Tuesday March 14

I’ve been talking about the wife’s “extended warranty” for her car. She purchased a 3 year contract in March of ’21 for $1620.  I took the paper work to our local repair shop, which is a member of Tech Net, to see if they would honor the contract and repair the car.

I get a call back from the shop this morning, and they say the phone number is disconnected. We found another number, and it too has been disconnected.

It’s not looking good at this point.

Further research has revealed that this company is out of business, or never existed to begin with.

Infinite Auto Protection…save your money..

I did not make it to the grocery store today. I have no excuse nor do I offer one.

Like Fred, sleep is beginning to elude me, except for naptime, which I can sleep for hours…go figure. I went to bed yesterday at 5 am, and did not sleep until 9 am; hence my sleeping until noon, and still napping at 4 pm.

Some nice weather in store for a day or two; cloudy and overnight lows in the 40s, I am happy to report.

The wife is still on the phone, refusing to concede that she got scammed. Can’t blame her, but at what point does one realize that the money is *poof* gone?

The shop wants $310 to replace the part.

Welcome to the long list of nameless rabble who are victims of scammers…

In other news…no, that’s pretty much the leading story today.

Sunday March 12

Twice a year, we are cursed with the time change. I never complain about the fall switchover, as we get an extra hour, and it reminds me of upcoming holidays; even though for me, that is no longer that much of an uplifting thought.

But this first weekend of losing an hour, I never got used to. It reminds me of the upcoming summer months. Heat, bugs, air conditioning, spraying for scorpions, my God maybe have to mow!, burn banning, and the constant pulling of weeds: ugh.

Besides the fact that it’s ME who gets to run around and reset all the clocks. There are five that need manual adjusting.

After wandering around for the past hour, trying to drum up some items for my grocery list, I find I have nothing to report.

Tomorrow, I’ll be heading to the repair shop to see if they’ll honor the extended warranty the wife got, and perhaps schedule to get the pesky error code fixed before the warranty expires at the end of the month. That’ll be a quick trip, and I’ll likely have to find something else to do for the rest of the day.

Grocery day is Tuesday, as is payday for me. Might be a good time to increase my cash stash, given that we’ve seen a rather large bank fail the past couple days..who knows if the Feds are lying or telling the truth? Huh? uninsured deposits? how the hell does that happen?

There is talk of “bailing them out” as well, although no details are available. That means that there is no legal precedent, and whoever gives the most bribes to the PTB will get their way…cynical? yes…truth? hmmm…change my  mind.

How much cash should you stash? More than you have, would be a start. Some say 6 months to pay mortgage and bills…that would be a lot of cash…at least a thousand, and include some small bills as well.

Consider this: if you have a mortgage on your house/property, and the banks fail,  or economy crashes, you must understand that the banks will not lose their investment. In fact, they look forward to a collapse because that’s how they will own the country, by massive foreclosures on good folks like you and I. How many banks you reckon are in the end owned by the Chinese?

There’s that cynic again.

Since we’re on the topic of failing banks, it is only fitting that California has one of the first of the next round of failures…given Newsome’s eagerness to kill off whitey.



Saturday March 11

We made it back from the wedding unscathed around 10:30 last night. The kid drove her car, and I bought a tank of gas, which was burned up half way by the trip’s end.

As usual, we hit a traffic jam on the way out at I-10…Friday afternoon…spring break…etc..’twas a 45 minute wait to eek through the slow moving traffic to find out that the problem was one of the stoplights had gone into blinking mode, and it was a 4-way stop now…crossing the bridge over the interstate. It was still blinking red when we returned around 10…way to go, TX Highway Dept…so typical…taking our tax money, and going home early.

The ceremony was performed outside. The weather was pretty much perfect. The couple had the guests blow bubbles at their exit from the ceremony. There was a string quartet, that was very nice.

The reception was indoors where they served BBQ brisket and sides.

The venue was secluded out in the boonies, and had several ‘banquet halls’ available. The entire area was Xeriscaped…very nice..plenty of paved sidewalks that were all swept clean. The wife could not wear her heels…no way to get across the caliche parking lot in those. She ended up borrowing a pair from the kid.

A bar was provided, although I did not partake. I must keep my back seat driving skills sharply honed.

Very few skeeters; that’s always a good thing.

We’ll chalk it up to a successful road trip, and are now done for a while with being on the road.

It was an interesting drive through the Texas back country roads…lots of woods out there.

I did not drag out of bed until 12:45 today, and I coulda slept longer.

We’re looking at a high today of 88. It will cool off considerably by week’s end.

Today Is The Day

My pal Gray is marrying off his daughter today, and we’ll be making the trip. I wouldn’t wannabe him today for a gold clock.

As it stands, the three of us will hit the road just before 3:00 to make the trek through San Antonio to Seguin, and try to beat the rush hour nightmare. Hey man, I moved to the country so I wouldn’t have to drive in rush hour traffic.

One of the girls is driving, as I have washed my hands of that chore.

We (I) were concerned about the a/c unit in the front part of the house; whether or not it actually cooled. I tried it during one of the cold snaps, and it would not work except on “emergency heat”, which does not use the heat pump at all.

Anyway, I reset the breaker a while back on the freon line, and by golly it cooled just fine. We may just be able to head off replacing that unit this year. We’d be looking at another total replacement of the blower, which was installed in the attic, then sealed in with the ceiling. Only way to replace it would be to cut a huge hole in the ceiling, and suffer the consequences of finding sheet rock dust in our shoes for six months..

The wife’s car needs attention as I still had not addressed the P051b code. She bought an extended warranty that expires at the end of the month, and wants to get it taken care of before it runs out, so I’ll have that to deal with next week. It’s a crankcase ventilation error. I remember when those things cost like $3 back in the day. This one runs over $110…

Just gotta get through today.

I’ll see you later, Gray Man…we’ll do some shots.


Couldn’t Resist


A little grabass going on..actually, a lot.

Creepy Joe is going to ask Congress for another 2 trillion dollars in increased taxes..


I’m no math wiz, but I fail to see how Creepy Joe can milk the citizenry of this country of 2 trillion dollars in taxes. What happened? did the printing press break?

There isn’t 2 trillion dollars in the entire economy…how the hell do they figure to bleed that out of us in taxes?

Under The Weather

I got hit with another sinus infection that knocked the crap out of me. I am just getting up and around some today.

I doubled my intake of D3 and Zinc. I dragged out my Airborne and Emergen C, and still take my 1000mg Vit C capsules twice a day. Benadryl seems to knock out the symptoms, and I also take Sudafed so I won’t build up a resistance to the Benadryl…lots of sleep seems to help.

Under my worthless Medicare plan, we are to sign up for  a particular physician from a list of locals that accept. I have done so since turning 65 (almost 2 years) and I got a letter from this doctor’s office that said they are “not accepting new patients at this time.”

Also, they said that under my plan, the local hospital is not in that network.

Know what this means? it means that I cannot go anywhere for medical treatment without paying an office visit out of pocket.

I’ll have to go to a plan where I have to pay for my own meds to get out from under this bullshit…

I am much better after a couple of days of rest, vitamins, and drugs.

Wally Worlds Shutting Down In Portland

I would not have thought it possible; Wal-Mart closing in a big city?

Oh, I see. It’s PORTLAND…’Nuff said.

Probably hard to do business when the windows are constantly boarded up because of the BLM riots, and the jackbooted antifa preach their hypocrite propaganda.