The Big Texan Steak Ranch

In Amarillo Texas, there is a steak house known for its 72 oz steak dinner(that’s 6 pounds), and if one can eat it in less than an hour, it’s free. It also includes a baked tater and of course, beans.

This tiny lady ate three dinners in 20 minutes.

Leave your table manners ta home.

I have not ever been there, but I have been to a joint in Dallas that would not allow neckties, and after a brief ceremony, would parade around before cutting off a man’s necktie. This would then be stapled to the walls with a business card, to join thousands already there. It seems that this place also had a very long slide which allowed one to slide down for something free…I don’t recall.

21 thoughts on “The Big Texan Steak Ranch

  1. I saw that story elsewhere and wrote it off as she ate 13% of her bodyweight in 20 minutes. I still don’t understand how that was possible.

  2. I knew the original owner of the Big Texan Steak Rank (Bob Lee). I even worked for him a two different points in my youth. When he came up with this “gimmick” it was a stroke of genius. He and now his descendants have gotten so much free publicity over the last 60 years from this gimmick He was so tight he squeaked, so not my favorite employer, but he knew how to use the media.

  3. Easter weekend of 1957 we drove down to Phoenix so Dad could give away his niece when she got married. I think it was in Show-Low where there was a 10 pound steak deal that was free if you could eat the whole thing; not sure what the time limit may have been.

    Read a story a few years back about the marathon hot dog eaters and why people with slender builds tend to be the winners. For the life of me I cannot remember the reason for their success-nor am I equipped to compete (for obvious reasons).

    Remember the shooting at the queer club in Colorado a few months ago? The building in its early days was a cut-your-tie-off steak house for a few years. Then a dance hall, then a carpet store, then bingo, then a church, etc. If ever there was a jinxed building that had to be it.

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