Sunday January 29

I am still in need of a haircut. I am disappointed in my regular cutter, as she seems unreachable, or at least uninterested in my business…I mean, c’mon man..I am  mostly bald…it takes 5 minutes to use a point zero blade on my head, and I give a $20 tip…I just don’t understand today’s youth.

I’ve been carrying around the $30 in my wallet since early November.

I still have a coupon at the “other” hardware store that I have to use by the 31st.

It rained most of the morning, and has stopped with the sun now out and a temp of 65°.

On the 1st, I am eligible to order another $35 worth of OTC meds from UHC…UHC, a perfect example of tightassery…last year it was $90 per quarter…and their choices of various things has narrowed noticeably.

Looking for a fiber supplement? Well, if you like orange flavor, they have all you can order per quarter..don’t like the orange? you’re screwed.

Looking for alcohol swabs for your BS monitoring? again, you’re screwed.

Need mouthwash? faghetaboutit..

As with all things, the price goes up, and the quality goes down…

Your life and mine is being run by insurance corporations, and has been for decades. Your best weapon against the outrageous health insurance rules is to stay healthy, and take care of yourself…that’ll get ’em..

Remember when liability only was the way to go? and how cheap it was? Man, those were the days. Now, if you drop everything but liability, you will hardly see any change in your premium…yes, a slight exaggeration on my part, but you get my drift…

In my 40 years of owning/driving cars, home ownership, I can only remember twice when I got a check from the insurance company, and it was made out to the damned roofer…but I was honored to do so….NOT.

I am really getting tired of the non stop protein intake. I have been good at not eating any carbs since the 2nd. And somewhat successful at losing some weight, but the trips to the bathroom are getting old; three times a day now, and I am hesitant to take any type of Imodium AD for that.

Not one potato, French fry, corn chip, kernel of corn, Bit O Honey, carrot, in the past 4 weeks. I cut out the Irish Cream for breakfast coffee too (this was a first) to aid in the carb lowering process. Mostly, I don’t eat any breakfast, and fast until dinner. I got tired of eating salad more quickly this round than before, and there is plenty of salad fixin’s just waiting to be used.

I made some chili the other night…dunno, but something just ain’t right. Good thing I did not make a couple gallons of that.

Oh well, if it was easy, anyone could do it.

I think maybe I’ll go outside and wash the wife’s car while the women are out grocery shopping.

3 thoughts on “Sunday January 29

  1. Try x scrips mine went from about $100 to $20 mail order, no driving,if in’s allows.
    When going low carb for 6 months you supposed to reintroduce carb at a lower rate and still maintain, or try fasting to boost your carb burning. It’s tough, good luck !

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