Sunday The 14th

Last night I started feeling it…the beginning of a sinus infection. greatgreatgreatgreat

Not just the sniffles either..dammmit..Airborne and Benadryl are back on the menu today. I feel like I am talking in a well. I had to up the temp on the a/c as I was actually cold.

The girls left for SA for some shopping…whatever. I’ll likely sleep the afternoon away with all the peace and quiet.

My new neighbor called me yesterday, wanting to grind off some latches for his new fence he’s installing around his pool…yes; pool.

I gave him the sad story about why I don’t have a bench grinder, and we ended up clamping them in a vice and using a hacksaw, which worked fine. That reminds me, I’m gonna need a new vice too when I get that bench grinder.

A very low flying jet scared the shit out me as I was retrieving tools from my pickup. I never saw it, but I thought for sure it was gonna crash…guess the fbi read my militia article, and so now the provocation continues.

Maybe I’ll grab a couple of corn dogs, and chill.

I got nuthin’ else.

Summer of ’72

This album was actually released in ’71, but there were several singles from it that eeked out for many moons..

This album was likely his best, IMO.

Jump Into The Fire; drums by Jim Gordon, a difficult solo no doubt..

The bass at the end (Herbie Flowers) said he loosened the string, thinking they would fade out….they didn’t…

X’s Militia Application Form

Ever think about “86ing” an FBI agent?

Have you ever felt compelled to “shoot willy nilly” at the IRS?

Does your trigger finger twitch when you hear the latest on the bullshit FBI raid on Trump’s home?

Have you ever felt “cornered” by unwanted Federal officials on your property, but had no recourse?

Have you ever had your home raided by dozens of FBI agents, but felt you were too outnumbered to make a stand?

Have you ever found yourself gripping your steering wheel with white knuckles when listening to anything concerning the United Nations?

Did you ever watch a group of Federal Bureau of Underwear agents go through your wife’s (or yours) underwear drawer, as they sniffed their way to the bottom? and wanted to give ’em all a “good clip around the ears”?

Have you ever wanted to load mag after mag and empty them into oncoming groups of newly trained IRS agents?

Have you ever thought about unloading a full auto shotgun at a Federally owned black suburban loaded with slugs and double ots?

Have you ever really wanted to test out the “double tap” theory?

Have you ever wanted to sit and empty a 10,000 round mag of mini gun ammo into a group of advancing Federal agents?

Ever had a fleeting thought of tossing a grenade into a Federally occupied black suburban to watch the rats jump out really really fast? Then set them on fire?

Have you ever wanted to be a part of a secret organization that offs its enemies one at a time, from a perpetually updated list?

Ever watched a group of Federal agents raiding an innocent’s home, and say to yourself “I wish I could set those people on fire”.

Ever wondered what you’re gonna do with that 7mm Remington Magnum BDL that you bought 50 years ago at Montgomery Ward?

Ever wanted to fill to overflow your tactical vest with loaded mags, and wait in stealth for the “kill order”?

Ever wondered what to do with that Solothurn 20mm anti tank rifle you got in the mail in the 60s?

Ever felt like you should be an integral part of a secret organization where each member has his/her target assigned, and is responsible for “taking it out?” with little orĀ  no danger of being caught?

Ever wondered if covering an APC with flammable liquids will roast the inhabitants thereof?

If you answered “yes, hell yeah, or fuckin’ A!” to any of these questions, you’re pre-approved!

Let T.A.G. begin!

The FBI Does A Panty Raid At Trump’s

Truth be told, the raid was really about getting into Melania’s panties…Creepy Joe was runnin’ low on items to sniff, but did not count on finding so many trannies inside the Federal Bureau of Underwear.

Hey Frank…nice hat!

Thanks! Like my slingbacks?

To die for!

Check out Jimmie’s sarong!

Wow! It really makes his ass look bigger!

How ’bout them Capri pants!

Nice! except for the hairy legs!

Looks like Alex is wearing his padded bra again!

Oh hell…like we don’t know that…

I’m wearing the Merry Christmas panties…you?

I’m not wearing nothin’ under this!

‘gasp’. you slut!

Also, after a raid on Trump’s refrigerator…

Well, I was really hopin’ for a Subway or some leftover pizza, but settled on the Strupwafels..delish…

After going through Melania’s underwear drawer, several agents left the scene wearing what were thought were masks, but were in fact….panties….sheer ones, lacy ones, ventilated panel ones, with and without hearts, and thongs..

All involved in the panty drawer raid said they found nothing to confiscate, after sniffing sifting through the evidence..

above images from Eat Gruel Dog


Roofers Are Done

Yes, it’s true.

They showed up today, and I had to make one more run to the paint store for another gallon of black for the finishing touches. The wife and I agree that they did an outstanding job.

The west side

the south side

southeast corner

the north side…partial

and the carport

And it began to rain when they left.