Friday May 26

Well, let’s look around and see what’ happening, shall we?

The proponents of the mandatory vaccines are now back pedaling saying that we don’t need mandatory vaccines any more. why?

Because they cannot deny the fact that thousands of healthy people are dying inexplicably due to massive blood clotting..big pharma is silent…

Bud Light went the way of the faggot and has lost billions in sales…They are obviously not hurting..

Target has always been a friend to the faggot and tranny…they have  lost billions since their most recent push for acceptance…don’t forget that Target pioneered to allow men access to women’s bathrooms..they also say they are not hurting…

Goodyear and Nike have pushed for equality for the queers, jotos, funnyboys, fudgepackers, and sword swallowers, and transvestites…

All these companies have stood up for less than .5% of the population to control the media and what’s out there…This .5% of riff raff now has everyone listening to them, and no one listens to you…

All the boycotts are not affecting these companies…or so they say…

You can blame comrade Obamski for this. He has gotten rich from siding with the republic of Faggotry, and now he runs Creepy Joe like his personal cracker slave.

Be careful…the sneaky Democrats are trying to rile you up, and get you to do something stupid so they can declare martial law, and take the  rest of your freedoms away, including your right to own a firearm.

Don’t be fooled.

Typical democrat logic.

Heh…in Illinois, no less. I would have thought that not possible, given the liberal assed Chicago.

Let’s hope this is not the last breath of justice in the United States.

Kommifornia is leading the way for slave reparations…it came out to 4 trillion dollars..yeah, like that’ll happen. Gruesome Newsom has enough problems without finding more ways to tax whitey to pay for the poor knee grows. bwaaaa

I saw in San Marcos TX city council allowed a satanist to lead the prayer..

Oh devil, oh satan master of all things dark and unholy, we ask that you sit below us and look up our skirts, and lead us to chaos and disarray.

Blow foul odors our way, and may deep thoughts of tortured souls cloud our judgement both now and evermore..

If the Dominion voting machines are still in use, why the hell do we trust them to not be corrupted? Mm?

They cannot be trusted. As long as they are in use, no matter where, they will be compromised to cheat…

Will there ever be an honest national election in this country again? Depends on who counts the votes.

The W.H.O. is not your friend.

The CDC is not your friend.

The United Nations is not your friend.

The current administration is not your friend.

Every single current member of Congress should be voted out next election; period, without exception.

Never before in the history of the United States has the level of corruption at the Congressional level been so high as it is now.

It’s almost like “get voted into congress, and step up to the permanent ATM for your share”…almost…They already get a health plan that folks like you and I can only dream about, and if they put in enough time, they get to retire with it; forever…and you and I pay for it.

Memorial Day weekend is upon us.

In the old days (5 years ago), HD and Lowe’s had a twin pack of 2 20 lb bags of Kingsford charcoal on sale for $10.99…yes, the good old days. I had the wife pick up a car load several years ago, and I am  still using them.

They don’t offer that deal any more. I see HD has 2 16lb bags for $17.98…I’m not fooled. Still, cheaper than the usual price, but not like the good ol’ days…Oh I see Lowe’s has the same “deal”.

I see Weber has gotten very full of themselves and offer their standard sized kettle grill now for $339 with a multitude of colors available…”hot rod” colors they call them..there’s one born every minute.

Am I living in the past? So be it…

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