Wednesday March 29

The reason why the footage of the “supposed” Nashville school shooting appeared so quickly is because….

a. the whole thing was staged

just a guess.

fags and trannies don’t have manifestos…they likely cannot even define the term (not a transmission).

I thought it odd that there was absolutely NO ONE else in the school in this little video.

And here’s a good one…Swillary is going to teach a class at Columbia U…on foreign policy…oughta be a quick one. After all, how long does it take to say

last one on the chopper is a rotten egg!


Clinton will teach foreign policy ‘decision-making’ course at Columbia

Shit just ain’t gettin’ better, is it?

The stinking democrats continue to stage these shootings to get the public behind their idiotic gun control ideas, that don’t work.

Alex Jones had it right, but got sued because he was right and hurt some people’s widdo feelings.

Every day, Creepy Joe finds new ways to fit both feet into his mouth.

Sadly, he is too far gone to understand it.

High today in the low 70s, and next week we’ll see 90s.

great great great great great great…

Guess we need to move further north.

5 thoughts on “Wednesday March 29

  1. NO, with respect, GET IT THRU YOUR HEAD, THERE WERE NO 81 MILLION VOTES. or at least no voters, just ballots. there were more votes than eligible voters. they stole the ’22 elections even easier. just like ’24 will be.

      • Reporting 100% maybe, emphasis on reporting and then they can make up whatever they want.
        I recall during the 2012 Hurricane Sandy election that precincts in NYC were turning in 100% for Obamski…I called bullshit on that, and that shit ball has continued to grow going down hill.

  2. “High today in the low 70s, and next week we’ll see 90s. great great great great great great… Guess we need to move further north.”

    Could be worse Ex. Your location gets a shorter summer, and a longer spring before Summer Hell is unleashed in Texas. Without the Frozen that those Yankees put up with.

    • You are so right.
      I only post the current conditions and forecast (when I remember) for the benefit of folks that do live up north.
      Lots of folks don’t realize the contrast in weather across great distances.
      I had an uncle from North Dakota, a life long farmer, who visited us one winter in the RGV. He could not get over the difference in the weather. In fact, February came and there were temps in the 70s. He insisted on going home to “plant”. After pointless arguing with him, we sent him home, and he went back to 6 ft of snow and frozen ground.

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