Wednesday March 29

The reason why the footage of the “supposed” Nashville school shooting appeared so quickly is because….

a. the whole thing was staged

just a guess.

fags and trannies don’t have manifestos…they likely cannot even define the term (not a transmission).

I thought it odd that there was absolutely NO ONE else in the school in this little video.

And here’s a good one…Swillary is going to teach a class at Columbia U…on foreign policy…oughta be a quick one. After all, how long does it take to say

last one on the chopper is a rotten egg!


Clinton will teach foreign policy ‘decision-making’ course at Columbia

Shit just ain’t gettin’ better, is it?

The stinking democrats continue to stage these shootings to get the public behind their idiotic gun control ideas, that don’t work.

Alex Jones had it right, but got sued because he was right and hurt some people’s widdo feelings.

I cannot believe there are 81 million idiots in this country, but they did vote this asshole into office, and he does not disappoint. Every day, Creepy Joe finds new ways to fit both feet into his mouth.

Sadly, he is too far gone to understand it.

High today in the low 70s, and next week we’ll see 90s.

great great great great great great…

Guess we need to move further north.

Tuesday March 28

Of course, the big news is the Nashville church school shooting.

At this point in time, no one seems to be sure if the shooter was a boy or girl, a girl wanting to be a boy, or a boy wanting to be a girl, if he/she/it was mad at one of the church school teachers, had stepped on gum and was angry at any/all children, or what the hell no one knows shit. there is a video out now, and why so soon is beyond me…could be staged…nah..

Creepy Joe made jokes before the presser concerning the shooting…specifically jokes about his hardon for ice cream..

Creepy Joe…a disgrace…waving the pedo flag…a man without balls…worthless as tits on a boar…

NPR begins 10% layoffs of workers due to over budgeting and less sponsors (commercials).

NPR Lays Off 10% Of Workforce As MSM Rendered Obsolete By Destroying Their Own Credibility

It hasn’t stopped the local station from holding their hands out this week. They call it their “Spring Membership Drive”. They’re only asking for $250,000 this round as opposed to $800,000 last fall. Wanna cut back on costs?

Eliminate half your damned staff! You idiots! You’re doing something wrong if you are broadcasting commercials, and still falling short!!!!

They are asking memberships for those who will donate $1 a day…snicker..yeah right.

Remember those temps in the 80 degree range we had? long gone today..59° right now with rain on the way. We ain’t complainin’.

Very soon I fear, I’ll be forced to be working outside; every day.

As it turns out, I am going to have to stick with my Medicare Advantage plan…why? because of the diabetes. It’s called “chronic health problem” meaning my monthly meds puts me in another category. If I switched to another plan, my out of pocket costs for meds and office visits would “increase substantially”.

Turning 65, and going on Medicare was likely the biggest nightmare of my life…take heed.

Monday March 27

I see the shit is getting serious at Family Dollar

I garantee if someone knocked my glasses off, I’d be emptying my magazine too….because I can no longer see, and it’s down to “spray and pray”.

John Kerry has got to be the biggest busybody in the history of democrat hypocrisy…

Not only is he a liar and a hypocrite, he’s a liar…and a hypocrite…may his next plane ride end up in a fireball on the side of a mountain…no wait, disappeared over the Atlantic, never to be recovered…yeah, that works.

I see John Fetterman (mini me on the neck) is still in the hospital. Way to go, John. You figured out a way around the system.

Get elected to public office with the “Golden Parachute” medical plan, and you never have to work. The taxpayers pay your hospital bills, and if you’re feeling sad, they’ll cheer you up!

I just don’t understand why Trump would throw a weiner at Ron DeSantis.

Donald Trump has bigger fish to fry, meaning how the hell is he gonna beat the Democrat’s rigging the next election? Stop worrying about the people on YOUR side Donald, and fight the real fight, or you’ll never win again.

Yes, now you too can have your cheeseburger fix “fixed” in Arlington TX at the Ranger Stadium for only $34.99

The Boomstick Burger is the biggest and most expensive new item of the six new concessions...

More 2 ft delights here

Did I ever tell you that Fauxchantas is a dead ringer for SIL?

Yep, complete with dumb looks and insanity.

When will the Democrats realize that everyone they elect is corrupt? and they sit and cheer…

And now this

KJP Following Nashville School Shooting: ‘How Many Children Have to be Murdered Before Republicans in Congress Pass the Assault Weapons Ban’ (VIDEO)

typical of the liberal assed media, the actual type of guns was not specified…fuckin’ media gotta sensationalize everything to get a story.


It’s Time To Stand Up And Say NFW!

Just when you thought that the Creepy Joe minions couldn’t think up any more stupid shit, now they’re talking of banning air conditioners…it’s only fitting that this begins in Boulder Colorado: 25 square miles surrounded by reality…sounds more like a mini Kommiefornia to me.

I guarandamntee you that Congress will have their a/c running this and every summer to come.

I will further be damned if the feds take away our a/c, if he cannot/will not keep the goddam Russians away from our remote bases.

This woman is a potential dictator. Gretchen Whitmer, governor of Michigan was caught red handed in a conspiracy with the FBI on her kidnapping. Someone however, spilled the beans and now everyone just shrugs and says “huh?”

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has signed a bill to repeal right-to-work legislation.

Michigan is the first state to repeal right-to-work laws and restore collective bargaining rights since 1958. Signed Friday, the legislation requires private sector employees to join a workplace union or face termination.

Holy crap Michigan? how do you folks allow her to live? Looks like she needs some powder on  her nose too…

Gretchen Whitmer,,,the ass end of the political spectrum..

Manhattan DA Bragg received some interesting mail…

Likely just cocaine…or so Bragg wishes.

And nobody’s friend, Mitch McConnell was released from outpatient care after suffering a broken rib and concussion..

Likely, we will not know any difference as McConnell was already so discombobulated that he don’t know what day it is either; usually.

Swillary fined by Federal Election Commission…good luck collecting that fine..unable to embed the link..

The wife noticed a turkey vulture landing on top of the house; not an everyday occurrence, but rare. Further investigation on my part revealed a dead deer in the little woody thicket next to the street. I used my Red Ryder BB gun to annoy the vultures that were brave enough to sit within range.

Of course, the Red Ryder is harmless aside from a tiny ‘sting’, but usually shoos them away; as it does for many animals: MANY.

The kid was excited as one of her 6 kittycats had more kitties last night…too MANY…

Saturday March 25

Yeah, I missed yesterday. Seems I got caught up in some chores, and the coolest part of the day is before 3 pm, I like to get that stuff done before it heats up. Even 85 ain’t that bad, but one at times needs some “conditioning”.

I like using Bio Biz lite soil for potting (mixed with other potting soil and peat moss); especially for starting from seeds. I started around 100 seeds in starter trays; jalepeño, green peppers, some Hatch chiles, many tomatoes including San Marzano, Beefsteak, and Roma, serrano peppers.

We got the wife’s rosebush re-potted, and she liked it so much that now she wants another.

The discussion about the gate came up again, and now I am committed, and likely will have to install two gates on/around the patio to keep out the deer. I’ll need some 3/4″ rebar for the makeshift gate, and will have to drive up in the pickup and get those myself…along with some more cinder blocks to make more shelves on the patio for even more plants.

I found a live spider in my bathroom. I have it  in my head that since spiders and scorpions are both arachnids, time to fog that back bedroom, and spray outside. I even had a dream about tiny scorpions getting inside..rather unnerving. It’s time.

Instead of blogging, I should be out in the garden pulling up old plants and weeds and preparing for planting.

Onion sets will need to be ordered as well. I found some green onion seeds that I could like just grow in a container on the patio.

Round 1 of scorpion spraying is done. My exclusive scorpion Hudson sprayer crapped out, so I finished spraying with the sterilant sprayer. I sure do have some rotten luck with the damned sprayers; either the nozzle gets so clogged that it will no longer work, or the gasket seal leaks; pick one.

I finished my Lambda star scorpion poison too and made two rounds around the house. I have been known to spray the interior perimeter too…still could, I guess..we’ll see how my energy holds up.

The wife picked up a concrete scraper for the patio weeds. I actually saw her scrape up a couple of weeds! I should taken a picture.

Looks like I’ll need a new sprayer.

I saw an article in the local paper whilst waiting for the car repair about a subdivision not far from here whose wells had run dry. That means that the water level in the aquifer has dropped below their well pumps. One can always have the well digger come back and dig another 50 feet, but they ain’t cheap.

The article further said there were I forget how many millions of people just in this county, and would double in 10 years…meaning that no one is safe from running out of water in the not too distant future.

Too many yuppie mo fos here with swimming pools, and huge sprinkler systems to keep their lawns green…huh? ya don’t water the grass here unless it’s alfalfa…

And it started out a nice day…


Thursday March 24

Windy today with a high in the 80s. It’s still very cloudy.

The cube steak for dinner was a huge success last night…and it usually is. Tonight will have the chicken strips.

Looks like another cowardly Democrat is showing that strip of yeller down his back…I mean that sombitch Bragg in the Manhattan DA office…backed down when got face to face with the “big boys”.

Bragg Hit the Brakes – Manhattan Grand Jury Told to Take Day Off, Delaying Any Indictment of President Trump

Bragg’s political posturing has gotten him a public bitch slappin’…

The Secret Service has indicated they will not allow the former president to be handcuffed, which was Bragg’s ultimate goal…how ’bout a nice kick in the nuts, DA Bragg? You’re right where you belong, smack dab in the  middle of all that Democrat corruption in the 2nd most corrupt city in America.

And I see David Drake has dropped off the face of the planet once again…I cannot keep blaming the Chinese for this, Dave.

Remember Kim Gardner? the St Louis DA that illegally went after those two lawyers that defended their home with firearms to keep back the knee grow incursion onto their property? another bitch slappin’ for a George Soros backed District attorney. Maybe it’s a trend.

Soros Owned DA Kim Gardner Found GUILTY on 141 Counts!

George Soros needs a major ass kicking.

With spring right around the corner here now, the Texas wildflower season will soon be in full swing. The verbenas are already blooming, and in some places the famed bluebonnets are blooming as well. I found a supplier for a bulk bag of bluebonnets, and they arrived today. Oddly, this supplier was in Vermont.

As you may or may not know, Texas bluebonnets won’t just grow anywhere, so I found it strange that these came from Vermont, when there is a bluebonnet farm not fifty miles from here outside of Fredericksburg. Oh well.

Soon, I will scatter those out front in the ditch, where they will sit dormant until next spring. I got a quarter pound of them so if all bloom next year, we’ll have a nice landscaped front ditch. And those will proliferate as well.

They also sent a 10,000 seed packet of assorted “deer resistant” seeds..not necessarily wildflower seeds, but rather poppies, 4’o clocks, coreopsis, and several others.

Looks like the wife has a chore for me so I’m outa here..

Wednesday March 22

Another nearly sleepless night. Up at 8:00, and off to the races.

Today, I potted some plants for the wife, that she attempted yesterday. She was unable to separate the pots from the plants while I napped yesterday, so I potted them this morning. An elephant ear, a split ear philodendron, and a bougainvillea.

Yes, all are tropical, and will die an instant death if one even speaks the word “freeze” in front of any of them, yet we have them now. Oh by the way, deer love ’em too. So we’re up at the plate with two strikes already. At least they’re done, and will give me some points for today.

I did the vacuum seal trick on some ground beef and boneless chicken breasts I got yesterday. Tonight will be cube steak with smashed taters. Tomorrow will have chicken strips marinated in buttermilk.

It’s funny, whenever I return from the store, the possibilities for meals improve exponentially.

I also made bean with bacon tacos, and some guisada and potato tacos for later..

So while the banks are collapsing, and the Feds are bailing them out, to distract us is the Manhattan DA Bragg trying to concoct enough evidence to arrest Donald Trump. I see that Congress has called that asshole to testify, and the dems are all crying about it.

Then there’s this

And way up high on X’s hit list are

Up so early today with chores done that today’s post will be early as well.

Cloudy with a high of 82 forecast. It’s supposed to clear out late this afternoon.

Hopefully, I can stay out of trouble before the wife gets up. After that, all bets are off.