Friday Dec 2

I drove into town this morning to check on the chainsaw. Nope, not ready yet. Not that I was going to do any cutting today anyway, as it is raining since the wee hours of the morning. My buddy said that they were in the process of putting it back together, then I got a description of how difficult it was…I nodded saying “yeah, I used to work on McCullough saws back in the day”…he shook his head…”then you know what I’m talkin’ ’bout.”

I just figured it has been a week since I dropped it off, and he sounded like he was gonna fix it then and there…guess not, or there was more wrong with it than he assumed.

I did pick up another pound of pecan halves on the way out. A local guy grows, cracks, and packages them every year. They run just under $16 a pound.

The local grocer has cry o vac brisket on sale for like $1.69/lb…regular price $3.69/lb…I cannot attest to the quality of this particular brand or “grade” of beef, nor am I forcing the girls to fetch me one.

Picture of Value Saver Whole Beef Briskets

Ahh, marketing; who says it don’t work?

I think I’d rather have another turkey though.

Continuing my acknowledgement of the passing of Christine McVie

I believe that’s Lindsay Buckingham doing background vocals..

I softened some butter in the oven for some Christmas cookies, which I’ll cut, bake, and frost later today.




9 thoughts on “Friday Dec 2

  1. Definitely Lindsay Buckingham doing backup, but that’s Stevie Nicks up front; not Christine McVie…

    Christine McVie was one of the most underrated vocals of her time. Stevie Nicks’ voice was unique, but Christine McVie’s voice was the whole package.

  2. It is my last full day and night at Crescent Beach. The condo in going through are refurbishment on the outside. They did the ocean side last winter and replaced all of the rails on the balconies and blasted off the old stucco and flooring, made any necessary repairs and reapplied the stucco and the polycarbonate flooring. They are working on the roadside this winter. The pool is closed off because that is the area they are working. It is also the beach access. It has been a less than stellar visit but It has been a cheap vacation. I have no load going north so I turned off the commercial insurance and started up the passenger vehicle insurance. Historically there are few loads in December and January and I would rather pay $200 a month for insurance than $2200.

    I will be going through the pecan producing region of GA tomorrow morning. I should be able to get a good deal on cracked pecans. They will still need to be hulled but it is usually about a third of hulled pecans.

    I would like to do a brisket but my wife doesn’t care for it. She will eat pulled pork so I will probably do a half loin this next week.

    I have 450 miles to cover tomorrow. I will travel 2 hours north and visit with my niece, her toddler, and newborn for about an hour then do the remaining 6 hours. At least running without a load the truck should get better than 20 mpg.

      • Back at Casa del Suwanee. That was 470 miles with an hour stop after 2.5 hours and 20 mile side trip to meet my 2 grand-nieces. Piper is jut over 2 years old and Mabrie is 6 months old. Beautiful little girls just like their mother. The remaining 5 hours were almost uneventful.

        I was an hour south of the house where a Charger Hellcat was screaming at 120+ mph in the breakdown lane with a county mounty doing his best Buford T. Justice impersonation with sirens and lights going full blast with his police Explorer maxed out about a mile behind. About 5 miles up the road 2 state patrols going the wrong way down I-75 in the breakdown lane intercepted the Hellcat. Just from what I saw, Reckless Driving (loss of license), Speeds in excess of 100 mph (loss of license), Attempting to Elude (loss of license), Super Speeder +20 mph over ($200 on top of all other fines), Super Speeder Plus +40 mph over ($1000 on top of all other fines and loss of license), and Reckless Endangerment (loss of license) are the charges that start the citation. The loss of license charges cannot served concurrently but must be served sequentially so the dipshit will be walking for 5 years after any jail time. The old saying goes something like; you can outrun the police cruiser but you can’t outrun Motorola.

        The dipshit that ran turned a “oh shit” possible somewhat minor traffic citation into a felony with that run. My guess is he was already wanted for something or was carrying some major drug weight. I kind of hope they resisted arrest and got tuned up a bit.

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