Monday Dec 5

The wife took the kid to another doc this morning for a second opinion on the kid’s shoulder. As it turns out, she doesn’t need surgery after all. So fucking typical…go to the doc, pay that doc to get referred to radiologist, then told one needs surgery; six of them to repair damage. Go to a real doc, and he says that it’s not necessary…what a contradiction…

We pay up the ass for health insurance (if we have it) and we depend on doctors to tell the truth about diagnosis, etc…not to pad their pockets or the pockets of their associated ‘clinics’.

Cynical? me? dang right…

Many thanks to all who contributed info on smokers…the Kent Rollins may be a bit over priced, and am looking at the Weber…I’ll have to get rid of the Char Griller smoker first…it works fine, it just does not hold enough wood…it’s really too bad as I had it in my head that that particular style was the way to go..I only used it once and it took me 15 hours to smoke a whole brisket to the point where it was just past raw…wood box does not hold enough charcoal, wood, whatever…I did some mods to it also; two extra thermometers, and a duct inside to keep the smoke in, instead of letting it all out…it seemed like a good idea.

The irony is that when we first bought this place, there was one of those Weber Smokey mountain smokers here, that belonged to dad…the step siblings swiped it or it went with the auction, but it was complete as I did actually use it once as a bbq pit..nice.

Now I got the wife’s attention, and she is coaxing me to go ahead and order the 18″ Weber, and say it’s from her…on the condition that I get rid of

1. the old Weber 22″ grill

2. the Char Griller wood box smoker

3. Mr Meat Smoker

The wife said “Just go to Craig’s list and put an ad..”

My response was “Yeah, so the buyer can come by at night and kill us all”

No decision has been made as of yet…

10 thoughts on “Monday Dec 5

  1. I sell plenty of stuff on Craigslist. Just don’t give out too much info up front. Put your phone number or e-mail up. That’s it. When someone’s ready to buy, give them your address, but only WHEN they’re coming over. Either that, or meet somewhere neutral, like in front of the sheriff station, to do your deal.

  2. I have a stainless barrel smoker similar to Mr Meat Smoker. I never try to cook anything all the way on it. I just use it to add the smoke flavor. A brisket, turkey, ham, or ribs gets up to two hours of smoke then I will pull it and wrap it in tinfoil and finish it off in the oven. My smoker throws a lot of smoke and I have found trying to cook something all the way through tends to dry it out as the juices drip down into the water tray. Also if meat stays on too long the smoke flavor can be too strong or have a bitter off flavor. Sausage is the only thing I cook all of the way. I also like to use it when it is drizzling rain as it drops the temperature from 300 down to just under 200.

    I also have a stainless gas grill that is a POS. I have gotten 10+ years out of a Char Grill gas grill but this stainless is 4 years old and I have replaced the burners twice and the grate once, and the drip pan once. The next time the burners go out I am tossing it and getting the Recteq pellet grill/smoker. The barrel smoker will go also as the pellet grill can be set as a low temp smoker.

      • The BBQ team has one of the converted LPG tanks that has the firebox on the back end and the smoke has to run the length of the tank where it make a U turn to travel the length again for the exhaust to exit. The temperature and amount of smoke is easily controlled and I can cook anything to completion on it. The team also has a pellet fed cabinet that has the rotisserie baskets for mass quantity that does a good job. I have put 130 chickens in it. With it cooking at 300 degrees it takes about 50 minutes to cook chicken. The best smoked meats are usually cooked at 175 to 190 degrees with the smoke being whitish in color and not thick.

        The Recteq pellet grill I used did a great job on burgers and steaks cooking at 450 to 500 degrees. I was able to run it down to 180 and close the baffles for a perfect boston butt that was cooked until it could be easily pulled. That grill was at cabin we rented in SE Tennessee when the leaves were changing this fall. According to the data plate it was 4 years old. I could see evidence of use but it still looked like it was less than a year old.

  3. Our PD has a couple parking spaces out front from craigslist swaps. I found that the flake out rate on there is massive. When I hear it’s been “sold”, I usually tell the person, “when they flake out on you, call me back. I have the money in hand, I’m not playing around. I need it.” I’ve gotten a lot of things I needed like that.

    I’m like TTsquared. I don’t cook all the way in the smoker. Just till the meat gets the gist of the smoke, then finish in the oven. Makes the house smell good.

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