Friday Dec 9

The irony, the irony..

here where I live in Texas, there are no coyotes

In other news..

The wife has now too, stopped smoking…one day so far. It seems to be harder for her.

This is the hard truth

…I had to delete this pic as I could no longer stand to look at it as I passed by..

When Creepy Joe commits a faux pas in public, like oh I don’t know, crapping in pants, can’t remember what day it is, bumbles and stammers through the teleprompter,….it’s kinda like when your two year old says “Oh Shit!” in front of your preacher…everyone just says “Aw, that’s cute”..

The dems know he’s worthless, and they laugh all the way to the bank.

They will continue to talk the talk about getting guns, meanwhile they will be whittling away at our 2nd amendment right, and no one can do anything about it.

They will continue to print money to give it to 3rd world nations, as long as the kick back percentage stays favorable; and no one can do anything about it.

They will continue to support fags in bathrooms, making excuses for trans mofos that rape women, and no one can do anything about it.

Looks like we got the Kung Flu here. The kid has been to the doc, and gone through two tests; one positive, one negative..but the proof is head ache, body aches, and fever. He gave her a slug of OTC meds for symptoms.

I told the wife she better beef up her personal meds for personal immune system…she’s over there gagging right now after taking a Zinc…so much for prevention.

She’s supposed to fly to SIL’s next week too…looks like that will be cancelled…SIL even bought the plane ticket; man, is she gonna be upset…remember the days when you actually got your money back from cancelling a plane ticket? Man, they are so gone.

The wife’s car keeps throwing the P051B code…a pvc valve (or close) it looks like. It will clear, but comes back quickly now.


8 thoughts on “Friday Dec 9

  1. We have a coyote that prowls our neighborhood. I keep my AR-6.8SPC handy if I see it. They are elusive. The only positive thing is the yote has taken care of the Canadian Geese that were in the area. Also all the outdoor cats.

    It is Ivermectin time.

    The P051B code for a gunky pvc valve was common on the Eco-boost Fusion my son had. It was a $50 part that took about 20 minutes to change. I would soak it down with mineral spirits to un-gunkify it to swap it out the next time it threw the code. He kept the tools necessary and the part in the trunk. The fuel mileage went to crap, the remote start stopped working, and a couple hundred miles latter the check engine would come up with the P051B.

    • The part is now around $115.
      We have an extended warranty (one of the telemarketers got past the goalie). I checked with the local repair shop, and the indicated they could likely repair it under the terms of the wty.

  2. If the communist would change a couple of their gun and hunting laws, the local populace could take care of that coyote problem on its own.

    In other local news, it seems a Pileated Woodpecker has taken up residence in a small patch of woods out back of my condo. I’ve seen it twice in the past few days, last Sunday and yesterday. It’s either a juvenile or a female, as it’s not as large as others I’ve seen in the wild. There’s one up at camp that is HUGE, larger than a raven.

  3. What Tsquared said. Ivermectin. Just get some and get it in her, today. After my dance with that stuff, the pneumonia decided to come visit. THAT was not a happy day, since the hospital was just “yeah you are sick, come back when you are almost dead.” I just about did too.

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