So What’s Goin’ On?

The new year arrived quieter than being in the city. Sure country folk shoot fireworks too, but expended ordnance doesn’t land on my roof.
It’s been unseasonably warm here with temps in the seventies, which will change by the weekend.
Wife went back yesterday, and does not return to the classroom until next week. She did manage to schedule a colonoscopy for herself on the 23 to address a problem she has been having. The last time she had it scheduled, she…you don’t want to know. I shall have to drive south to accompany her.
I have had more plumbing problems here. The kitchen faucet began leaking, and required replacement.
Well lemme tell you this: the leaking refused to be uninstalled, and for the life of me, I could not remove the nut that held the faucet to sink.
It seemed simple enough; one nut screwed onto a pipe, to which the sprayer was attached, just needed to be removed so as pull the faucet off the top.
At first, I was able to get a small crescent onto the nut, and turn it about an eighth of a turn, fighting for room with the general small space behind the sink bowls. Keep in mind that the space under the sink is not designed for a 270 lb 6 foot tall guy lying on his side. Then I figgered I could disassemble the faucet from the topside. That would work wouldn’t it?
FUCK no. There were more parts in that faucet than a 747 turbine.
Still not enough.
Back under I go with hammer and chisel. I chiseled about half the nut off before I realized I had missed the chisel so many times, my hand was now bleeding.
All right. That’s it.
Back under with the vice grips, with which I finally broke the damn spacer. The nut is still attached, however, but it came off.
Installation went much better.
Am I done?
Hell no.
All that thumping around under there, I musta bumped the trap as it began to leak.
At least I have running water now. It just a new compression washer.
Am I done now?
The water heater in the spare bathroom keeps popping the thermal breaker, so I bought a new element.
The guy at HD tried to sell me an element wrench, and I scoffed saying I would use my trusty crescent.
My 12 inch was too small, so I drug out the 15 incher.
Funny, the $7.87 for the element wrench doesn’t seem so ridiculous now.
The unit is not leaking, nor did the thermal breaker pop and the water is hot, so we’re calling the plumbing issues fixed (knock on wood).
It was such a nice day out, I shoulda been working outside on the chipper. S’posed to get colder as the week progresses.
No internet yet outside of the phones, and few options.
Am looking forward to purchasing a large tiller.
Will update.