Saturday January 28

Looks like Federal Bribery and Corruption department is in full swing.


No doubt this mining application was denied because the Chinese did not want the competition, so the Biden controlled administration made it so.

And Zelinsky got his tanks, his billions of dollars, now wants F-16s. I say make him pay for them.

Lemme get this straight…


One of the most dangerous men in the world

You’re on my list, Bill.

Some rain last night. and more in the forecast for the next few days. Overnight temps in the 40s and daytime will reach the 60s…cloudy today…rain chances increase tomorrow and the next day.

Winter is still among us, and more cold weather on the way.

Personally, I’ll take all the cold days I can get. There are way too many hot days that outnumber the colder ones here.

I talked to my cousin from North Dakota last night, and was saying he’d had enough winter and was ready for spring. He lives close to the Sheyenne River, and it frequently floods. Last year it took out the bridge, cutting off a lot of folks’ access to the highway, causing them to go around the “hard way” which is little more than a dirt trail through what they call “the grasslands”.

How they’re gonna get two cranes, one on either side of the river to rebuild the bridge, I don’t know.

This is same cousin who informed me of Roundup ready corn. Yes, they sell corn that is Roundup proof. I actually bought some off Ebay to plant in the corn field, but that was the year I had my eyes opened to the fact that digested grasses through a horse’s digestive system, does not kill the weed seeds…I still have that generation of weeds growing in the cornfield and the gardens…pesky bastiges…



8 thoughts on “Saturday January 28

  1. I built a concrete beam and girder bridge with access on only one side. The original plan called for using the old bridge for access, but when the job started, examination revealed it was too unsafe for this task.

    We demolished the old bridge as we worked. Drove pilings in sections, placed precast caps for the girders, and then placed precast, post tension panels to complete the spans. The crane was able to work on the new section after we placed a foot of sand, with two layers of dragline mats. When we finished one span, we moved to the next.

    It took a little over a two months to complete the project, and so far has survived three major hurricanes. The approaches have taken a beating, but the crappy city that maintains the roads doesn’t provide the resources to keep it passable.

    • This bridge rests on the river bank, I believe. It’s a steel framed bridge, using those criss cross connected girders. When the river crested a couple years ago, it washed out the spots upon where the bridge rests…is my understanding.
      It’s a one lane bridge, with a wooden driving surface…at least it was.

  2. Sheyenne area, lots of flat areas. Can’t imagine the windchill in ND.

    Hey, that UN image is great, I’ve seen it before but it’s not used enough.
    Thumbs up!

  3. Worked with a gal from ND-hard worker and one of the most sensible ladies I have ever met. About 6 years after losing her husband a rancher from “back home” reconnected with her-he also had lost his spouse. They got hitched and now split their time between his large spread in ND and Sun City, AZ. Problem is, out at the ranch it is about 30 miles into town. Always the stoic, she is adjusting to the wide open spaces (she grew up in town). IMHO, he is one of the luckiest guys around.

  4. “Roundup ready corn” can’t imagine what that stuff is doing to your body when you eat it. I also read a couple stories several years ago now about how wheat and oat crops are sprayed with Roundup before harvest to ensure that the crop is truly dry for the combine.

    Then we wonder why the incidence of cancer is on the rise.

    Then there’s this about the Monsanto guy who refuses to drink a glass of Roundup after saying it’s safe to for human consumption:

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