Back Home Again

My wife fell at school on Tuesday. She tends to avoid full disclosure, so I made a trip south for moral support and to satisfy my curiosity of her well being.
Apparently, she tripped on a protruding nail on a ramp going into her portable building. Carrying several milk crates full of file folders probably kept her from severe damage as they all broke her fall. Scraped knees, bruises here and there, and a scraped forehead made her look like a victim of domestic abuse.
She has not yet received her meds for the R/A and is now starting to get some joint inflammation.
My desk at home was covered with mail…waiting just for me. As it turns out, for some reason that has not been explained to me, the mortgage company did not pay the tax bill to the county or the city, and I now have two delinquent notices; one from each entity.
The mortgage company seemed eager to fix the problem, as it has already cost them some penalties. I must make sure that they do not pay the penalties out of my escrow account. If they don’t get the taxes paid by Tuesday, they will be in line for another set of penalties.
One of my tasks on Friday will be to fax the late notices to the mortgage company…Di-Tech. Stay away from these guys.
The ranch will be on hold whilst I take care of matters here.
The wife purchased a new vehicle in December (not what I would have done). It has a satellite radio as standard with a cute little antenna on the rear of the roof. It gives the car a higher profile, and tends to get bent backwards as she backs out of the garage. As it turns out, one of the pulleys on the bottom of the garage door was destroyed, not allowing the door to open completely. The pulley is a bitch to replace (I had done it before), and even though she had not admitted, I know she backed into the garage door with it closed, putting a sizeable dent in the bottom section of said door, and damaging the pulley.
To repair it, finesse and skill was required to repair it. I had replaced the torsion springs several years ago, and still had the rods that are used to wind up the springs.
It took about 45 minutes to fix, and the antenna no longer gets bent on the garage door.
Next project was to fill the water jugs, as I had taken twelve of them to the ranch, leaving 5 behind. The caps get damaged after a while from removing and replacing so new ones were required. I drove to a place in San Juan to buy some new ones, and the business had closed/sold. The new owners did not sell r/o water any more, but all equipment was still there, including a giant bag of lids which numbered into the hundreds. They gave them to me, and I gave them five bucks. Looks like I can sell them on Ebay.
I was forced to fill the jugs at the Windmill, which was OK. I got the tax documents faxed off to the mortgage company. Will have to keep an eye on them.
I dug around the fridge/freezer and found a 3 1/2 lb chunk of pork, so I made carnitas. Not bad. My first attempt.
Meds update:
The insurance company agreed to pay for her Enbrel (sp?) but cannot find a pharmaceutical company what will ship it to her…yet. The Enbrel costs about a grand per injection; once a week. The copay will be small.
Meanwhile, while she waits for the meds, her doc tripled her prednisone. Not good.
The swimming pool is a vile, dark green, habitat for crap growing on top. I cannot even see the bottom it is so filthy.
My original plan was to return Sunday to the ranch. I think I will put my return off a couple of days.
My brother in law is a computer whiz. He got a job last summer working for a company that is subcontracting for the University of Arlington.
The company changed hands and he has to go through another screening process. He asked me to confirm with his employer that I have seen his driver’s license…I haven’t. There’s something fishy about his past as I have heard that he got involved with some druggies in Florida, and changed his name back in the seventies before he married my wife’s sister. I’m not sure it the “name change” was done through courts or just himself.
He was a pilot for many years and smuggled electronics into Mexico back in the ’80s. After that he supposedly worked for American Airlines in the IT department.
I don’t really like him that much to commit felony fraud…he falls short of many of my expectations.
I asked him if I could actually see his license. I guess he thought I was joking…

About My Extended Stay in Ft Worth…

Even though all the test results will not be in for as many as two weeks, the pulmonary specialist said “shame on the information about ILD on the web.”
He indicated that her cat scan showed ‘inflammation’ instead of ‘infection’ which is night and day for the prognosis.
They did the biopsy and it was done through the nasal passages down the bronchial tubes. I did not know they could do that. It was an outpatient procedure done yesterday, and she slept most of the rest of the day after we got back to the in-laws around 1:30…actually, we both slept the rest of the afternoon.
The pathology lab results will be back Monday, at which time the pulmonary doc will let the rhumatologist know, and she will then decide on treatment for her RA, which is the cause of all this.
We will likely be heading south on Wednesday to the ranch.
This is great news for us, as things looked pretty dismal last week as you well know.
In my appreciation to my sister in law for letting us stay with them, I have been cooking breakfasts and dinners; breakfast tacos, pot roast, braised sirloin with noodles, enchiladas with Spanish rice and refries, and tonight is lasagne. Maybe tomorrow will be chicken parmigiana with fettuccine Alfredo. after that, need to restock.
My brother in law is a movie fanatic. He has a 10ft HD projection TV with a full blown sound system. He downloads movies off the web, and has no less than 4TB of movies stored. We went to see “A Dog’s Purpose” at the theater earlier this week. Those of you dog lovers out there will really appreciate it.
We bought a GPS of the Garmin variety for travel around the big metro. It has made a huge difference for a couple of small town country bumpkins.
We are obviously relieved that her prognosis is not death in two years, as previously believed.
Again, thanks to you readers for your prayers and thoughts.

‘Nuther Update

This is another hard one to write.
My wife was diagnosed with ILD this past week.
We are traveling to Ft. Worth tomorrow to see a lung specialist. The prognosis is not good.
Things were going so well too.
I got my rototiller in and have been tilling two trailer loads of horseshit into the corn field.
I bought a Cub Cadet RT-65 after some research. Works great.
I got the chipper fixed. After the valve job, I cleaned the carb again and found a clogged pickup.
Ordered a bunch of onion and potato sets and flower bulbs for the wife.
We’ll probably have to sell the ranch, as she will likely have to resign her position.
Will update.


Plumbing repairs are all holding…good.
Had to do some last minute checking on exposed water lines, as we are expecting snow tomorrow with temps likely to keep me indoors a couple days.
I rebuilt the carb on my chipper today as well. Still won’t start. Will run briefly if I prime it. Probably needs a valve job. Must get more tools.
Checked the air filter on my riding mower; remember the one I replaced the engine in June? That sombitch collapsed. I ordered three today, and commandeered the keys. That’s my project for next week.
I found a whole case of Castrol 10W-40 oil in the shed. What can I do with that?
Special congrats to Dr jim soon to be Grampa jim!

So What’s Goin’ On?

The new year arrived quieter than being in the city. Sure country folk shoot fireworks too, but expended ordnance doesn’t land on my roof.
It’s been unseasonably warm here with temps in the seventies, which will change by the weekend.
Wife went back yesterday, and does not return to the classroom until next week. She did manage to schedule a colonoscopy for herself on the 23 to address a problem she has been having. The last time she had it scheduled, she…you don’t want to know. I shall have to drive south to accompany her.
I have had more plumbing problems here. The kitchen faucet began leaking, and required replacement.
Well lemme tell you this: the leaking refused to be uninstalled, and for the life of me, I could not remove the nut that held the faucet to sink.
It seemed simple enough; one nut screwed onto a pipe, to which the sprayer was attached, just needed to be removed so as pull the faucet off the top.
At first, I was able to get a small crescent onto the nut, and turn it about an eighth of a turn, fighting for room with the general small space behind the sink bowls. Keep in mind that the space under the sink is not designed for a 270 lb 6 foot tall guy lying on his side. Then I figgered I could disassemble the faucet from the topside. That would work wouldn’t it?
FUCK no. There were more parts in that faucet than a 747 turbine.
Still not enough.
Back under I go with hammer and chisel. I chiseled about half the nut off before I realized I had missed the chisel so many times, my hand was now bleeding.
All right. That’s it.
Back under with the vice grips, with which I finally broke the damn spacer. The nut is still attached, however, but it came off.
Installation went much better.
Am I done?
Hell no.
All that thumping around under there, I musta bumped the trap as it began to leak.
At least I have running water now. It just a new compression washer.
Am I done now?
The water heater in the spare bathroom keeps popping the thermal breaker, so I bought a new element.
The guy at HD tried to sell me an element wrench, and I scoffed saying I would use my trusty crescent.
My 12 inch was too small, so I drug out the 15 incher.
Funny, the $7.87 for the element wrench doesn’t seem so ridiculous now.
The unit is not leaking, nor did the thermal breaker pop and the water is hot, so we’re calling the plumbing issues fixed (knock on wood).
It was such a nice day out, I shoulda been working outside on the chipper. S’posed to get colder as the week progresses.
No internet yet outside of the phones, and few options.
Am looking forward to purchasing a large tiller.
Will update.