Wednesday February 8

My BS was 116 this morning…even eating King Ranch Casserole last night.

The rain finally came last night…nothing to brag about.

Tomorrow is the wife’s infusion. That will kill the morning. Then we do it again in two weeks.

I was able to get my OTC meds from UHC ordered yesterday when all of a sudden, they had them back in gotta start planning my next month!

Our tax refund came in too. Only took a couple days after filing with Turbo..

I am waiting for my bill to come in from my new Amazon credit card. I was supposed to get $40 off the order when approved, and I ordered the Weber; but nooooo. So, when I get the bill, I’m gonna grill them what fer..then pay it off and tell ’em to stick it.

From the Cooking Corner, I have been soaking some chicken and a couple of boneless pork chops in buttermilk to see it that will actually tenderize the pork. They’ll be breaded and baked together. And curious to see how it affect my morning BS; the breading, that is.

A few days ago, I had a small bag of honey roasted peanuts, and that really kicked up my BS the following morning…I am wary.

The wife is busy today tidying up her potted plants that she brought inside last week. Some trimming, and getting them outside for a day or two while the sun is shining.

That’s it for today.


6 thoughts on “Wednesday February 8

  1. Good job with the BS numbers. I somehow ran out of test strips. I should have some tomorrow. I used buttermilk to tenderize venison. Honey roasted peanuts are bad. Maple butter pecans are worse and they are addictive.

  2. Not sure how our 2022 income tax report will be. Wife retired last January, but decided to stay with substituting teaching on part time basis. Less pay but far less responsibilities and no requirement to attend meetings – not bad at all. Only allowed to do so 16 days a month without penalties.

    How this will affect our numbers with IRS is new. We aren’t financial wizards so count on our accountant to keep us on the outside of gray bar facility :^) .

  3. Amazon…. yuk.

    My second form of id cell phone went tango uniform. I tried to get them to swap it to a new one. On the third day of a 48 hour wait to reset it. Of course they cancel all your orders and lock your account. And there is no way to escalate the issue. What a tardo way of doing business.

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