April 1

2023 is now 1/3 gone.

Insomnia has invaded the wife’s sleep habits. It’s 1:00 and she went back to bed after getting up at 6:00 am, back to bed and then up again, not able to get to sleep after originally going to bed at 1:00 am.

She is immune to melatonin and dipenhydramine…either of those will knock me out completely.

The best sleep aid she used was Xanax, and we all know what happened with that. Ambien and the like gave her nightmares; not to mention PLMD..Periodic Limb Movement Disorder…I had bruises on my huevos for that brief duration.

The kid bounced in and bounced out heading to the big city for some shopping.

I made some hash browns from a leftover baked potato. I was considering making a carrot cake…I haven’t ruled it out yet.

Dinner will be the fettuccine Alfredo with chicken again. The wife loved it the other night. The kid came in and ate two large bowls, then barfed it up. I cook the chicken breast separately, and add it when the noodles are combined with the sauce. The chicken breast is cooked in cast iron to get some char, and I use poultry seasoning and olive oil.

The fettuccine does not reheat well, so it’s better to eat all of it, however much is made.

Last night I made tacos, and instead of frying the corn tortillas in oil, I just placed them in a very hot non stick pan and heated till they got a little bubbly…it took some practice, but it does work, and no messy oil on the stove.

The carrot cake is sounding better and better, but I know it will drive my blood sugar way up…and it’s not the cake that’s the problem; it’s the 1/2 inch thick frosting.

It’s still 2 more weeks until grocery shopping day. I’ll likely head to the big city before then, probably Monday next week for a haircut, and find a music store to get some reeds for my sax…might as well.

The sax is a Buescher, made in 1919. It belonged to my mom who got it used back in 1950. My brother’s kid used it while in school too, and they had it partially rebuilt.



8 thoughts on “April 1

  1. I sleep walk with Ambien. The first time I woke up sitting on the stairs. The second time I was in the garage in the driver seat in my 99 F150 with the key in the ignition. No more Ambien for me.

    I had a blackened flounder filet po-boy for supper. The air-fryer makes it super simple. Season the filet then drop it in the air-fryer for 8 minutes while the bread is toasting. Quick easy meal.

      • I grew up 45 minutes from the ocean. We had a 43 acre pond on the farm that was stocked with large mouth bass, bream, and catfish. I had to spend at least one Saturday every month fishing with my dad – it was guy time. There was a period of 5 or 6 years my uncle, cousin, dad, and I would go to the Keys to load up a 72 qt and two 48qt ice chests with lobster tails and claws. My cousin and I had scuba gear where we would literally pick lobsters up off the ocean floor. Once we had a full bag we would take it to the boat where my dad and uncle would clean them to add to the ice chest. The laws have changed since then and you can’t do that anymore.

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