Wednesday February 1

The weather app said it was snowing on and off all night, but no accumulations developed.

I do however, have this

At least the pipes didn’t freeze.

I don’t think it got below 31 degrees last night.

The kids’ work closed today; at least for the morning.

We are still under winter storm warning through tomorrow morning at 6 am.

It’s 32° now, and may reach 38 by end of day.

The lights flickered this morning, but stayed on.

We turned on the central heat last night on and off a couple times. It doesn’t take long to heat up the back bedroom. We are finding that the electric space heaters are not very efficient, but are better than nothing. They seem destined to warm up the bathrooms, and we take turns when watching TV.

Apparently, the wife was dealing with another sleepless night, as when I arrived the in kitchen this morning, the stereo was on, as was the LR heater, and the kitchen light…some disarray in the kitchen sink as well indicated someone had “been messing with the dishes”…that’s the best way I can put it.

She hasn’t as of yet, made an appearance today.

More coffee for me…I think I’ll top it off with a little Irish Cream…just a wee bit.

16 pounds down since January 2.

Still not smoking. I’m glad I won’t have to look forward to go into town and replenish my smokes today.

I made another batch of homemade cocktail sauce today. It goes quickly when I make the chicken strips. Likely only one more day of those left as well.

My SS check this month again, will arrive early. Eventually, it will catch up with me, and I’ll have to wait an unseemingly long time (extra week) when it does. It all depends on how the days of the week fall every month.

Stay warm out there…it ain’t over yet.

New month, new days to mark on your calendar:

tomorrow, the big day for the Ground Hogs…never did care about it, and even thought it was a ridiculous tradition since I was a kid..

Valentine’s Day on the 14th…a guy’s chance to make up points…there is no such thing as “overdoing it” for Valentine’s Day…

14 thoughts on “Wednesday February 1

  1. We lived in Little Rock for a while and every other year or so we’d get iced over with 1/2″ – 1″ of ice. Never saw a snow flake though. The entire city would shut down for at least a day-they never heard of sand trucks, let alone owned one.

    If your electric heaters are left unattended and have several years on them then wrap your hand around it to see if there is any heating going on inside the plug-which can lead to a very unhappy ending. Had one at the cabin that was behind a long curtain-the plug flashed and ruptured one morning when I was sitting nearby sipping coffee trying to stay warm. Hate to think of what would have happened if that happened while I was sound asleep (though I always put the heater(s) in the center of the room at night, far away from anything combustible-other than the floor. The solution: cut the plug off and replace it with an $8 Hubbell industrial plug and never worry about it again. Luck would have it that we had Hubbells all over the factory, so finding one was no problem. Stay warm.

    • You’re right about the plug getting hot. I almost got burned a while back pulling the plug from a space heater out of the wall socket, that had been on for several hours…hot as hell, lemme tell ya. I don’t put the heater on that outlet any more.
      They draw 1300W minimum, and are usually set for max output here: 1500W.

    • If you’re in an older house, it may not be the plug on your heater but the OUTLET you plug it into. As the outlets age the pinch contacts in them relax and don’t make a good, solid contact with the plug. This causes a high resistance connection between the two and results in the heat you’re feeling on the plug. The plug and the cord are acting as a heatsink. …So is the wiring in your wall…

      Do yourself a favor. Go down to Hombre Depot and get yourself some “industrial grade” outlets to replace the ones you have; at least the ones that are carrying decent loads. These outlets have really tenacious pinch contacts in them. Yes, they’re a little harder to plug things into, but the connection will be great and cool. You’ll pay a little more for the outlet, but substantially less than rebuilding a burned out house…

      • Good advice. I replaced 4 of the 2 prong/15 amp outlets with 3 prong/20 amp Hubbells from Grainger. Ran separate yellow/green safety earth wires (hey, it’s a cabin) to the new 3 prongers. Everything is nice and cool.

        As an aside, every time I come across a switch or outlet with the quick and dirty “poke home” wiring I re-work the wires using the screw terminals. Takes too much time for the pros to it that way when building a new home, but there are not living there so they don’t care. Code kind of sucks by allowing “poke home”-too much can go wrong over time. Guessing Dr. Fauci must have run the “poke home” reliability tests-that would have been way back when he was tiring of not finding a cure for HIV 40 years ago.

      • The house I lived in in Colorado had all two prong outlets, being built in the early sixties. I got tire of cutting off the third prong, so I started buying 3 prong outlets to replace the two prongs so I would not have to cut off the extra.

  2. Well done on staying off smokes. The food you make sounds amazing.

    The x-missus used to get really blue in September and February. I decided to take a vacation during those months. I’d steal her away and we’d drive around Texas, go to Corpus or do something up town in San Antonio. Went to Florida once to comb beaches. Tried to rewrite the story so it was a time to look forward to, not dread.

  3. Here in the Central New England, we’re expecting “unprecedented cold subzero weather” Friday/Sat. It’s only “unprecedented” if you’re under 40 years old.

    Weather weenies. Gotta love’em. No perspective.

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