Thursday Dec 1

And December is upon us.

Another quick cool wave is upon us as well, but it won’t last. 60s and 70s are forecast highs after today, for the next couple weeks, barring any cold fronts from the north.

I got up today and made pumpkin bread, and the bon bons, which I had started last night…all before the wife got up at noon.

The brisket came out very nice.

On a sad note, Christine McVie passed away yesterday.


5 thoughts on “Thursday Dec 1

  1. When I was a senior in high school in 79 I had a girl friend that liked to make out to the Rumours album. By the time “Don’t Stop” was playing…

    Sorry, I had to go there. The HS girlfriend was before I figured out with the “don’t mess with crazy” thing.

  2. Nice selection of McVie tunes. Much of her solo works is so good.

    60s & 70s there today? It’s 18 here. See ya at the front gate in…a couple of hours? Please let me in!!! πŸ™‚

    The brisket in the other post looks great!

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