Tuesday Dec 6

‘Nuther foggy, wet day it looks like with temps heading into 70s.

I finally got tired of the seals coming loose on my vacuum sealed bags, so I ordered a new vacuum sealer.

The jar suction part of my old one still works well, so I’ll be keeping it for well, sealing jars.

This one was $85 from Amazon, and had many high reviews.

The old one had a broken cam on one side of the roller that presses the bag between the pressure roller and the heat roller, yielding incomplete sealing on one side. More often than not, the seal would hold fine until popped into the freezer a while….we’ve been through this.

No, I did not order the Weber smoker, but it is in my Amazon cart with a cover.

My barber welched on our First Monday haircut deal yesterday, so I’ll have to find another or wait until next Monday…don’t seem right.

I’m looking out over the barnyard to the south, and I see several nervous looking does, followed by a buck. The deer are starving…what does one do? buy bags of ‘deer corn’? Deer corn is a good idea for ‘bait’ if one is hunting, but a deer will eat itself to death if given a huge trough filled with deer corn.

Kirstie Alley passed away yesterday. Lt Saavik from Star Trek: The Wrath Of Khan, and of course Cheers..She was 71..

Who’s next? they say bad shit happens in threes…

Origins…part of the Prokofiev suit “Lt Kije” was the inspiration for Greg Lake’s “I Believe In Father Christmas”

8 thoughts on “Tuesday Dec 6

  1. When I saw Kirstie Alley as Lt Saavik I had to see the movie a second time. When she was on Cheers she was the reason I watched the show. She was a beauty before she doubled in size.

    I used to take peanut butter and cracked corn to bait deer. You could smear it on the bottom side of a palmetto fond and the deer would find it. That stuff was like a drug to the deer. I never saw a game warden look on the underside of palmetto leaves. If you want some really good venison feed the deer cracked corn and oats for about a month. That will fatten them up while getting rid of any gaminess.

  2. Up north it’s hay for the deer during winter if you’re inclined.

    Corn swells and starves them, kind of like the bacon-grease-soaked sponges one can feed the big gray doggies that live in the woods and eat the deer.

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