It’s Time To Stand Up And Say NFW!

Just when you thought that the Creepy Joe minions couldn’t think up any more stupid shit, now they’re talking of banning air conditioners…it’s only fitting that this begins in Boulder Colorado: 25 square miles surrounded by reality…sounds more like a mini Kommiefornia to me.

I guarandamntee you that Congress will have their a/c running this and every summer to come.

I will further be damned if the feds take away our a/c, if he cannot/will not keep the goddam Russians away from our remote bases.

This woman is a potential dictator. Gretchen Whitmer, governor of Michigan was caught red handed in a conspiracy with the FBI on her kidnapping. Someone however, spilled the beans and now everyone just shrugs and says “huh?”

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has signed a bill to repeal right-to-work legislation.

Michigan is the first state to repeal right-to-work laws and restore collective bargaining rights since 1958. Signed Friday, the legislation requires private sector employees to join a workplace union or face termination.

Holy crap Michigan? how do you folks allow her to live? Looks like she needs some powder on  her nose too…

Gretchen Whitmer,,,the ass end of the political spectrum..

Manhattan DA Bragg received some interesting mail…

Likely just cocaine…or so Bragg wishes.

And nobody’s friend, Mitch McConnell was released from outpatient care after suffering a broken rib and concussion..

Likely, we will not know any difference as McConnell was already so discombobulated that he don’t know what day it is either; usually.

Swillary fined by Federal Election Commission…good luck collecting that fine..unable to embed the link..

The wife noticed a turkey vulture landing on top of the house; not an everyday occurrence, but rare. Further investigation on my part revealed a dead deer in the little woody thicket next to the street. I used my Red Ryder BB gun to annoy the vultures that were brave enough to sit within range.

Of course, the Red Ryder is harmless aside from a tiny ‘sting’, but usually shoos them away; as it does for many animals: MANY.

The kid was excited as one of her 6 kittycats had more kitties last night…too MANY…


10 thoughts on “It’s Time To Stand Up And Say NFW!

  1. No A/C in the RGV ? Oh yeah, I’m sure everybody is down with that one.

    The person that thought that one up has splinters in the windmill of their minds …

  2. A few years ago the idiots in Boulder wanted to take over all the electric power assets inside their little Kingdom/Queerdom that were owned by the Exel Energy ( a million dollar name for what used to be Colorado Public Service Company). That would be substations, transmission lines, all the way down to the “last mile” of wiring up to every customer’s meter. Apparently the morons behind that scheme thought they could do better than a company that had been in business for countless decades. Being a republic, they put the measure to a vote of the people. Have no clue whether it passed or not.

    Remember the early Covid era story about Gretch’s hubby, a well to do dentist? Turns out the family has lake property with a ritzy address and it was late spring when everyone with a boat wants to get the boat storage company to perform maintainence on their boat and haul it up to the lake, drop it in the water, and make sure everything is running just right so when the owner shows up in his Range Rover all he has to do is flip the switch in the boat and off they go for a long day on the water. It seems Dr. Gretch, though apparently a friendly sort of guy, started asking the boat storage people if they couldn’t move his work ahead of others so they wouldn’t have a boatless holiday weekend, and that he is, you know, the husband of the Governor. While that incident did not make the MSN it did manage to leak out. IIRC, the business owner was not happy with the incident and may have been the one to leak the story. Laws, ethics, and doing what is right are all “for the little people”, right?

    Always fun to indulge in what-ifs: what if Dr. Gretch did not survive a boating accident and a few months later the loving widow hooked up with Fetterman? Now there is a couple that would even make Bil and Hil look good in comparison.

    Vultures get a bad rap: their culinary habits help prevent all sorts of nasty things escaping from the mangled remains of road kill. One writer cautioned to never get too close to a vulture (she had experience working at a volunteer vulture recovery back east)-it seems that when they are startled or threatened, vultures will spit at whatever is bothering them, human or predator makes no difference to them. Their evolutionary development that makes them so effective in safely digesting even the most rancid and putrid of the dead is because of a highly acidic digestive system, the same system that creates vulture spit.

    Question: if you leave the vultures alone will they eventually clear out once they are done with dinner?

    Lastly: stumbled onto the fact that Mrs. Turtle, aka Elaine Chou, in addition to her other high income endeavors, has been on the board of directors for Kroger for the last few years. These days those kinds of “jobs” for big name corporations bring in at least $100K to $200K, all for attending maybe 6 meetings a year, and with liberal reimbursements for travel expenses, meals, and accomodations-and not at Motel 6. I’m sure she got that “job” because she was a straight A student ever since kindergarten and never even got as much as a parking ticket in her life.

    • I guess I wrote that post wrong.
      Yes, vultures will leave their carrion once it has been picked clean.
      I did not kill the vultures. I merely popped them with the bb gun….BB GUN…even at point blank it would at worst, sting like anything.
      Road kill around here in the country is never ending with all the deer around, and vultures will always have food, given how they are not picky eaters.

  3. On the A/C; the Obiden Cartel can kiss my ass. And it can come to my house when it’s 110* outside to do it!

    I guess attempting to remove McConnell’s RINO horn was more complicated than they thought it would be.

    I’ve been killing and dumping so many rabbits and ground squirrels that a pair of turkey vultures has put Rancho Whybother on their route. Let ’em eat, X. The more they eat, the less stink you’ll be dealing with! When the birds are done with the rodents, there’s NOTHING left!

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