Wednesday Dec 7

Image from Mike Miles..


The Stargate SG1 theme has a melody copied from Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker..see if you can spot them…

the Nutcracker at 26:59

at 33 seconds into the SG1 theme you can hear the Nutcracker melody copied..

Another foggy, soggy morning..humidity is over 70%. Almost too cold to run the a/c, but might anyway to dry the air in the house.

I used the new vacuum sealer on a few items this morning; a couple bags of flour previously sealed by the old one that had “come undone”, and a pound of cheese that went into the deep freeze.

I bought 6 extra rolls, 8″ and 11″, and a 150 assorted bag sizes. It seems to work well, but then most things do when brand new.

They sent a spare lower vacuum seal sponge as well…that is not a positive sign of long lasting durability…

This unit also has the vacuum hose to seal the Mason jars too…

My old unit contained the roll inside…this one does not…one uses the ready made bags, or make your own…measure and cut with the included handy dandy cutter.

‘Course, now I’ll need to find a place to store all this…

It’s always somethin’.



4 thoughts on “Wednesday Dec 7

  1. It is foggy and soggy here also. Before I left Florida I stopped by the fish market. I was able to get a couple pounds of lump crab meat for less than half of what it goes for in the ATL. I also got 12 ten ounce triggerfish fillets. Triggerfish has a very mild flavor and works well with Cajun spices and Blackening spices. Twelve fillets came in at 7.5 pounds for $17.65. The best seafood in Atlanta is frozen and a lot more expensive. I can take one fillet and make two fish sandwiches. We had blackened fish sandwiches and chips for lunch yesterday then crab cakes with cornbread and a salad last night. I have another pound of lump crab that will be She-crab soup probably tomorrow.

      • Triggerfish covers about 80 varieties. A couple are poisonous and quite a few are not worth eating as they don’t get big enough or have a bad flavor. The triggerfish off of the eastern Florida coast are found near the reefs and are edible when they are in the 3 to 4 lb range. Fish that size will yield two 9 to 12 ounce filets. Most of the ones caught are the grey to black females. I had somebody tell me that for every male fish there are 10 to 15 females in his harem and they are territorial.

        The Reds and Speckled Trout were also available but they were a lot more pricey. I bought all the Triggerfish they had. When I lived in south GA I was 45 miles from the coast and I had a 16′ Boston Whaler with a T top center console and a 115 Mercury. It was ideal for buzzing out to the reefs for fishing through a tide. I can’t remember ever catching more than one Triggerfish. I had a boat that was fairly economical to operate and I could go fishing for less than $30 that was usually split with a buddy. Less if I was lucky with my cast net at the mouth of one of the tidal creeks. It was rare we didn’t come back with a cooler at least half full of fish.

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