Tuesday February 7

We are expecting rain, but thus far the forecast has lied…again.

The wife got some new plants the other day (just in time for the second wave of freezing weather), and had placed them inside. With some warmer weather here, she put them outside at my suggestion to get them outside where they might…might get some rainfall.

Then rush like crazy when the cold front blows through with temps dropping into the 20s…it could happen.

The trash people came and went today, and I made the trek out to the street to retrieve the trash barrel. It seems that the trash people left the top open upon their departure.

Any idea how heavy those things get when they get rain in them?

I see the Chink balloon panic has subsided, as the pea-brained democrats now believe that there were several Oriental balloons sweeping across the country during the reign of Donald Trump…see? no harm done..

Fuck the Chinese…”Oh, we’re gonna start shooting down US warplanes.”

Oh, the communists sound  like Democrats.

Thursday morning is round 1 of the wife’s infusions, and two weeks later is the second half. 8:30 means that we’re up at 7…great great great..

I got nothing else today…I went and laid down for a couple hours…something funny with my neck the past couple days, and requires that I take the strain off by resting it…

I’ve been trying to curb my use of ibuprofen recently too.

No rain yet.

11 thoughts on “Tuesday February 7

  1. New plants? That reminds me I need to start my seedlings for my attempts at gardening. The chinese balloon should have been shot down once it crossed into US airspace. It would be interesting to put F-22’s up and available. The chinese J-20 is in the top 10 list but the F-22 starts that list and the second spot is held by the F-35. The third is a 3 way tie between the F-15EX, J-20, and Russian SU-57. There is a big tech and performance gap between the F22/F35 and the three that follow then another tech/performance gap by everything else that follows. The J-20 and J-21 were built to best the F-22 but they don’t have the maneuverability, engine power, range, advanced electronics, and weapons platforms of the F-22. They are still working out the kinks in the J-21 as they have crashed the 3 test planes on their maiden flights. The Russians have not used the SU-57 in their Ukraine war. The biggest threat is a surface missile in that part of the world and I believe they do want to risk loosing any SU-57’s.

  2. Depending on your sleep position, sometimes a rolled up towel between your neck and the pillow can alleviate some of those neckie cramps we get the longer we hang around.

  3. Yeah, I have a good idea of how heavy those rolling trash barrels with rain added can get. We have a big tree over the garbage can, and when the wind whips up and blows the lid open, there can be a lot of water added to the load. Not building site trash heavy, but definitely heavier.

    Sorry, but not sure I believe the U.S. government telling us this happens more often. No notice then. No dates. No pictures. Just their word. Umm hmm.

  4. Drill 3 or 4 small (3/8″ dia.) holes in the bottom (lowest point) of the can. Helps tremendously when you rinse them out too.

  5. “Fuck the Chinese…”Oh, we’re gonna start shooting down US warplanes.””

    My response as President stated through gritted teeth: I have a shit load of ICBM’s with, what was it, 8 MIRV’s or is only 5. In all this excitement I clean forgot how many MIRV’s per ICBM it is, that will turn your entire country into glass in a NY minute.

    So, come on punk, make my day.

    I’ve always been of the opinion that we should occasionally lob an unarmed ICBM at some of these shit holes when they start acting like they’re the big dog, aimed at an unoccupied soccer stadium in their country’s capital, followed by a politely worded simple letter stating something to the effect “Why can’t you just be a good global citizen? Wise up, asshole or the next one will be armed and rammed right up your ass.

    Ask the Japanese how a couple of A-Bombs worked out for them 78 years ago. The ones we have these days do a lot more damage. Next!”

    As to the F-22 vs the J-20, they wouldn’t even have the J-20 if they hadn’t been gifted most of the design by some traitor in the U.S. government (Iwon’t mention any names, but it begins with C) and from what I’ve read they still can’t make the engines work without exploding at max power. So, no contest from what I can see. The Russians are a slightly different story. Quantity has a quality all its own, going all the way back to WWII Kursk and probably a lot further than that.

  6. Infusions. I just received 2 invoices for infusions for my wife. Tfrhe insurance is denying the claim. Even though they paid the previous ones which were identical to the ones they paid. Called the doc and they said we don’t show your balance as being that high, I will resend this to the insurance. Fuck aetna.

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