Last Day Down Here…for a while

A front blew through and knocked the temps from 80’s into the forties yesterday. The wife had a three day weekend from school.

Today, I took the tax stuff over to the CPA. Man, it’s gonna be rough this year.

The wife is expecting her last paycheck on the 25th of this month. I hate to put the ranch up for sale with our stuff still in it, yet we’re not keeping everything that is still there. I have at least two more loads with the trailer.

Remember those little hand held games when you were little? They had sixteen squares numbered 1-16 with one square missing, and you had to move them around to get them in order? That’s what it’s like at our house when I bring another load. Now we have twenty squares to squish into the space for sixteen. It’ll only get worse. The space remains the same, yet more stuff. sigh. Our living room now has stacks of the stuff I brought down this trip. I noticed my space in the closet is now non-existent. I’m sure that will be a battle to get any part of it back as I move back home.

I changed my mind due to inclement weather this morning, and postponed my drive back to the ranch until tomorrow, the14th. I was loading up the wife’s car, and when I opened the garage door, saw that it was raining. Good enough of an excuse for me not to go in the rain.

I called my doc to reschedule my appt and found out it was on Thursday after all. A lab visit with a follow up next week. That won’t be good news either, and it’s my own fault.

At my wife’s request, I repaired the flickering garage door opener light. I had thought it was a cold solder joint…nope, just bent some copper clips inside the light bulb socket.

Always plan for the worst, and you’ll usually be surprised. At least I got 4 new tubes of solder.

A year ago or so, I bought some 4 ft fluorescent replacement bulbs for the house here. There are four two bulb fixtures in this house which would seemingly justify purchasing a box of 10 bulbs…right?

There is a shop light type fixture above the washer with one bulb burned out. I opened my new case and to my horror, discovered that the bulbs were T8 style. All fixtures in my house are T12. I did not know there was a difference.

I recently discovered at the ranch the the fixtures in the ceiling there are all T8, after purchasing a case of T12s, then having to purchase another case of T8s. I will take the T8s to the ranch, and swap out the one from the house. Also, I have a fixture for HO T5 48″ bulbs left over from the aquarium disaster, for which I recently purchased some 6500K and 3000K bulbs, which are great for indoor plants.

The diameter of the bulbs is what is different, and I’m sure the ballasts differ as well. The T12s being the largest diameter. Just thought I’d pass that on to you.

Still learning.


How Do I…

My brother in law emailed this funny as hell video, but I am unable to copy it. It is an MP4 format. It will not upload as it gives me a “security reasons” error.

Any ideas?

Some entertainment whilst you ponder…

Looks Like I’m Headin’ South…again, but not for good

Another load going to McAllen tomorrow. The sun came out today, and is supposed to warm up to 60, so I got no excuse not to hook up the trailer, back it into the carport, and load it up.

I’m looking at the stuff I have prepared so far, and it won’t be enough to fill said trailer and pickup. I guess I’ll toss in my five gallon buckets of flour sugar and beans/rice. They’re heavy enough not to blow out.

I’m going to haul groceries as well to prepare. It’s difficult to stock two homes and be able to prepare meals in each. The wife has her own diet, but will eat whatever I cook. I am bringing down stuff to make King Ranch Casserole, and the Potato Chowder, both good cold weather foods.

I’ll tell you this about the trip. The drive out of the Texas Hill country ain’t bad, and there’s enough scenery to stay awake. But, once I hit Alice Texas, it gets flat and boring. That last 2 1/2 hours is rough. The worst part is the last 60 miles after passing the checkpoint. There is absolutely nothing south of Falfurrias except scrub mesquite and live oak trees. Ranchland, all flat and sandy.

I always run into one asshole on every trip, whether going up or coming south, that has no clue about cruise control, and stays glued to the left lane.

I heard a comedian once state: every driver gets a dart gun. If you see someone do something wrong while they’re driving, you shoot a dart that sticks on the car. When they get 10 darts, they get a ticket.

Don’t even get me started on how different the local population drives down in south Texas.

I need to stop thinking about all the negatives, and like be positive, dude.

Much Colder Today

With a brisk north wind, it was indeed colder today. I went to Kerrville anyway to get a new element for the water heater, liquor, and groceries. I decided not to get the water jugs filled knowing full well that the guy that works the store is more crippled than I am and no way was he gonna help load up 9 jugs, so I’ll wait until the weather is more favorable.

I shut the breaker off the water heater, and will wait a while before draining it. I hope I got the correct element…so  many to choose from.

I have decided  not to go south on Thursday. The time remaining today would have to involve hooking up the trailer, and backing it into the carport.  Then I would have to load it.

No. Huh uh. There is a still a brisk north wind and I’m not gonna fight the cold being outside. It’ll warm up tomorrow enough to leave either later in the day or Friday.

Rain Today, Bottling Day

100% rain in the forecast for today, 80% tomorrow. That means that elsewhere in the country, other folks have it much worse.

At least the day wasn’t a total waste as I bottled the Irish Red.

I have a hankerin’ to head to town. I need an element for one of the water heaters, as the shower goes cold after about 5 minutes. The biggest problem is draining it. Oh well, what else to do? I’m low on liquor and a quick stop at the grocery store is in order. I also need to refill about 8 5 gallon water jugs. It’s best to get all that stuff done in one trip. Maybe wait until tomorrow and start earlier.

I have been considering starting smoking again.

How many smokers out there? What does a pack of smokes cost you guys? Last time I bought they were $6…more or less for name brand.

The automated system at the CVS has been bugging me to pick up a script. I finally did, and it was a 90 day supply of metroprolol….free.

Both my wife and I prescriptions have taken a drastic cut in recent months. I think the most I paid was $2 for one of the other 90 scripts. Too good to be true? You betcha.

Remember TNSTAAFL?

The monthly health insurance premium went up by nearly $300. Combined with the $350 increase in the mortgage monthly, we’re hurtin’ for certin’ come April. Hopefully we will have the ranch sold by then.

Guess I’ll prep some stuff for Thursday’s load south.