Tuesday March 28

Of course, the big news is the Nashville church school shooting.

At this point in time, no one seems to be sure if the shooter was a boy or girl, a girl wanting to be a boy, or a boy wanting to be a girl, if he/she/it was mad at one of the church school teachers, had stepped on gum and was angry at any/all children, or what the hell no one knows shit. there is a video out now, and why so soon is beyond me…could be staged…nah..

Creepy Joe made jokes before the presser concerning the shooting…specifically jokes about his hardon for ice cream..

Creepy Joe…a disgrace…waving the pedo flag…a man without balls…worthless as tits on a boar…

NPR begins 10% layoffs of workers due to over budgeting and less sponsors (commercials).

NPR Lays Off 10% Of Workforce As MSM Rendered Obsolete By Destroying Their Own Credibility

It hasn’t stopped the local station from holding their hands out this week. They call it their “Spring Membership Drive”. They’re only asking for $250,000 this round as opposed to $800,000 last fall. Wanna cut back on costs?

Eliminate half your damned staff! You idiots! You’re doing something wrong if you are broadcasting commercials, and still falling short!!!!

They are asking memberships for those who will donate $1 a day…snicker..yeah right.

Remember those temps in the 80 degree range we had? long gone today..59° right now with rain on the way. We ain’t complainin’.

Very soon I fear, I’ll be forced to be working outside; every day.

As it turns out, I am going to have to stick with my Medicare Advantage plan…why? because of the diabetes. It’s called “chronic health problem” meaning my monthly meds puts me in another category. If I switched to another plan, my out of pocket costs for meds and office visits would “increase substantially”.

Turning 65, and going on Medicare was likely the biggest nightmare of my life…take heed.

4 thoughts on “Tuesday March 28

  1. your pretty active at this age !! keep going , do what is best for you my friend!!
    i too live outside of ft worth and understand this crappy weather, we had the tornado! now you know where im at!!!

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