What Can I Say? It’s Alan Parsons

Back in the nineties, I had an opportunity to see The Alan Parsons Project in a small theater in downtown Denver. I still kick myself for passing it up.
San Antonio’s The Eagle 106.7 does not play any Alan Parsons, and they call themselves a classic rock station. Sheesh.

The Alan Parsons Project is where John Miles got his start… See if you remember any of these

This will be my last post raking San Antonio’s only Classic Rock station over the coals for falling short of their goal.
The station, its owners, and other stations under the control of said owners are rich liberals attempting to rewrite history, and mask the truth. Why? I do not know. But then, who the hell can understand the liberal’s thinking anyway?
All the videos on this page take a very long time to load, especially with a smart phone, and my return to the ranch is inevitable. I will curtail the video uploads sose I can still access my blog out in the boonies.
There are more important things going on that require finger pointing.
I am unable to copy and load youtube videos from my smart phone as the internet is too slow.

Ask And X Will Deliver…If Possible…unlike 106.7 San Antonio so called Classic Rock

A special request from Tony Tsquared
The Atlanta Rhythm Section was one of the only bands that ever got down to way south Texas for a concert in the late seventies. I even had an ARS t-shirt.
When the band arrived and saw the venue at which they were to play, they turned around and left. All tickets were refunded.
Such was the life of rock and rollers in tip o’ Texas back in the day. No big name bands as there was no place big enough to suit them and ticket sales.
Nowadays, everybody shows up down here. ZZ Top, and Aerosmith come every year. X in his silent protest refuses to buy tickets now…except maybe if Floyd came to town.

We don’t hear Molly Hatchet on San Antonio’s The Eagle either…pity.

A Little Classic Rock Trivia

REO Speedwagon attained fame and certainly fortune in the later seventies when they went for the pop rock top forty status. I will not argue with success.
In my opinion, the band went downhill after their lead singer Terry Luttrell left after their first album entitled simply “REO Speedwagon”. This is one of my favorite albums of all time, and sadly the public will never hear it broadcast over the air; especially not at San Antonio’s Lame ASS Classic Rock station, 106.7.
Terry Luttrell went on to record with Starcastle, another band that had only two albums before their demise. His vocals are unmistakeable. He now found Jesus, and works a motorcycle shop in Indiana, I believe.
The first album was only available on vinyl until the past few years. I had three of them.
I give you Terry Luttrell with REO Speedwagon and Starcastle. Don’t be afraid to use your headphones and turn that control clockwise.

Check out the Gary Richrath’s lead solo and the percussion.

Soft Rockers Jam Too…Take A Lesson 106.7 San Antonio

A lesson for San Antonio’s only classic rock station. They play a blurb of Elton John “Hi, this is Elton John”, but they don’t play any of his music.
Elton John, born Reginald Dwight was classically trained on the piano. The classic part didn’t take.

You do want to be a well rounded station, don’t you?

More Education For 106.7 FM San Antonio’s Laughing Stock Rock Station

Carlos Santana was mentored by the late great Tito Puente, who supposedly is the ‘father of salsa’.

This song was actually written by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins

No CCR played on San Antonio’s Classic Rock The Eagle?
I don’t know ’bout the rest of you, but for me, CCR defines classic rock…but that’s just me. What say you?

What’s a classic rock station without Steppenwolf?

You guys at The Eagle gettin’ this? See? Education can be fun.