Monday March 27

I see the shit is getting serious at Family Dollar

I garantee if someone knocked my glasses off, I’d be emptying my magazine too….because I can no longer see, and it’s down to “spray and pray”.

John Kerry has got to be the biggest busybody in the history of democrat hypocrisy…

Not only is he a liar and a hypocrite, he’s a liar…and a hypocrite…may his next plane ride end up in a fireball on the side of a mountain…no wait, disappeared over the Atlantic, never to be recovered…yeah, that works.

I see John Fetterman (mini me on the neck) is still in the hospital. Way to go, John. You figured out a way around the system.

Get elected to public office with the “Golden Parachute” medical plan, and you never have to work. The taxpayers pay your hospital bills, and if you’re feeling sad, they’ll cheer you up!

I just don’t understand why Trump would throw a weiner at Ron DeSantis.

Donald Trump has bigger fish to fry, meaning how the hell is he gonna beat the Democrat’s rigging the next election? Stop worrying about the people on YOUR side Donald, and fight the real fight, or you’ll never win again.

Yes, now you too can have your cheeseburger fix “fixed” in Arlington TX at the Ranger Stadium for only $34.99

The Boomstick Burger is the biggest and most expensive new item of the six new concessions...

More 2 ft delights here

Did I ever tell you that Fauxchantas is a dead ringer for SIL?

Yep, complete with dumb looks and insanity.

When will the Democrats realize that everyone they elect is corrupt? and they sit and cheer…

And now this

KJP Following Nashville School Shooting: ‘How Many Children Have to be Murdered Before Republicans in Congress Pass the Assault Weapons Ban’ (VIDEO)

typical of the liberal assed media, the actual type of guns was not specified…fuckin’ media gotta sensationalize everything to get a story.


10 thoughts on “Monday March 27

  1. Let me see if I got this strait: A dollar General employee gets punched in the face knocking her glasses off while attempting to stop a thief. The employee then pulls a gun and fires at the person who just assaulted her. She unloads the magazine. The thief doesn’t die but employee is charged with 2nd degree murder.
    My thoughts: This happened in Arizona and I am not sure of their laws. I was unaware that somebody could be charged with murder even though nobody died. If this happened in Texas or Georgia a second year law student could get the case thrown out. The employee lost part of her vision do to the punch, overpowered and physically threatened she feared for her life unloading the magazine in the general direction of the thief.

  2. well actually..yeah they stated two assault rifles and a pistol. what woman carries TWO ak47’s? or shoots kids? anybody notice a pattern? “we have to DO something.” okay how about we take all that cash promised to ukraine and fix the mental health system.

    • Bingo!

      Whatever happened to all of of the asylum’s that were around in the 50’s through the 80’s? Transgender is a mental disease.

      • back then the politicians wanted the giveaway programs but the voters weren’t up for it so they came out all touchy feely on how inhumane asylums were so they could close them and used the money from that to fund welfare. that’s 90% of the homeless problem too. but now we can’t afford asylums. wouldn’t be anybody to work in them anyway.

      • Asylums are like nursing homes; rather be dead than be in one..I spent my time fixing copiers in nursing homes…not a pleasant way to spend an afternoon.

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