Wednesday Nov 30

Last day of the month.

December 1 tomorrow, and begins the countdown to Christmas and the end of the year.

The wife and kid came home last night with a very nice fat removed 14 lb brisket. That was a response to my offer to the wife for an anniversary dinner.

So after a custom dry rub on the beast with some olive oil marinated overnight, I halved the huge brisket into 2 brown ‘n bags in the oven at 225° about a half hour ago…an onion thinly sliced with some BBQ sauce smeared on top.

It did not occur to me to halve the brisket, and hence it was not seared in the cast iron. By the time I remembered I could do that, it was too late; one does not sear brisket covered in BBQ sauce in cast iron.

I am thinking 8 hours will be plenty.

With the oven occupado, no pumpkin bread today…or any other baking for that matter.

Sunny and much cooler than yesterday’s 81 degrees..56° now.

I coulda done the bon bons, if I had softened a stick of butter…no cooking required with those, except for the dipping at the end. With the ambient temp as low as it is, the butter will take hours to soften on the counter.

I hate when I plan poorly.

I am calling November 12 my quit smoking day. Hope it wasn’t too late.

I still haven’t heard from the hardware store about my chainsaw…I may have to go by and see what’s happening. I think the guy wrote my phone # wrong.



7 thoughts on “Wednesday Nov 30

  1. Brisket sounds good. Maybe next week. I hauled a 38′ fifth wheel from western NC to just south of Daytona the past three days. The truck got 11.4 mpg running the speed limit. Once I dropped the trailer it got 19.3 at 10 mph over the speed limit. I am now in the family condo in St Augustine watching the waves at high tide. It is 80 degrees outside but the pool and beach access has been restricted due to the property doing some long overdue maintenance. It is a 15 minute walk to the public access point down the road to get to the beach. I will head north on Saturday after gorging myself with seafood at every chance I get. I don’t feel like fighting any rush hour traffic in the F350. Without some weight in the bed the ass end of the truck can get a bit squirrely. This is a post Thanksgiving vacation on the cheap.

    I have used my cell phone for a hot-spot on my tablet but this is the first time with my laptop. For whatever reason the laptop will not connect unless the bluetooth is enabled on the laptop. The bluetooth is off on the phone. I do not understand Win10.

      • I am playing with Zorin on one of my older boxes that had XP. It is a middleweight derivative of Mint with a Gnome desktop. With 256G SSD hard drives going for $20 I am probably going to build one up for my current laptop.

      • There are so many versions of Linux out there…who could possibly keep track of them all…and all a little different too..
        If you have external storage, and not too many proprietary Windows apps, Linux may solve all your issues…

      • It will be a print and media server along with a monthly backup of both my computer and my wife’s computer. My iPad stores all data/files on a flash drive that will be synched with my PC every few days. The apps and settings are intertwined in Apple’s cloud so if it craps a new iPad only takes logging in and it dumps down. The iPad has my Electronic Logging Device, truck route GPS, Invoice Management database program, and Load Board for my trucking business. The database program is one I wrote 30 years ago and it will need a little tweaking but it should work and is a bit overkill as I could accomplish the same thing with a spreadsheet. If Zorin is like my experience with Mint once I have it set up there will be little interaction except for updates.

  2. Here in sunny ca i don’t see brisket in the stores. But we have tritip, which is pretty good when my wife fixes it. If i fix it, it would be like eating kale. Not very good.

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