Internet Slowdown

X was informed earlier today that he has reached his capacity for the download amount this month and will be subsequently penalized by a horrific slowdown until the cycle restarts on the 16th, or unless he upgrades to a more expensive plan.

Well sheeut. I think that since I won’t be here much longer, I refuse to pay more for the same crappy service. I only ran out because of in increased You Tube viewing recently.

So be it.


Something Is Wrong When…

This guy plead guilty for criminal mischief for leaving bacon in a mosque, and got fifteen years in prison and fifteen years probation after

This knee grow bitch got 4 years probation for beating and torturing a retarded white guy

I found these over at the Woodpile Report.

Tell  me again about this thing called white privilege.

Phil has a great idea for punishment of these off color ruffians…

Project Day Three

Today I got my boy’s package mailed from the local post office. They kinda assured me it would be there by Friday. I have seen that little post office with the line going out the door. I was lucky though, they had two clerks today…in anticipation of the ‘rush’, I suppose.

I volunteered to help my neighbor move in some new appliances to  his new place. I haven’t heard from him yet…Maybe he forgot.

I am going to move the old water heater out to the trash can tonight along with some extra bags of ‘recyclable materials’ my pop saved up for me. He made some wire baskets supposedly for plastic  bottles, cans, and glass so some poor slob can haul them to the local recyclery. The problem was that when they were full, my pop just put the recyclables in the trash. So what’s the point? I asked him…he just shrugged and went back to sleep.

So, they are still there. In an attempt to clean up the place, I will collect all those and put those out with the trash as well.

I am considering burning all the scrap lumber. There’s a lot of it.

I did manage to get the water heater out to the street, and one huge trash bag full of plastic. I still have a wire basket full of aluminium cans to get done.

Project Day Two

On this day, I began packing up the China into milk crates. Not too  much of it, but one thing leads to another, and I will end up packing up more than planned.

I also  managed to get in some baking time.

My youngest son in the Air Force is transferring to another base outside of Tuscon AZ, and requested some homemade cookies and caramels. He has passed stage one off his training and  got promoted to Airman First Class. His A10 training will continue with real aircraft now for another three weeks, and then will move to yet another base outside of Kansas City early next year.

So I made his caramels (I have not made his cookies yet) as I am waiting for him to send me his new address. The caramels still need to be cut and wrapped.

In addition to the caramels, I made Cherry Coffee Cake from a recipe I found in our monthly Texas Coop Power magazine.

And, a double batch of X’s favorite banana bread.

After all that, I was dead.

So, my wife overslept last Friday morning, and was late to school; like two hours. Her supervisor was not pleased.

She texted me today saying that she was late again, and again in the doghouse. She seems to think she’s immune from prosecution. I am starting to think the school is fed up.

I think I may pack some more stuff up, and work on fixing the wood chipper today. We may have to leave sooner it this keeps up.

I ended up packing all her China into the milk crates. I got interrupted when I squished my way into the bathroom. Another plumbing lesson coming up I fear. (see below)