Sprouts Update March 30

As you may remember, I started some seeds to sprout for planting in a few weeks.

I have had much success with the tomatoes and tomatillos, but nary a single pepper seed sprouted yet…and there are a lot of peppers; jalapeño, serrano, Hatch, green bell peppers and CA wonder…but nothing yet.

It’s still early and plenty of time to buy some new seeds to sprout, although it’ll be unlikely to get Hatch chili pepper seeds commercially; not that it’s a big deal. OK then I found some and ordered some from New Mexico.

Now if I could only get someone out to yank all them weeds….

tomatillo sprouts in the rear 6 pods…no sign of life from serrano peppers yet..

I am still waiting for my other pic to reappear from cyberspace..

And today, it has not shown up still, so given its sensitive nature, I am certain that Yahoo! intercepted, and is now being fact checked censored.

Yeah, we listen to the local TPR station since we have no decent classic rock station. TPR is still hammering through the fog with their membership drive. It’s taking them a long time to get another $250,000…much longer than it took to get $800,00 last October.

I had to double check, but we’re looking at low 90s the first part of next week…I may have said that already.

Cloudy today with rain on and off. Temps in the high 60s.

Too muddy to get out in the gardens..darn.

My new sprayer and scorpion poison came in this morning…so I have that workin’ for me.

I saw over at Madd’s place that Hobby Lobby is considering closing all stores because of some bullshit government regulation requiring health insurance providers to provide abortions.


The kid loves working there, and after a very short time has worked her way up close to asst manager, and $19 an hour. I don’t believe I ever made that much in my life..

Some further research has revealed that this article was posted several years ago, and is no longer current news…the kid knew this and pointed it out to me…

The feds ain’t satisfied to just shoot themselves in their foot, they gotta shoot themselves in the other foot too.

I try to bring good news, but it ain’t always out there.

I did see at Ammunition To Go that they had 250 rounds of 12 gauge 00 buck for $145.


Hey! better than a stick in the eye.


11 thoughts on “Sprouts Update March 30

  1. Price on shotgun ammo is not too bad. I recall about 8 years ago, five round Remington green-yellow slugs and OO going for $3.50 a box. That is about $175 for 250 rounds. So comparing with current ammo availability, not out of line. Shipping cost and record of purchase to you may be of concern.

    But definitely better than a poke in the eye.

    • That is a good price for store bought 00 buckshot.

      Back when Obutthead was elected I spent a weekend with a buddy that had a shotgun shell loading press. I had a 5 gallon bucket almost full of spent shells. The clear shells were loaded with 00 Buckshot. The high brass 3″ shells were cut down to 2&3/4″ with a 1370 fps load the low brass were shortened to 2&1/2 an loaded with a 1050 fps low impact load. The red shells were high brass #6 shot and low brass #10 shot where any 3″ shells were cut down to 2&3/4″. I had about $200 in 2300 shells. That was when primers were $13 per thousand, powder was $60 for 5 pounds, and the lead was the most expensive component. Now it is the other way around as the primers are the most expensive and the lead has remained about the same price but it is the cheapest component.

      • Yep, I remember buying 22LR for just under $5 a brick and #7 for shot clay shells for $2.50 a box. I had 20 gauge reloads and won the state skeet shoot off in 20-guage with a single shot Stevens. It was 108 perfect shots until my opponent missed That was back in 79.

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