sunshine, and that’ll be good for drying out.

And I am done for today.


2 thoughts on “Sunday Nov 27th

  1. Good tip on the tortilla heating. My wife usually heats up the comal (round griddle) and keeping several tortillas, flip them about until heated. I’m usually too impatient (i.e. lazy) and just microwave them, splashing them with water so as to not get hard.

    I’ve given up on eating chicken tenders by themselves, restaurants are getting really stingy. I take a slice or two of favorite cheese, three tortillas and convert them to wraps. Much more filling.

    One of the sales reps gave us a treat last week. Brought a 1 lb package of cranberries, 1/2 a cup of sugar in baggie, a Granny Smith Apple and a Navel Orange. Chunk the apple and orange into 1 cubes (peeling orange of course), add in sugar and entire package of cranberries and put in food processor. Simple cranberry dressing that was surprisingly good and fast and easy to make.

    Thanks again for the tips Ex – onward to 28 days of Christmas music.

    • The cranberry dressing sounds good too; and easy.
      I have a comal…the first time I tried to use it, i got it too hot, and was cooking raw flour tortillas…some of that first one are still firmly embedded in the cast iron..oh well, it makes a nice decoration..

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