Anyone else?

I don’t know about you, but is anyone out there tired of hearing about “black history month?” I think it’s been over for a month, but the local public radio will not let it go.
I don’t need a constant reminder. There are plenty with pictures of Portland, Minneapolis, and Chicago.

Today, I got up early and took the wife’s car into the shop to have that gizmo replaced. I was worried that I would not get up in time, so I was going to set my alarm on the phone, but it was buried deep in the “settings” somewhere so I set the kitchen timer at 4 hours and 30 minutes, getting to bed at 4:00 am. That would get me up no later than 8:30…however, once again, I did not sleep. Perhaps tiny naps, but I swear I was up almost constantly watching the clock.

I finally got out of bed at 7:30, and that was all she wrote. 40 degrees when I got up, and moseyed around until I left around 8:40.

They were ready for me, and I settled down in front of the TV. At least I wasn’t bored near death with HGTV…instead, today they had ESPN selected with some clowns talking about NFL and March Madness…

$310 later, I drove away, heading to the gas station, grocery store, and ATM. I ended up getting a Subway while I was at the grocery store, getting some beef and taters. I figured we’d have chowder tonight, given it was gonna be cold still for a little bit. I bought the foot long Subway club, then made an ATM run across the street. Then home, where the wife was up.

She had gone to bed very early (9:00) the night before to try and catch up. At this point (1:00) she has returned to bed. I will likely grab a napcito as well today.

I baked some taters for later, and put away the two rib eyes and chuck roast in my food Saver, and then the freezer.

Looks like tomorrow will be my store trip to the big city as well…yeah, I keep saying that. At least I made it to the ATM to beef up my cash stash.


12 thoughts on “Anyone else?

  1. Also every commercial on TV is biracial or all of people of color or the alphabet soup crowd. Then you have movies or tv shows of 100 to 200 years ago with a predominantly white cast and a black person who is royalty or wealthy/powerful land owner in Europe or America. I guess that is why I watch old movies and TV that has wholesome values.

    The only major league sport I watch is Hockey. Last night my team was down 5 points in the first 10 minutes. Nope, I watched The Quiet Man.

    The wife is on a soup kick and made her taco soup last night. It is always better the second day so that will be dinner. I did the oriental buffet for lunch. This place has a Thai wing, Chinese wing, and Japanese wing. It is hands down the best oriental buffet I have ever been to. I had Japanese Hibachi shrimp and a sampler of the Thai buffet.

      • Metro Atlanta has the third largest Asian population in the nation. You can find oriental cooks working in TexMex restaurants, soul food restaurants, and high end steak houses here. We also have a lot of choices on oriental food. If you leave off the noodles and rice a Japanese Hibachi has the protein and vegies that work well in a diabetic’s diet. The same goes for the Thai food.

  2. Black history month is different. Those like Clarence Thomas are ignored to show how the wonderful Michael Jackson, or Oprah Winfrey have done so much for the United States. That, and the ordinary folks with darker skin are never shown, since they don’t all wear pants that don’t fit, or listen to rap, and go to work every morning.

  3. Could be that NPR stations get extra $$$ from some billionaire for pushing the black this and the black that. Our station seems to think the black race is supreme and does not hold back letting its listeners know. The wife has NPR on throughout the day because she likes the music (which makes me want to barf) and I guess she doesn’t pay much attention to their racial propaganda. No way I listen to NPR.

    • My biggest problem with TPR is that they have gone to semi-commercials…it defeats the purpose…Oh and their “science editor” is a dried up old bag liberal who loves to inject fear into the populace on the premise that she is smarter than everyone.
      Just a feeling…

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