Tuesday Nov 29

I decided to finally use the bananas that were ripening since my last grocery trip to the big city…two weeks ago. They could have sat another several days…6 bananas is a double batch of banana bread, although I have used 5 before in a pinch.

So, making sure that I am firmly entrenched in my  “old ways”, the 4 loaves of bread came out fine. Tomorrow, maybe a round of pumpkin bread; another 4 loaves.

The kid announced that her MRI showed “tears” in her shoulder tendon, and would require ortho surgery in SA…six trips was the estimate. Not to mention the physical therapy afterwards.

One of the problems in this country is workman’s compensation. Woe be unto anyone who files for the infamous “hurt on the job” complaint. Those who do, are likely blacklisted for life from working in a regular job. Those who suck it up and use private insurance to pay, are out of pocket all that money.

I knew it was too good to be true; her job, that is.

Sunny and warm today. Enough so that the a/c has kicked on. A front moves through tonight, bringing down the daytime temps into the 60s, and lower the day after.

Today is our 19th anniversary.

Still not smoking, nor am I craving. I have not noticed an increase in my appetite, as if often does when smokers stop smoking.

The wife and kid have gone to the big city for another doc appt, which I won’t go into.



7 thoughts on “Tuesday Nov 29

  1. I filed once. I was following directions to the letter, and I got injured. The doc they used couldn’t find anything. I could see a crack in the bone, but he couldn’t. I went back several times because of pain. Finally, they said it was closed, just a sprain. I went to get carpal tunnel surgery scheduled, and they couldn’t because of the workman’s comp issue.

    I called the insurance. That agent said I didn’t follow doctor’s orders for followup. I asked how that could be since I called a dozen times for followup and was rebuffed by her each time. I told her exactly what I thought about that. And I told her to do whatever it took so I could “own my arm again”. And if I had any issues going forward, I’d be happy to drive to her office and help her understand EXACTLY the level and type of pain I continued to experience.

    I got a release letter 15 minutes later. That process is anus.

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