US “Takes Out” Chink Balloon

In an unprecedented massive response to the Fu Manchus spying on the US, they have retaliated in kind

Here…this oughta take care of it.


Well then, time for the secret weapon

That oughta send the China mens fleeing…if not, then they’re all a bunch of gay men on their Pelotons watching that fag on TV.

Images courtesy of Chief Nose Wetter

OMG! it’s a beached whale!

How’s about you dance a little jig for a quarter?

Holy Crap! I thought it was a homeless person peeking out of their tent!

Oh, your name is Whoopee? what fun!!! and Jewish too? Did Bach name is famous “Variations” after you?

Does your cane come apart and turn into a sword? Then fall on it!!!

What was Ted Danson thinking?

Of course, Creepy Joe wants some of the spotlight too…

10 thoughts on “US “Takes Out” Chink Balloon

  1. Dansen was thinking with his little head and not his big head.

    And she wasn’t so God-awful ugly on the outside when he was banging her.

  2. WOW that balloon pic…..I tried to upload it to my faeclepages…..nope they ain’t having it. They wouldn’t let me post it

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