Ted Cruz Introduces Term Limits Bill For Congress



A two-thirds majority in both houses of Congress is required to propose a constitutional amendment. It must then be ratified by three-fourths of the state legislatures.

Although I am all for it, it’ll never fly. It’ll be interesting to see who leads the parade in the battle against term limits, and who squelches the amendment. Way too many democrats are used to getting their monthly “kickback” from the Ukraine.

In other news…

Then there’s this


I think it would be easy to figure out who threw the eggs, because they likely “throw like a girl”.

Another sleep until noon day for me, although I did get up at 9 am and take my BP meds.

56 is the forecast high today, and we have reached that now, and will be hovering close thereabouts for the next few days.

The wife is still going outside to smoke. I don’t think she’ll be quitting anytime soon.

Looks like I’m gonna have to buy a suit, that I’ll only wear once twice; once for the fitting, once for the event. Hell, I didn’t even wear a suit to my own son’s wedding.

I will consider the new suit part of my gift.

Slowly but surely all the Christmas decos are getting put away. Now, out come the next round of seasonal decorations…sigh.

I got my next round of coupons from the hardware store, including a free tape measure on my next visit (with any purchase). I still have a $5 coupon that I gotta use before the 30th as well.

Getting a $5 coupon to a hardware store is comparable to getting turned loose in a candy store with a nickel…just a tease..



8 thoughts on “Ted Cruz Introduces Term Limits Bill For Congress

  1. Smoke and mirrors. There is no way they will get a 2/3 vote and Cruz knows it. Ossoff, the dim senator from GA, did the same thing last year and used his failed bill as election propaganda.

    I was married and fresh out of the military where my father-in-law told me I needed two suits. A black or deep navy blue to wear to weddings or funerals and a tux. I found both at a second hand store and they were low end. I upgraded over the years. I traded in my second tux for a pristine Ralph Lauren currently hanging in the closet for about 10 years ago. I had a formal wedding 18 months ago and I had to have it altered a bit for the perfect fit. It was Atlanta high society, old money, groom marrying my son’s female tomboy school running buddy that considered us as her second parents. I have never seen a more beautiful woman than the bride that evening. Her little sister was a very close second. The governor made an appearance at the reception. I had the same tux as the father of the groom where his wife noticed and sucked up to me and my wife the rest of the night.

    I used a $20 coupon for $100 spent at Harbor Freight this morning. I got 7 heavy duty ratchet straps that totaled $98.56. I added a $1.50 diet coke to use the card. The straps were on sale where they were discounted $4.91 so I save about $50 off of regular price.

  2. I have a couple suits. but they are old and hanger worn. If it’s for my last roundup, just throw a shroud over me, and roll me into the hole. I won’t complain, honest!!

  3. I wonder what the ratio is between men and women who have stopped smoking? My guess would be that it is pretty high. Hang in there! You will not regret it one bit.

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