Friday February 3

The never ending march of time continues to erode our lives a little each day. Here we are, January gone, and 3 days into the short month.

I awakened to sunshine coming through the window, and some strange noise…strange enough to get me out of my nice warm bed, and upon zero investigating, I found nothing as well.

I was surprised to see a  handful of messages on my phone; text and email from the Innovative Care clinic, where I went last year (September, twice) to get rid of this sinus infection. Two trips and $200 did not help, and now I have a new balance? WTF is that about? After 4 months, how can they all of a sudden trump up a new charge? delete…delete…delete…

By the by, the sinus infection morphed into a bronchial disaster that ended up causing me to quit smoking…it seems to be dissipating even now…still, no credit given to those folks. 3 weeks on antibiotics? zero results? I wasn’t just born yethterday, ya know.

Temps supposedly will reach 58° today, and a little higher over the next couple days. I’d like to see it dry out some so I could get into the garden and begin spring preps. The time to plant the onions is just around the corner..

I did manage to get to the wellhouse and turn off the heat lamp…so the day is not a total loss.

Oh yeah, the heat pump in the front section of the house has gone bye bye too. It just blows cold air. It does work on “Emergency Heat” setting, however. I’ll just say this for now; we won’t be buying another mini split system for this part of the house. I guess I shouldn’t complain, as this unit has not given any trouble that I know of except last summer when the condenser pan drain got clogged. That shuts off the power to everything connected to the system. This problem now, has got to be something with the freon level, which in my experience, is the beginning of a downward turn in the longevity of said unit. That type of freon is extremely difficult, if not impossible to get any more, thanks to the Creepy Joe admin. It used to cost me $400 on the other unit to have him replenish the freon…and that was just the cost of the freon…service call was extra.

In other news

The Chinese have pushed forward yet another step in their spy game, by letting a spy balloon wander across the USA.

I say, shoot it the fuck down. Does that surprise you? Any excuse proposed by the Chinks is a bullshit lie. Shoot it down, burn it. Then say, “might we have another?”

Send them one filled with anthrax.

Montana? Perhaps they’re surveying for their next major land purchase…I say no more land sold to anyone outside the US; period.

Of COURSE the Fu Manchus are going to deny it’s a spy balloon. They may be ruthless, greedy Communists bent on world domination, but they’re not stupid.

And until we install someone with a spine in DC, the Chinese (combined with our own leaders), are democracy’s biggest obstacles.




3 thoughts on “Friday February 3

  1. I have been playing prescription roulette. I had my physical in December where the LPN called in 6 months of refills. I got notified the next day Kroger is dropping Tricare. I moved everything to Costco last Friday. Those dickheads at Kroger let Costco know I didn’t have any refills. It has been a unfun week dealing with this.

    That Chinese weather balloon needs to be plucked from the sky and the tech needs to be dissected. We need to establish what it’s true capabilities are. It will also tell us where they are in the tech timeline. Our Air Force is trying to retire the 26 year old F22 and it is still the king of the hill in air-to-air combat.

  2. I’m in Montana, our 1 decent Senator “Steve Daines” found out about the balloon from constituents calling him. They wanted to know if they could shoot it down. I bet he wished he told them to go for it.

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