Tuesday January 24

Another sleep until 12 noon day.

Cooler weather aids in the not wanting to get out of bed syndrome. Will be windy this afternoon as more cold weather blows through here, leaving us with overnight temps in the 30s for the next couple days.

Some light rain last night too, will make traipsing around the yard muddy.

My BS was 115 this morning, which it has been running within 10 points of that since the diet. My most recent low was 96 a few days ago.

The wife drove to the big city to burn a couple of coupons; one at Walgreens, the other at the grocery store, where she picked up some more chicken breasts, bone in. She got some ground beef; a 3 pound roll of ground chuck, and a 5lb bag of wings.

I had to mix up a new batch of  Hot Wing marinade. I normally use it for at least two batches of wings, adding more hot pepper sauce for the next round.

Next, I bagged and soaked the chicken breasts in lemon pepper and Italian dressing in individual bags, and popped them into the deep freeze.

Then I halved the roll of ground chuck and Vacuum sealed it, and into the freezer.

I had some stray bulk cashews and Virginia peanuts that also got vacuum sealed, and into the freezer.

I made coffee, but forgot to actually put fresh coffee grounds into the filter, so I ended up with coffee I could see through (I seem to be doing that more and more). So I wasted that effort and decided not to drink coffee today, since it was already 1:00. And, since I no longer use the Irish Cream, I do not enjoy it as much. I likely won’t take a nap anyway, given my late snooze.

I used up the last of the smoked chicken, and made some chicken salad with the last of the deviled eggs too. It came out nice. It’s good to have a variety when dieting; BBQ chicken, smoked chicken salad, and guisada…although guisada really isn’t low carb, it can be when eaten in moderation.

The wife picked up a few of the Aitkins low carb snacks too which help the after dinner sugar cravings, and still keep my BS low.

The wings went into the freezer. They will keep several months. I also added a sliced jalapeño into the Hot Wings.

I also vacuum sealed a couple boxes of Rice A Roni and some Kraft Mac and Cheese, and stashed them. The Rice A Roni was the Long Grain and Wild Rice variety, which no one eats except me. The wife says the instructions are wrong, as it is never done in the allotted time on the box…

The truth is, that that particular variety needs to be cooked for 45 minutes; not 25 on the stovetop…Wild rice by its very nature takes longer to cook…real wild rice can take as much as an hour; if one can afford it.

Tax time is upon us as well. The wife managed to get us a refund last year; hope she can do same again without an audit.

Remember the days when we could deduct credit card interest paid? good times…

P.S. the jalapeno poppers are hot as hell for the first bite, since one naturally eats the tip first; and that’s where the little bit of seeds and pith lurk, and it seems to be a characteristic of this batch. I still like it better than splitting them into halves, then patching them in hopes that they won’t leak…’cause they will.

6 thoughts on “Tuesday January 24

  1. I had my first coffee in 10 days today. A Columbian dark roast with a shot of espresso. I had my DOT physical yesterday and was worried that my blood pressure would fail me. I have also been off salt for the last 10 days. The DOT physical was a classic Monday event. I weighed 488 pounds on their scale. The Dr. reset the electronic scale and I was over 600 pounds the second time. The next was the blood pressure. The electronic tester pumped up to 190 and did not release. There were two more attempts with the same results. The Dr asked what I was getting at home for both and a few other minor health related questions and signed off on the physical.

    Wild rice and Brown rice need 45 minutes to an hour cook time. I am not a big fan of either. The Mississippi blue rice needs to cook an hour and it needs to be stirred every 10 minutes and is very good. Wild rice does go well with quale and dove and my doesn’t care for either.

    I have to see an accountant this year. Since I started the trucking business last year I have about a $55k loss last year on startup cost. My taxes will be simple but I need the business loss to be amortized over a couple of years to minimize what I have to pay to Uncle Sugar over the next few years. The only lesson I remember from my college small business finance class was when you hire an accountant hire a Jewish accountant. The premise was they could find legal deductions that others could not.

  2. There is a good reason I ALWAYS clean the coffeemaker as soon as I pour up the last of the coffee. I won’t find moldy grounds in it the next time I go to use it since I don’t always drink coffee at breakfast (depends on what I eat). I have to look at the basket when pouring the water in order to dodge it with the water and not make a mess, so I am extremely unlikely to accidentally reuse grounds.

    Tony for your sake I hope both of those weights were incorrect as in higher than reality. I was 450 pounds many years ago. I know first hand what kind of wear and tear on the body that causes. My last DOT physical was in 1987 and was a pain in the rear.

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