Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch…

I drove back on Tuesday, the 10th and arrived in town about 12:15. I went to the ATM, post office, and pharmacy.

I got permission to purchase the $200 smoker from Home Depot. Now I just need to drive up and get it.

I was glad to see my friend and yours, Your Crazy Uncle Bubba return to our blog world. It ain’t the same without you, pal.

I am also glad to see that my friend and yours Dr. Jim is very close to getting settled after  moving halfway across the country from souther Cal to northern Colorado. He has done almost exactly what I aspired to do 5 years ago.

I found a really nice place outside of Cody Wyoming; 17 acres, 3000 sq foot main house; 4 br, 3 up one down, 2 bath one up and one down, huge fireplace in the center of house, professional gas stove, log cabin like outside, mostly wood paneling and flooring inside, wrap around porch, metal roof, self-contained bunkhouse with shower, kitchenette, next to 2 car garage with workshop,  attached to loafing shed for horses, 2 water wells, 500 gallon propane tank, and cross fenced for horses, and 5 minutes to Clark Forks river for $350,000.

Even if I had sold every single possession, and was completely out of debt, I could not have afforded it. I talked to my brother, but he had been brainwashed by his wife that moving to the Redoubt was foolish.

Sigh. The world needs dreamers.

The yard guy did not show up Tuesday; I know not why.

The weather had gotten much cooler, as I hit the north wind on the way up. Inside the house was 72 after opening the windows and outside doors. First blast of fall has arrived.

Even 300 miles south, my wife said they had rain and rain, and much cooler temps into the sixties. It won’t last, but it will mean the last of hundred degree temps until next year…mostly, mostly.

We have had lots of rain, according to my neighbor; around 4 more inches since I was gone. The area is very green.

The water troughs were dry, as were the bird feeders. I have not seen any deer as of this writing.

At the pharmacy, I picked up my new bundle of getting older reminders; lancets, test strips, and glucometer for testing my blood sugar. Crap. I suppose I’ll have to  give up drinking too.

There’s always smokin’ fatties I suppose.


I got up today fully intending to go into town and buy that smoker and fill water jugs. I had opened the carport door to let in the still cool north wind, and I saw my neighbor outside, so I went out to meet him.

There went the next hour and a half.

Turns out his house deal fell through. The buyers had an out as they wanted one more walk through. As they approached the property, they have to pass by what is technically called an ‘RV Park’. It’s really nothing more than a bunch of white trash trailer trash. You know the type; plywood added on extra rooms, satellite dishes buried in the yard, an outdoor shed that lists to port heavily, gotta walk through mud to get to the car, no garages or carports, get the picture?

The buyer’s wife cried as they welched on the deal.

My neighbor’s wife was so pissed that she has made inquiries about said RV Park and found out that the owner has not paid property taxes on it for three years. The owner lives there and drives a Cad.

Anyway, after our talk, it was almost noon. I’ll put my trip to town off until tomorrow.

I want to brew a Christmas ale this year; a dark, yet semi-sweet lightly spicy ale that warms the innards. If I do, I need to get my supplies ordered now so I can brew and let it age appropriately. I am really pushing it as it should be fermenting already. I still have brew left from last year, and if it wasn’t bottled in glass, I would be shipping it.


TOT Report Oct 3

Weeeeellllllll so much for my return to the ranch on Wednesday. The question was raised why the hell do we even have it if no one will live there?

All of a sudden, there is a list of shit to do here as long as my arm.

I dug out the fertilizer spreader, and spread a bag of ant poison on the front yard…I ran the sprinkler, and it started to rain…this type of insecticide has to be watered in. Just in time I’d say. When the rains were done, the roaches in the yard ended up dead on my front porch.

I sprayed over the stain on the ceiling from the leaky a/c overflow with some stuff my sister in law passed to my wife for just that reason. Don’t know why the paint is so special, but it worked.

Scratch two things off the list.

It rained here again today, and is 100% forecast for tomorrow as well.

The kid dropped by and talked me into watching season one of Hannibal. I found it interesting. She is due back today for another round.

My neighbor from the ranch called me today and asked basically WTF?

They have had four inches of rain since I left last week. Nice. The yard guy showed up and has been mowing. I hope that mo’fo’ finished cutting up the mesquite trees. I wonder how long he’ll show up without getting paid?

My neighbor has had his house for sale all summer, and now has a contract. Should be final on Monday, as the buyers are paying cash. Some horse ranchers from Oklahoma. That could turn out OK for me since I grew up there.

Maybe I’ll get back in time to see the neighbors leave.


Tip ‘O Tex Report Oct 2

Up at 7:40, and after discovering I had no deodorant, I brushed teeth and went to get inspection.

Lucky me! I was the first one there, and first to get inspection then finding out about the latest mass shooting in Vegas.

The inspector repaired the “collision lamp” as it was not working for a measly $9.50 on top of the $7 State inspection charge. I went straight to the local grocery store which does the license renewals. Sure beats the hell out of standing in line at the county, or waiting for mail in. A few items at the store as well, and back home again.

The wife asked me to bake banana bread…OK, sure no problem. If I was at the ranch, I could make banana bread all day, but here…I had to go back to the store for flour. 75 lbs at the ranch…all we had here was self rising type expired in ’09…I dared not.

Also had to call the a/c guy to fix the damn overflow dripping into the tub. He showed up while I was at the store. He took about 20 minutes in the attic, and charge $92…again.

The rest of Monday was uneventful…hotter than hell here…wish I was shovelling snow in Colorado.

Had a heart to heart with the wife…things are going to change.

Tip ‘O Tex Report Weekend

The wife had what she called an “inservice” training today, so was off by 7 am. She left me with “I’ll be home by 4:30. Join me for a nap?” She does love her weekend naps then promised Mexican food for dinner.

I found myself unable to stagger out of bed at that time, and elected to blow off going to Sam’s. After all; I am not leaving here until Wednesday.

When I did get up, I started recording again while I made and ate breakfast. I emptied ice trays, and made another round.

My neighbor (the renter) ended up pounding fence slats all afternoon. His damn dogs have dug under the fence three times now, and literally tear up my back yard. The last time, I told him I would just call the city dog pound, and have them picked up, and I would sell my house to Mexican cartel drug dealers.

The air conditioning secondary overflow tray began dripping this afternoon. This means that the tray into which the condensation normally drips, clogs, then that tray overflows into the emergency which drips into the tub through the ceiling drain. Funny, it never did that until we dropped 4 grand on the new blower and compressor in  early 2016…never. The installer has been back twice to fix the problem, and charge us both times, and it still is a problem as it now has gotten the ceiling stained with water. They don’t work weekends.

We did have Mexican food from one of the many local places. We elected to go with a botana for two; beef fajitas, envueltos, flautas, tostadas, jalepenos, guacamole, flour and corn tortillas, Spanish rice and refried beans on the side. $35. It fed three of us, and plenty for getting stuffed again Sunday.


We finished watching/recording Game of Thrones while the wife did her lesson plans for next week. Watched The Flight Of The Phoenix (original version).

Still working on lesson plans and grading, we recorded and watched The Magnificent Seven, then finished burning disks for The Borgias. Still a couple episodes that have not yet recorded, and will have to wait.

Tomorrow, one of my tasks will be the purpose of my extended  journey, truck inspection. I also picked up another task, to drop off a package at the Pak n Ship. Sam’s is still on the list as well, but may not choose to spend the $300.

Tip ‘O Tex Report-Friday

I went to a local Pak N Ship to fax the lab work for my wife to her r/a specialist in Irving. This lab work is printed on green paper with black ink. I cannot for the life of me  understand why they do that when more than likely, all these reports are to be faxed, scanned, or copied. Ever try to copy that type of original? You get a very very dark copy that is almost illegible.

The fax was ten pages long, nine of them were on the green paper. The lady stacked them and faxed them, awaiting on the confirmation report. 45 minutes later, still sending, and no report yet.

I called the doctor’s office to see if they were receiving any. Nope.


Even odder was that the equipment used, was sold and serviced by the company I used to work for.

I asked her “did you select background removal when you sent this?”

She looked at me with total perplexity, shaking her head slowly ‘no’, then “what is that?”

I took one of the green originals, opened the lid and placed it on the glass, then selected “original type” then “background removal” and selected its lightest setting, then pushed ‘start’.

Out came a beautiful white copy. So we copied all nine green sheets, yielding nice copies, then resent the fax after cancelling the first one. The confirmation printed in just a couple minutes.

She was overjoyed; especially when I showed her how to copy a driver’s license, flipping it over to get both sides blown up to fit on a single 8 1/2 x 11.

That ordeal took over an hour.

I was commissioned to purchase some blank dvds to burn a bunch of recorded stuff. I would have preferred the Tayio Juden as that one allows me to manually select length of recording. The dvd+r do not, or I am doing something wrong. The dvd+r are only two hours and must be formatted first…the TY do not require formatting, and they are cheaper, but given my time constraints, I bought some at Office Depot.

Next was a trip to the ATM, then to get the oil changed on the Mighty Ranger.

You know, some people are just assholes. I pulled up to the Quick Lube. I have been there many times, and there are  only two guys that work there. One guy does inspections and oil changes, and the other does oil changes and minor repairs.

They were nowhere to be seen when I pulled up. Another guy pulled up beside me blocking the first auto bay. I got out and went inside to the counter, and the other guy got out and went looking for the workers.

As I waited at the counter, one of the workers showed up inside the buy, immediately accosted by said asshole.

The worker came inside where I was and asked “who was here first?”

I answered “I was.”

He smiled and asked what I needed, he took my keys and pulled the truck in while the other guy  moved his car to “next in line”. Heh. 3 more cars pulled up then, and they were booked henceforth.

It came out to less than forty bucks.

I told the guy I would return Monday for inspection.

After that, my work is done.

Off and running, my next task was to fill the empty water jugs. No telling how long they had been sitting empty. 4 5-gallon jugs, and 2 3-gallon jugs. I don’t know how she manages without the large jugs. Next chore, fill ice trays.

Tomorrow, a trip to Sam’s is scheduled where I will fill my tank with premium gasoline which is cheaper than mid grade anywhere else. By the way, the regular gas stations here are twenty cents cheaper than from whence I came.

Anyone ever try Larceny Bourbon? 92 proof. Actually, it’s not bad, and it’s inexpensive…for now.

My next task is fixing my Dell XPS 400. It’s actually a very fast PC (dual core processor, 3.0 Ghz), and over the years, the video slot has degraded so as to prevent a full boot thru the HD. I reloaded Linux today and  went well, it just won’t finish as the video ends up with a zillion squares of digitization.

I will disassemble tomorrow and blow it out, reseat said video card and other boards into their slots. After that, I should have a better idea on what it needs. I hope it ain’t a MB.