Thursday January 26

I certainly could have slept until noon again, but CVS keeps bugging me to pick up my meds, and CVS is absolutely relentless; especially when I have to pay for it.

Every 90 days I get raked over the coals for $300 for icosapent ethyl, highly refined fish oil for lowering one of the cholesterol values. Insurance just won’t touch it, and that figures because it works.

Also got my metformin and nasal spray. The spray is free and very effective, and every 90 days I get three new bottles. This stuff I can use every day.

I used the wife’s car today, and filled the tank with mid grade; gas was $3.69/gal.

I saw that if I choose to sign up again for my Sam’s membership, it has now gone up 10 bucks a year.

I believe I’ll hold off on spending until I see how we’re going to come out with the taxes this year. Still gathering our stuff and waiting for the wife’s statements.

We are still completely baffled by how we got a refund last year, and are hoping that will be the case again…that we’ll be baffled, no…that we get a refund, yes.

I see that my version of Linux will stop receiving updates in 90 days, so an upgrade will be in order…at least it will be free..

This version has not been trouble free. Most of the issues are with the Firefox browser; it crashes frequently. Usually when I have more than 3 tabs open for a couple of hours.

Linux Mint 21.1 is out there now, but must first upgrade to version 20 before making the big leap. I must also do the 33 upgrades they are pushing now.

It’s always something.

Guess I’ll start on that now.


8 thoughts on “Thursday January 26

  1. I’m running Linux Mint 20.3. For about three month, I was having lots of problems with Firefox, especially with multiple tabs open. As of the update about two weeks ago, it appears that they have finally fixed it (version 109.0 64 bit).

    • I have had many Firefox crashes since installing this version; 19.3 Tricia, I think. My system is only a 32 bit.
      I am looking into an upgrade, unfortunately. I was real proud of myself when I created the USB boot stick for this version. Now, it’s worthless…moving on I suppose…

      • I was having so many problems with my computer while using Firefox that it became almost unusable. Killed Firefox and just went with Bing and, well, ‘bing’ no more problems.

        There are people who swear FF is Da Bestest. To me it sucks moose balls.

  2. My Linux Zorin has ben solid as a media and print server. It did answer the question about my wireless circuit in the laptop. It was fried. I have a USB wireless to get around it. Zorin was a set it and forget it OS that had a warped XPish feel. I have considered doing a duel boot on my current Dell Inspirion as I do not like the WIN10 OS.

    I have to change pharmacy before the end of the month. The old one dropped my insurance.

    I had to run 2 hours up the road to pick up tarps and bungies this morning. The F350 got 21 mpg on the way up to Greenville as traffic was heavy running 60 to 65 most of the way. I ran 75-80 mph on the way back and I was 300 pounds heavier and I got 19.5 mpg. The Ranger would have done a little better but it does not have lumbar support or heated/AC seats and it would have beat the shit out of me. The seat in the F350 is more comfortable than my recliner. I am really starting to like this truck.

  3. If you still lived in Colorado you and yours would have found a check for $1,500 in your mailbox early last fall. Seems Governor Cornhole felt everyone in the state deserved an equal portion of the periodic and mandated tax refund because the state had collected more tax the previous year than was allowed. Never in the history of the state has there ever been a refund to everyone, whether you worked or not, had income or not. Interestingly, the checks arrived about 8 weeks before the mid-term election. The bastards get you coming as well as going.

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