Saturday Dec 3

I finished the Christmas cookies myself last night; baked, frosted, and decorated. The wife came in from her shopping excursion in time to help with some of the decorating. It takes longer to frost and decorate a cookie than it does to eat one…doesn’t seem fair.

3 weeks without smoking is my count thus far.

My sinus infection has morphed into something more lung/bronchial related, and am hitting the Vit C hard today, in hopes of quelling it.

I’ve had such bad luck with smokers…I was looking at this…ever watch Kent Rollins show? Cowboy Cookin’ or something like that..


10 thoughts on “Saturday Dec 3

  1. For that kind of money take a look at Recteq RT-590 wood pellet grill. It doubles as a smoker and has controls that make it almost impossible to screw up a piece of meat. My cousin has this model and I have used it a couple of times with great success. I have a 30 year old stainless barrel electric that I have rebuilt the heating element a few times. Just because of repetition I rarely have an issue. I wont count the bottom round roast cooked a-la brisket style. It ended up a stringy tough BBQ that nobody really liked. It was an experiment that failed. My next grill/smoker will be a RT-590.

  2. How many more times are you going to bake Christmas cookies between today and Christmas day? Surely a full platter of cookies has a lifespan of less than 2 days.

      • Well, if they don’t last very long they must be very good!

        I’ve found that they aren’t so hard to make as (after I’ve made them) cleanup is a PIA.

  3. I bought a Big Chief electric a year or so ago. I like it. Light weight, small, and it uses just a little electricity. I smoke for flavor, not to cook through and it shines. A pan of chips lasts about 45 minutes, and then I dump it so the charred wood smell doesn’t overtake the flavor of the type of wood I’ve used. HEB has bags of smoker chips. I use those. The manufacturer sells bags on Amazon that are much finer. They last about 30 minutes a pan. It’s been a slam dunk. I got it for a C note on Amazon Warehouse.

    I made my own 55 gallon barrel smoker years ago. I had too many holes down low, and I wound up piling dirt around the base to shut them off. A single 3/4″ hole with a ball valve would be plenty of intake air. It took about 4 years to rot the bottom off it.

  4. I’ve been using a Weber Smokey Mountain Smoker for 30yrs, fill it with meat & charcoal & it does the rest. And for something that I use 12 times a year it’s all I need.

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