The Cell Phone

A few years back, I got buttfucked by T-Mobile, and signed up with Cricket. Back then, they were their own entity, and were more than reasonably priced for plans and phones.

When AT&T bought them, we were forced to obtain new cell phones as Cricket’s network was incompatible with AT&T’s network. There was no charge, and it was our first time using the “smart phone”. We both got Nokia 635 Windows phones, and it took some getting used to, but they worked fairly well.

The wife dropped hers, and broke the screen. It was still usable, but she “didn’t like it any more.” She drove over to the Cricket store, and traded it in on an Android phone, Overture XT3 or something like that.

What a piece of junk.

My wife is somewhat technologically challenged, as that phone is so fucked up that it goes off with a text alarm at all hours of the day and night for no reason. She is very dangerous with tech items as she just pushes buttons until something changes. She has it now so that the screen is locked, and she has to punch in a code every time she uses it. No way to tell if the message alert is actually a text without checking; mostly false alarms. Somehow she got set up to have a newsgroup alert whenever something “important” hits the wire.

Of course, “It’s the phone’s fault.”

I downloaded the manual, but it’s almost like it’s the wrong manual. Nothing is accessible, and the “settings” only allow changes to a few things. I gave up on figuring it out months ago.

Even her techie brother in law threw up his hands in disgust and said “that’s fucked up.”

Yesterday, after trying to take a nap, that damn thing went off 10 times in 30 minutes I kid you not, and that was it.

I ordered her a refurbished Nokia 630, very similar to the one she had prior.

Hopefully, that will remedy our frustration..


it did. I now recall the famous tune from Simon and Gar…the sounds of  silence..

We’ve had some rain the past couple of days…the weeds are lovin’ it. I made another run to the gas station and fill my other 4 five gallon cans. Now to fill my new 14 gallon caddy, and refill the cans again, and I’ve done all I can do with what I have.

The dust is settling, and I discovered a couple of bills that slipped through the cracks, and paid them off today. The problem was that after I sent the checks through my online bill pay, I deleted the accounts…that killed the outgoing checks…rat bastards at USAA. That ain’t right.