Quick Retorts


AOC is not a planned parenthood baby…she was in fact, squeezed from a bar rag

The new normal? Things will never be normal again; ever. As long as the numb nuts are running the country, they will continue to throw wieners at us as long as we will take it.

To whom do they make out the check? like they would pay


If Honeywell owns the planes, then why would they be in trouble? I thought the feds LOVED China…

Sloppy Joe’s admin predicted a million new jobs by now, and has fallen way short. No doubt the shutting down of the pipeline had a negative effect on the job situation. The dems won’t care about the numbers, only the rhetoric.

The feds have given out so much money in stimulus and increased unemployment benefits, that it’s no wonder that people are not returning to work.

At the present, there are not enough long haul trucks on the road to meet the gasoline demands, therefore prices are going up at the pump, as well as household necessities and groceries. Shortages are imminent.

After signing more than 3 trillion dollars of payouts, the Feds are now seemingly worried about inflation…no shit? Just now worried? oh, not worried, just diverting attention from real issues.

I should maybe talk with my younger SIL who claims to know Elon Musk personally, if he would launch a rocket, fail the launch, and have it crash into DC? Problem solved!


Oh yes, Moochelle…you should be afraid…for yourself too, but I doubt you ever get into a car by yo’ seff..who be drivin’ you today, missy? You gwine a want dat black limo agin’? Yahsum…

Shocking Miss: The U.S. Economy Added Just 266,000 Jobs in April, Unemployment Ticks Up

hey Joe! What day is today?

where’s my note cards?

Where’s your mask?

With my note cards!..I think..

I Heered of Shoeless Joe, But…

Shoeless Joe Jackson, one of the players in the 1919 World Series “Black Sox” scandal, got his nickname

Jackson recalls he got his nickname during a mill game played in Greenville, South Carolina. Jackson had blisters on his foot from a new pair of cleats, which hurt so much that he took his shoes off before he was at bat. As play continued, a heckling fan noticed Jackson running to third base in his socks, and shouted “You shoeless son of a gun, you!” and the resulting nickname “Shoeless Joe” stuck with him throughout the remainder of his life.[10][11]

Now we have “Clueless Joe Biden” who walks around with note cards…

78-year-old Biden can’t go anywhere without his notecards. He is always spotted reading from notecards because he can’t remember anything.

Clueless Joe Biden Relies on Notecards as He Tours Water Plant in New Orleans (VIDEO)

5 bucks says he’s gone by the end of the calendar year.

Clueless Joe Biden, reading his note cards…

Let’s see here…what’s that word? uh, starts with a Y…Oh! YOU..next word A  ARE! (giggling) OK got it! next one is easy…A …last word…starts with a D…then I…P! yeah P! I know that one!..OK…S….H…I….T….DIPSHIT! HEY!

C’MON man!

God help us…PLEASE!

What A Surprise

A couple days ago, some idiot Texas Democrat, Gary O’Connor, the Lamar County democratic party chairman, posted an FB remark calling US Senator Tim Scott an “oreo”.


O’Connor since has offered an apology, and resigned as party chair for Lamar County Texas, on the Oklahoma border.

The county democrats however, have refused to accept his resignation.

Texan Republican Party Chairman, Col Allen West had this to day about that shit…

Texas GOP Chair Allen West slammed the Democrats’ decision.

“The leadership of the Democrat Party says that they’re not accepting his resignation, that everything is fine, that he did not have to apologize for calling, a sitting U.S. Senator, a Republican senator, a black senator from South Carolina, an Oreo,” West told MRCTV.

“So that’s the problem. When you want to talk about institutionalized racism, when you want to talk about the systemic racism and the purveyors thereof – it’s the Democrat Party. They’ve always been. They never voted for the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments. They are the party of Jim Crow. They’re the party of segregation, of slavery. And now, thanks to the soft bigotry of low expectations, they’re the party that sees independent thinking, black men and women as a threat.

Rock on, Col West.

Around The Ranch Today

Yes, life is indeed interesting with the kid visiting. Here she is with one of the kittycats.

She shoulda been a vet.

An update on the agave plant. It is getting ready to bloom

those new buds will put out flowers before too long…bees love ’em. Then, it will die.

And a cider update day 14

As you can see, the krausen layer has thinned considerably, and in some areas, non-existent, as the ferment has slowed down. It is still bubbling though very slowly. When it is ready to rack, it will clear and settle some.

The girls left today for San Antonio, and will likely return late this afternoon. I think a trip to Barnes and Noble is in the works, given the kid works at one down in the RGV.

I think the wife is trying to convince her daughter to get the hell out of there. If she gets a taste of life outside, maybe she will move away.

And finally, a gift from Woodsterman…I thought this was funny as hell…

I got the estimate from the repair shop…$1500 give or take…a bad wheel, a couple of tires, rear brakes, valve cover gasket…the rear seal was leaking he said, but not likely going to lose very much if any oil between changes…radiator hoses and a flush..transmission filter/fluid change as well as oil/filter. She has to return Monday afternoon, and he thought he could get it done by then..