And Just Like That

We’re in the middle of a winter storm warning until noon Wednesday…and just a few days ago it was over 80 here, and I ran the a/c yesterday…not today, cowboy.

Icy conditions in the forecast henceforth.

I am also aware that other folks around the country have it much worse.

The wife is angry because she made some ding dang appt at a consignment store for this afternoon, and is further more angry because she still does not know how to use the heater in her car. So, she will risk life, limb, and injury to others all the way to the big city, fiddling with the damn heater.

Yes, the car cleaned up nicely, and I was pretty bushed after, and I didn’t do the wheels. I was so out of breath when I finished rinsing, that I just drove the car back into the carport, put away the ladder (hell yes, ladder…can’t do the roof without it as there is nothing to hold on to even standing on the wheel wells). I did not chamois windows either. My pickup is a cakewalk compared to the Escape as far as washing. There must be an acre and a half of roof on the Escape…not so on the Ranger.

I turned on the a/c in the b/r and collapsed on the bed, totally out of breath. I mean I filled my lungs to capacity, and could get just enough O2 to where I wasn’t gasping.

So, I made my trip to the well house and turned on my makeshift heat lamp to keep the temp above freezing. I coiled up the garden hose (kinda) and put it back where it’s s’posed to be after yesterday’s fiasco, and thus endeth my outside time today.

‘Twas indeed a good day to sleep until noon.

During the wife’s brief escapade yesterday with the kid, she picked up a 4 lb eye of round roast, which I have just tossed into the oven with some green, red, orange peppers, celery, and onion, seared in cast iron for 3 minutes on each side. I started the oven at 300°, and lowered it to 250° for the duration. If the meat thermometer continues to climb too rapidly, I’ll lower to 225. It’s in a brown n beef medium of choice.

Baked taters on the side, none of which I will partake. I am also doing deep fried chicken sticks and beef sticks with pan gravy. Those are soaking in buttermilk for a total of 24 hours.

As long as we don’t lose power, should be all right.


2 thoughts on “And Just Like That

  1. Gravy sakes, Ex. I didn’t know you were a trout on the riverbank like me!!! Watch out you don’t run the thumping gizzard out of O2. That’s no fun atoll.

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