Tuesday March 21

After much worrying about whether or not I could get up early enough to satisfy my need for “get there early, and GTFO”, I managed to get out of the house by 9:40, and returned just after noon.

Looks like the price of eggs has gone down. The growers made their millions, and now have reduced the prices…’twas $4.34 for 1 1/2 dozen xtra large today.

Plenty assortment of meats available…butter was $4.78 per pound..

All in all, a successful trip, although the liquor store was out of my large jug of Carolans Irish Cream. That tragedy will require another trip to make amends. A few years ago, I bought a case of the 1 liter bottles. I was shocked how fast I went through them.

I see Texans are waking up to that asshole Sen John Cornyn. The fence post sittin’, middle of the road, former conservative, now giving head to Democrats, got booed at a rally a few days ago. He’s another Mitch McConnell, no bout adout it…


I can only hope the word gets out, and someone runs against that RINO sombitch come election time.

I certainly did enjoy eating both halves of my Subway foot long, the other half being eaten today. Low carb diets really suck.

Foggy this morning, meaning a harsh warm up is upon us. Highs for the next several days are in the 80s. It’s looking like winter is leaving. dang…10 more days of March..

I got my seed starter trays in, and will start some seeds indoors this year; at least for the tomatoes and peppers. I still have a lot work to do out in the garden, pulling up last year’s failed crops, and trying to clean up the rest. Need to order more 1015 onion sets too.

Getting up early for me means nap time at 4. If’n I sleep until noon, I usually forego the afternoon nap…seems fair.


Anyone else?

I don’t know about you, but is anyone out there tired of hearing about “black history month?” I think it’s been over for a month, but the local public radio will not let it go.
I don’t need a constant reminder. There are plenty with pictures of Portland, Minneapolis, and Chicago.

Today, I got up early and took the wife’s car into the shop to have that gizmo replaced. I was worried that I would not get up in time, so I was going to set my alarm on the phone, but it was buried deep in the “settings” somewhere so I set the kitchen timer at 4 hours and 30 minutes, getting to bed at 4:00 am. That would get me up no later than 8:30…however, once again, I did not sleep. Perhaps tiny naps, but I swear I was up almost constantly watching the clock.

I finally got out of bed at 7:30, and that was all she wrote. 40 degrees when I got up, and moseyed around until I left around 8:40.

They were ready for me, and I settled down in front of the TV. At least I wasn’t bored near death with HGTV…instead, today they had ESPN selected with some clowns talking about NFL and March Madness…

$310 later, I drove away, heading to the gas station, grocery store, and ATM. I ended up getting a Subway while I was at the grocery store, getting some beef and taters. I figured we’d have chowder tonight, given it was gonna be cold still for a little bit. I bought the foot long Subway club, then made an ATM run across the street. Then home, where the wife was up.

She had gone to bed very early (9:00) the night before to try and catch up. At this point (1:00) she has returned to bed. I will likely grab a napcito as well today.

I baked some taters for later, and put away the two rib eyes and chuck roast in my food Saver, and then the freezer.

Looks like tomorrow will be my store trip to the big city as well…yeah, I keep saying that. At least I made it to the ATM to beef up my cash stash.

And The Witch-hunt Continues

Justice for me, but not for thee


PRESIDENT BILL CLINTON Paid Paula Jones $850,000 To Shut Up About Sexual Harassment Charges While He Was In Middle Of Impeachment Hearings For Affair With 19-Yr-Old Intern…Why Was He Never Arrested?

Unless someone with balls and clout calls out the hypocrisy of the Democrats, and kills George Soros, this bullshit cowardly practice will continue.

If they get Trump, you and I will be next.

Saturday March 18

Cold front arrived with rotsa rain last night and still drizzling this afternoon. Temps in upper 40s, and will likely stay around there through tomorrow.

Meanwhile, other things just don’t change…


Just tell Swillary that Stormy Daniels has the dirt on her…end of discussion.

This just may be the catalyst for said revolution…MAY be…

I dug out my three rib eye caps, that I had removed from said rib eye roasts last year, and made chili and guisada yesterday, with some corn bread. All was good, even the kid liked the chili. All in all, there was just under 3 pounds of beef, that I thawed, seared  to black in the cast iron, and cut into bite sized chunks for the two dishes.

I just had a guisada, bean, and cheese taco…delicious.

Friday March 17

image from Eat Gruel Dog

Where I lived in the RGV, the city was completely blocked in by other smaller towns that had annexed land. Now the city is boxed in, and their only solution to the ever growing traffic problem is just put up another stoplight…idiots on the city council have no vision whatsoever.

Now the dems are starting to realize the possibility of banks collapsing, so they want to keep folks like me from warning you about possible closings, to avoid bank runs. Impossible to do and furthermore, it’s unfuckingbelieveable…get your ass to an ATM and take what’s yours before they do…

And, a thank you to Odie…

Here is our permission slip

But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.

Revolution on the way..If it’s in the Declaration of Independence, then it cannot be illegal.

Thursday March 16

Well, not to be outdone,  Kommiefornia is going to ban gas water heaters and furnaces; specifically, San Francisco; home of the Golden Gate Bridge to a world of shit.


Bay Area regulators voted Wednesday to adopt rules to phase out the sale and installation of natural-gas furnaces and water heaters over the next eight years, one of the most ambitious plans in the country to replace gas appliances with electric alternatives.

The new policy does not affect gas stoves, but follows a 2020 decision by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors to ban the installation of natural gas lines in new buildings. It also comes just weeks after a controversy over a proposal by the Biden administration to consider banning the sale of new gas stoves.

Liberalism is a disease, that spreads quickly. Here’s more from Kommiefornia

Pushback: Legal and public pressure forces California college to cancel plans to fire employees for not getting jab

With all the controversy now with vaxxed people dropping dead, it seems to me that forced vaccination is tantamount to murder…but that’s just me…

Food for thought…

Some uplifting news

So, if looking at boobs for 10 minutes is good, then 60 minutes must be better!

Cool front moving through today and this evening. Much cooler temps through the weekend after a high today of 82.


Wednesday March 15

Today’s topic: when banks collapse

Oh…here’s one..


It’s looking like if you’re really rich, you don’t have to worry about losing your money in a failed bank…


Yes, it’s true. The Creepy Joe administration wants to control as many aspects of your and my life as possible.

They cannot pass legal legislation through the normal channels; i.e., Congress so they have Creepy Joe sign Executive Orders to create gun control legislation, and he signs it with his favorite Crayon.

They have already gotten access to flag every transaction you and I make over $600.

Now the banks are beginning to collapse.

If you didn’t already know, banks collapse and are bought and sold every day in this country. Once in a while, one dies before it’s bailed out, and likely because of poor management.

Did you know that Swillary and Comrade Obamski are on the board of SVB? Not that either of them are financial geniuses, but being on the board gets one “special favors” when necessary…like getting bailed out then the bank is overextended…

Banking is serious business, and Democrats are not smart enough to be in charge…for that matter, they shouldn’t be in charge of anything more than washing dishes, or cleaning toilets…certainly not in charge of a country.

Several years ago, I had an app on my office computer that kept daily track of any and all banks that failed. There were several…every single day. Usually, some tiny bank in hicktown Nebraska, but still…when a large bank absorbs a smaller one, the larger one absorbs the debt too, and that’s what can drag a bank into the maelstrom of failure.

Get to your bank and get some cash out now.

Get to the store, and pick up and extra round of meals…just in case.

We are in for some much cooler weather. Yes, yes I always say “winter is still here” and by golly, it’s letting us know. Thunderstorms tomorrow as the front rolls through, and temps over the weekend will stay in the 40s…and no, I did not get to the store today either.

By the way, the idiot dems ARE going after gas stoves too.



There can be but one solution: