State Inspection Due

My truck is due for inspection this month. The inspectors do not do inspections while it is raining, nor if the streets are wet. It’s pretty handy to have the mail in kind of license sticker service, but one now has to get an inspection first. One has to show proof of insurance at time of the inspection as part of the new procedure.

The cost is around $14 dollars for the inspection, and that goes to the state. If anything is wrong with the vehicle; cracked windshield in the wrong place, check engine light on, worn tire(s), burned out lights, the station can provide the parts for a nominal fee. If they cannot, they will still charge you for the inspection, and you must get the problem fixed and return. They won’t charge you again for the repeat.

In the old days in the seventies, they used to charge me an extra $2 for “adjusting the headlights”….every year. That was at a place called “White’s Auto” franchise. They are now gone.

These days, I think the inspection stations are not nearly as bad at screwing folks, as the stations can now get audited by the state, and lose their inspection license. A good revenue draw for stations, as a lot of folks go ahead and get their oil changed while it’s in the shop.

So, I get the inspection, they give me a printout with a code on it, I log into the state website and provide the code, and they mail me a new license sticker. Of course, the sticker price is a whole ‘nuther ball game. My truck costs around $80 a year.

I’m tellin’ ya, they get you every way they can.

The sticker now goes inside the windshield, as opposed to the old days when a smaller sticker was attached on the rear license plate corner. Sneaky folks, aka thieves, would cut the corner of the plate off to get your sticker. It happened to me, and I had to purchase new plates. I went to the county, told them my sad story, and they just shrugged and said “$75 please”…cold bastards.

If you get your windshield replaced in the interim period of your sticker, they cut out a hunk of glass from your old windshield, and let it slide around on your dashboard until the next inspection.

Don’t know about you, but every time I replace the windshield on my truck, it’s only a month or two before I get a new ding. New windshields attract passing gravel trucks like ugly on apes.

Also, an expired sticker is an invitation for any old cop to pull your ass over…been there. I carry a rather large fixed blade knife with a window buster in my toolbox behind the front seat, and would probably be construed as a concealed weapon.

The forecast tomorrow is another front moving through, bringing with it lower temps and more rain. I’d like to get the inspection and early voting during the same run into town…and then there is the grocery run, but that’s a different town.

The wife’s car is due for inspection next month, and the whole process starts again.

The Holiday Ale is still fermenting; albeit very slowly. This tells us that there are still dissolved sugars in the beer. If we bottled at this time  normally, we run an extreme risk of having our beer overcarbonate…overcarbonate bad.



After another late night of Stargate SG-1, I managed to crawl out of bed at ten this morning.

I am in the mood for some chunky beef stew, but that would require a trip to town, as I am out of taters, and need some carrots too. I’m easy like that.

The rain has subsided, and if the dry up continues, I’ll try to mow some tomorrow. It takes a while for grass 2 ft tall to dry out enough to mow; even then…

I have expanded my vitamin regimen to include bitter melon extract, in hopes of improving my A1C number when I return to the doctor next month for a follow up.

I ordered some more vitamin C with zinc, some Ceylon cinnamon caps, Airborne chewables (2 for 1), and Emergen C to aid in combating the ailments associated with winds out of the north this winter.

The wife went out yesterday to supposedly pick up her medicine from the pharmacy, and returned with the meds, as well as a used buffet. I’ll never learn. In retaliation, I ordered a Schrade SCHF9 from Ebay. This listing is from Amazon. I try to avoid Amazon as I feel that Bezos already has enough of my money. I figger I still have a ways to go to even the purchases. Maybe some more gas cans…

I am also working on the wife to get a used dirt bike sose I can peruse around the property, chase deer, scare the neighbor’s horses, etc.

I got a $35 a month increase from SS this month…so I got that working for me.

It looks like today is the day I put the Irish Red into the refrigerator, as the plastic bottles are pretty hard. I have cleared a spot for the 24 bombers in the pantry fridge. I still have 5 gallons of Holiday Ale to bottle as well, and they too will go into the pantry fridge after bottling in a week or so.

This is me squeezing the hell out of one of the 1 liter plastic bottles. It’s so hard I cannot dent it.

This is one of the 12 oz bottles. I use smaller ones to sample after they’re chilled to see if the carbonation is right, clearing, and of course; flavor.

Looking good. A few days in the fridge and I’ll sample.

Monday begins the early voting here in Texas. X hates waiting in line so will go early…maybe wearing the “I’d Rather Be Russian Than A Democrat T-Shirt”…Naw, that just invites the wrong kind of attention.

Kilt A Varmint Today

As I sat at the kitchen table overlooking the barnyard to the south watching the rain, I happened to see the dreaded black squirrel bounce across the yard towards the house.

I switched off the kitchen light, knowing that the wildlife can see inside the house when it is cloudy or dark outside.

He moved up to the south sidewalk, then onto the deck; creeping stealthily next to the wall and under the Weber. He stopped briefly at the other back door to examine what the thought might have been a pecan leftover from a previous pillage; no, just a leaf.

He proceeded to go under the big smoker. At that time I unlocked the kitchen door, and opened it quietly. I grabbed my pellet pistol, and went to the kitchen window and watched for him. Nothing. I returned to the back door to peer out at the deck to see if I could still find him.

Sure enough, he poked his nose out from behind the wife’s green rattan chair. I flicked off the safety, and cracked the storm door wide enough to poke the barrel through it, allowing the door and the door jam to steady the gun whilst I aimed at his schnoz.

One shot, and he went down. I was surprised, as that gun does not shoot very well; at least historically.

I put my shoes on, and donned a glove to carry my prize out to the brushline.

I went outside with another round loaded in the pistol, and found him writhing on the ground. Another pop to the head, and then began the death twitch. I loaded yet another round, and popped him again.

No more black squirrel. Adiós muchacho.

Guess he didn’t realize who he was dealing with.

Out to the brushline where perhaps the local gray fox will have him for an evening snack.

Flash flood warnings are again out until tomorrow evening, although the past few days have yielded little rain as far as flash flooding here. A gentle warmup continues with a high today perhaps at 60.

Enjoying the Cooler Weather

We have opened the doors, dropping the temps inside the house well into the low sixties, and we’re lovin’ it. We sleep better and more soundly when we use extra quilts.

One would have to live in the RGV for years and years to fully understand this peculiar practice.

I placed another order with Sam’s Club, determined to milk them for every dime I can for the free shipping, while I still have my exclusive membership that expires in February. I have another order in my cart while I wait for this one to complete. The FedEx guy and I are on first name basis now.

If I keep this up, I will have a problem with storage; even for just the paper goods in the bunkhouse.

The wife has dropped a grand on trips to the dentist; I suppose  I am next. I hate going to the dentist with a blue passion, as it usually involves varied degrees of pain…not to mention the expenditure. Might as well. We pay a lot for dental insurance, and don’t really use it to its potential.

The temp hit 56 today, and will slowly climb upward I guess. No rain today, but back in the forecast for tomorrow and the next day.

Happy To Hear…

Alec Baldwin’s new talk showed bombed this past Sunday night. (link from Jess)

A quote

The actor got a lot more attention Sunday night with remarks at a Democratic Party event, where he urged voters “In an orderly and formal way, and lawful way” ought to “overthrow the government of the United States under Donald Trump.”

There is no way to overthrow the US government in an “orderly, formal, and lawful way”.

His guests included Robert “dickhead” de Niro, another libtard of monumental proportions.

The electrician came out today, and replaced a couple of 30A breakers with 15A, given the wiring is rated for 15A. Other than that, he found nothing wrong. He suggested that the problem may be thermal, meaning that since the weather is much cooler, a possible short that barely touches a ground somewhere in the circuit, may be the problem.

Here is a pic of the breaker panel. See the mud dauber’s nests?

He added that there wasn’t enough power to add a tankless heater, given that they require a 50A circuit…rats. Back to the 10 gallon ones I reckon.