Saturday March 18

Cold front arrived with rotsa rain last night and still drizzling this afternoon. Temps in upper 40s, and will likely stay around there through tomorrow.

Meanwhile, other things just don’t change…

Just tell Swillary that Stormy Daniels has the dirt on her…end of discussion.

This just may be the catalyst for said revolution…MAY be…

I dug out my three rib eye caps, that I had removed from said rib eye roasts last year, and made chili and guisada yesterday, with some corn bread. All was good, even the kid liked the chili. All in all, there was just under 3 pounds of beef, that I thawed, seared  to black in the cast iron, and cut into bite sized chunks for the two dishes.

I just had a guisada, bean, and cheese taco…delicious.

11 thoughts on “Saturday March 18

  1. Glad you got some rain. My brother lives east of lubbock in a town called ralls. He said it is drier than a popcorn fart up there. Wish I could send him some of the rain we are getting.

  2. Hopefully this will be the last cold snap and we won’t see freezing temps until next fall. I have a suspicion Trump’s lawyers are going to make make a total fool out of the NY DA.

    Rib eye caps for chili and guisada? I would have used a lesser quality cut of beef for those and grilled the rib eye caps to have a steak and potato meal.

    • My rib eye caps are from the boneless rib eye roasts that I got at the bargain supermarket. I carved them myself. IMO, grilling them would be a total waste, as they are anything but tender, and grilling them would just make them into shoe leather.
      However, slow cooked for several hours yielded some very tender beef.
      These were thinner than fajitas, and would have just been difficult to grill.
      I had considered smoking them, but even that would be iffy.
      I have cooked them in a Dutch oven before in butter with mushrooms on the stovetop, and that was very good.

      • That must be some mighty poor quality beef. The rib eye cap is supposed to be one of the best cuts of meat on a cow. I avoid the low quality steak rated U.S. Commercial, U.S. Utility, U.S. Cutter, and U.S. Canner. Commercial and Utility is usually made into jerkey and ground into hamburger where fast food restaurants make hamburgers out of it. Utility and Cutter is heavily processed and ends up as bologna, hot dogs, and high-end dog food. Canner is the lowest and is pretty much what doesn’t fit in any other category. Commercial, Utility, Cutter, and Canner are usually not available on the retail market.

        Back before Christmas Choice full rib-eye roasts were going for $6.98 a pound with a limit of one. I bought a full and two halves before the sale went away. I cut a 2 bone roast off the full rack for Christmas and cut the rest into steaks and ribs. One of those steaks is enough for me and my wife while leaving leftovers.

      • The brand is Swift…not a great name for beef, but in hams, bacon, and pork they shine. I know my rib eye roasts are not top quality; not at $6 a pound. These are boneless roasts too and come already kinda beaten up.

      • On the BBQ team we used Choice briskets from Swift that we would get from Costco. On Swift beef just left of their logo is the grade of the meat. They sell Prime, Choice, Select, and Standard in briskets. A Select was hit or miss and the Standard was good for jerky but not much else. The Prime Brisket was a lot more than the Choice. The BBQ team also used Swift fresh hams for the pulled pork which was stellar.

        BTW: I am not doing the BBQ team this year. I trained two of the younger team members on how to make the various sauces this past year. The 16 to 20 hour days of a competition were getting a little too much for me.

  3. Boy, we could use some of that rain down here in the RGV. Send some down when you have the opportunity. Wife’s pasture is nearly golf green flat, only with some huisache seedlings that need rooting out. The donkey and pair of cows residing there require daily supplements which we take care of.

    I think now that the J6 full video account are coming out, the Left is looking for more political accusations to hit Trump with. I’m guessing it is a given that automatic arrests of anyone protesting for Trump now is very likely. They already use our tax payer government funding to use for their political dirt on Trump instead of Dem party saves them more for their pocket.

    That taco sounds awesome !

    Take care Ex, hope the scorpions are a no-show this year.

    • Scorpion spraying will be later this week when it warms up. Best to spray before they are seen.
      The rib eye cap guisada is excellent, and lots of it. Am making some taters today with which to have some beef/tater tacos…
      The wife often talks of getting a few goats to keep the grass down…unfortunately for her, she completely forgets that they have to be watered as well, and would require additional fencing between the barb wire strands..
      The dems keep pushing…sooner or later they’re gonna get pushed back to the point of over kill…

      • We thought about goats at the beginning, but the fence would have had to be re-done (as you mentioned above) and dog packs out in rurals can wreak havoc on goat herds. In fact the reason why we added a donkey to the pair of cows is they are protective to animals inside their fenced area.

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