Thursday Dec 8

What’s it been now…3 weeks without a smoke? Coming up on a month?

The main reason I quit was because every time I’d take a drag, I’d have a coughing fit that would send me into near convulsions…no kidding…no brainer, right? Some kind of bronchial infection that set me off, so I could not smoke at all..good timing right? right.

I figured that stopping smoking would help get rid of my bronchitis or whatever this is…but nooooo…it is still hanging on…the wheezing comes and goes, and at times, the cough is a dry cough..sometimes flemmy, but not often.

I have also noticed that many food items taste different:

my lemon jello cheesecake which used to be to die for; not any more..I found that I do still like the cherry pie topping…

Royal Dansk (I’ve had all I can Dansk, and I can’t Dansk no more) butter cookies? yeah, the one in the round cans…last year, I could sit down and eat an entire layer in one sitting..this year? get those away from me as I cannot stand the smell…

The giant apple pie I made for Thanksgiving? I tossed out half of it…

‘Course, considering the big picture, it’s not a bad thing that I dislike certain sweets..

Just something I noticed.

Somebody told me once that food begins to taste better after one quits smoking…I have not seen that yet…

My biggest concern is putting on weight; replacing the hand to mouth action of smoking with eating…

Still, I reckon quitting smoking will allow me to live longer.

Party cloudy today with temps into the seventies. The humidity is down to 67% at this time…meaning, it’s still sticky.

I see the Creepy Joe admin has shown its true colors by trading an uppity Negro that hates the US for an internationally known arms dealer…instead of the US Marine..

Congress is more concerned about who has control.

The finger pointing circle continues around the Hunter Biden laptop..

The bogus January 6 committee continues to vomit their lies while that fucker Byrd is free after killing Ashley Babbit..

The dems continue to blame Trump…

The IRS will be looking at you more closely very soon…

Creepy Joe took showers with his granddaughter…

Epstein didn’t kill himself.

As long as the Democrats control whatever, they can continue printing their bribe and corruption money. You and I are most assuredly screwed; or at least our children will be.

One man cannot fight against the machine and win…it will take all of us together to beat this beast into the earth, and keep it beaten. The beast knows this too, and will be watching with increased fervor, to weed out those it considers “threats to democracy”.

There will never again be a fair and honest national election in this country.

See? see what quitting smoking has done? lashing out like that? must be a sign of things to come..


14 thoughts on “Thursday Dec 8

  1. Biden was playing to his kind of people with that Griner trade. Why choose a Marine Veteran over an America hating lesbo with a pot habit and possibly a dick?

    As far as the elections go Georgia is still using the Dominion voting machines. Early voting was completed 5 days before the election and were required by law to be fully counted by election day. Hershel had 51% of that vote. The polls close at 7pm and there was light turnout and all counting should have been complete within a hour of the polls closing. By 11pm 98% of the precincts had reported in and Hershel had a 51.1% of the vote. At 3am the 2% reported a jump in the votes for Warnok so that Warnok had 50.1% of the vote by 6am. It was the same fucking playbook by the same counties. There needs to be some public executions of these poll workers. The system is broken.

  2. Congratulations on the no smoking!
    On the politics, yeah-not holding my breath on the RINO House to grow a pair. Like I say, keep expectations low, if they land a punch, keep going.

    If ya got that Magic D behind your name, you can do ANYTHING and never pay a price.

  3. Regarding quitting smoking. It take about 3-4 weeks for your lungs to “wake up” and determine that you have quit. along about that time they, the lungs, rebel and will have you thinking that you will die of bronchitis or the flu or pleurisy.
    What it is; is your body is expelling all of that nasty tar and yunk from your lungs. And there ain’t another exit, except up and out your throat and mouth.
    If you’ve made it this far, you are about 1/3 of the way through the worse parts of withdrawal.

  4. And on a more important note I have had 3 scotches and my rebuilt elbow is hurting like a MFer. Is the weather charging? What the fuck is up with this? Growing old sucks.

  5. Regarding your changing taste buds. Your mouth has been used to being burned for all the time you’ve been smoking.

    Suddenly you’ve stopped. Your existing taste buds are dying off and slowly being replaced by new ones, so your taste-brain is, to put it politely, fucking confused as shit.

    Give it a bit of time. Just eat simple foods for now, your mouth will settle down in 45-60 days or so.

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