So Glad I Don’t Live There…

Kommiefornia, that is…and let’s not leave out Minnesota..

This asshole Negro says that $223,000 for slavery reparations is not enough.

Oh, I see. And how long were you a slave?

Oh, I see.

And how long were your ancestors enslaved in Kommiefornia?

Oh, I see.

Anyone that goes around waving the “Reparations for Slavery” flag, should be asked to provide proof of their enslavement.

I’ll bet he drives a Cadillac too.

We all know what drives this bitch: racism, and she’s got her own brand of it.

Another uppity Negro, or something…

Hell, he’s not even a doctor. Maybe he just needs about 4 update jabs…yeah, that’ll fix his ass.

Quadruple jab for the faux doctor, a huge dose of anti ugly for Maxine, which can only be fixed with a 12 gauge, and a quick lynchin’ for Mr “get rich quick”. A quick lynchin’ would ensure we could all get back to eating our pizza, or something equally as important.

Follow me for more suggestions on solving social unrest.

OK, here’s one for ye…Kommiefornia’s governor is changing the laws allowing illegal aliens to become police officers.

They voted that fuck back in for another 4 years.

So glad I don’t live in Chicago either

Holy shit; Lightfoot is right up there with Maxine Waters on the scale of ugly…shudder…

Speaking of ugly

She cannot even answer the question asked twice..

I’m laughing at BLM

And this bitch is perfect example of “dumbing down” of the former United Snakes..

KJP: It was Republicans who wanted to end Title 42, you know

I’m a carpet munching Negro, and I can say and do whatever I want.

And if that’s not enough…how much will it take to push you over the edge?

There are more of us than there are of them. Why are we coddling them, and letting them rape our women/girls/children?

12 thoughts on “So Glad I Don’t Live There…

  1. The last time I was in Kommiefornia was about 10 years ago when I replaced the light at the top of a radio tower. it was a two and a half hour climb to the top, three hours to remove/replace the aircraft warning light assembly, and 3 hours to come back down. I was wiped out and my legs were so sore the next day I had problems walking.

    Kommiefornia was messed up then and has gotten worse. The Press Secretary is an embarrassment. She fully represents Brandon who is another embarrassment.

  2. More Chip McCoys, much fewer McConnells and Grahams.
    Roy was too polite in the Twitter video. He should have immediately reclaimed his time when Mad Max went off on a tangent and said, “ANSWER YES OR NO,” and treat these dems like they treated others the past 6 years. ZFG.

  3. “There are more of us than there are of them. Why are we coddling them, and letting them rape our women/girls/children?”

    …because murder is currently illegal in both God’s and man’s law. However, it’s the only “cure” that I can see for this madness going forward.

    We’ve tried to convince them of the error of their ways, yet they keep doubling down, convinced that we’re going to stay on the sidelines absorbing their boolshit forever.

    Take the recent crying of commie tears over the ouster of Ilhan Omar from the Foreign Relations committee, as an example. The Demonrats REAL unstated problem with this is that their own shitty tactics were turned back on them.

    Nasti Pelosi set the precedent last CONgress by denying Republican selected appointees to the Jan 6th committee.

    Turn about is fair play. Demonrats never seem to learn that lesson or even anticipate that some shit they pull might be used against them in the future when they lose power. Karma and revenge are stone cold biotches.

    We will eventually lose patience with their antics, then a lot of them are going to need to die before things are set back to some semblance of rationality. Seems the only way to teach them a lesson they’ll never forget.

  4. I called Newscum’s office a while back with a simple question concerning his plan for vote-buy… er… REPARATIONS. There were two questions, actually. The first was “Are you going to be doing DNA testing to see who qualifies as a descendant of a slave?” The second was “Are you going to be doing DNA testing to see who qualifies as the descendant of a slave owner?” …Let alone the fact that California WAS NEVER A SLAVE STATE!!! I was told by the snot-nosed college kid intern to “refer to the text of the law.” I told him I had, and that there was nothing in the law about this. I was promptly kicked to voice mail. I called back and my call IMMEDIATELY went to voice mail. I tried several more times; same result. I then called back on a DIFFERENT number and it went through to the same cult victim. Before I said ANYTHING he said “How nice of you to call back on a different line to HARRASS us, Mr. MacGyver! At which point he kicked me to voice mail again.

    This is the office of a “governor” who has designs on becoming PRESIDENT!!!

    Folks, I know I’m preaching to the choir here, but

    • I’ve been blocked by my Reps, Senators and even the pResident not wanting to listen to my criticism also. I usually do it via email. I would explain in detail what I wrote to a certain person or persons installed at a world famous white painted building, but that would identify my handle with my name, not that they probably haven’t done that already. When they read my screed they block me from further communication via email for a period of time.

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