Facebook Is Not Your Friend And Other Current Horrors

I found this at Remus’s Woodpile Report


Facebook got dangled in front of the American public as a titillating idea. Many flocked to it, many use it on a daily basis to announce their daily accomplishments, activities, family photos, and more.

It was genius. Zuckerberg and pals started it as a college thing and now it is the biggest information gatherer for the US government since Google. FB is worth billions, as is Google for its value in advertising and to the feds.

Facebook is the feds number one method of gathering information on citizens and the citizens beg to be seen and heard.

Oh, by the way, Google is not your friend either.

The feds blackmailed Bill Gates too. Anyone recall a few years ago when the feds took ol’ Bill to court for anti-trust violations, and then….nothing?

Windows 10 is not your friend. It is the friend of the feds, however.

Also from the Woodpile Report


What’s going to happen in the election if something happens to Swillary?


Is there something wrong with her or has her body finally revolted and can no longer tolerate the spew of vomit and lies?

Will Obamski cancel the election and crown himself king?

DHS has recently declared (no doubt the white house has something to do with this) that the national election is critically important to the infrastructure of the country, so they will take charge. Also from Woodpile Report


Just give the fox the key to the henhouse why doncha?