Saturday January 21

Since I missed my nap yesterday cleaning the storeroom, I slept until noon today. Those little two hour napcitas really do make a difference.

I saw somewhere not long ago, in the local blogosphere who had a video on using a corkscrew to deseed jalepenos for poppers. I cannot find it. I thought it was Bacon Time or Disturbed Deputy, but my search parameters failed on those sites.

So, I guess I’ll be flying this batch by the seat of my pants.

Upon further examination of the “I’ll Wash Your Car if You Do Some Shopping For Me” deal, I discovered that the ground beef chub on sale was in fact 73/27…I think not.

We did make some headway by clearing out the store room yesterday. We make a nice big clean spot. Unfortunately, now the outside of the storeroom is piled with the boxes we removed. It just don’t seem right.

We did come across some vintage vinyl LP records from the sixties. Do Wacka Do, Happy Holidays from Perry Como, Handel’s Messiah by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir,…NOW how much would you pay…The New Christy Minstrels, and the coup de gras…The Fifty Guitars Go South Of The Border…

Easy now…not all at once…

A couple boxes of books were lurking in the back corner, likely hadn’t been opened in 30 years…looked like what someone would study for if going for a nursing cert…which the Wicked Witch was…an RN.

The trash people don’t like it when the customers sneak in a box of books…too heavy so we’ll have to eek it out over the next few weeks.

There sure was a lot of party stuff; solo cups, cheap champagne glasses, plastic plates, tablecloths and why wasn’t I invited napkins…

16 pounds down since Jan 2. Still not smoking, although I have had an increasing number of cravings that came and went.

I have been soaking bone-in chicken breasts with Italian dressing and lemon pepper since Tuesday, and need to either cook them or freeze them…along with the jalapeno poppers (10). I should probably go  ahead and cook all that since my fridge supply of protein variety is waning.

The wife has been good about dealing with the fact that she does not eat stuff on my diet, so she is pretty much on her own.

Not much happening here; ‘specially since one sleeps until noon.

14 thoughts on “Saturday January 21

      • I’d take encyclopedias if you still had them. Had a set from 1909- lots of old information about how to do things without modern materials.

        For the vinyl- see if anyone on E-bay is interested, especially if they’re any good.

  1. Good work on the weight loss. My blood pressure has been a little up and I swore off salt 10 days ago. I have a DOT physical on Monday and the trouble area the past two times has been the BP. I squeaked by the last two times then changed the license to intrastate 3 years ago to avoid the physical.

  2. I would take your encyclopedias if I lived in your area… “Unredefinable” history… Sure, history has moved on since the books were printed, but everything prior to their printing is still valid.

    Put the set on Offerup or Craigslist, “Free to good home.” It’ll disappear!

  3. Encyclopedias are called the analog internet. Wish I had some. Since I retired in june of 20? hell I forget when it was I have lost approximately 20 lbs and one pantsize. Most of that has been in the last year due to my wifes illness. I (mostly) cook my own food now so it is mostly one meal a day.

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