In Response to Still Waiting

The guy from Home Depot called last night, and gave us the quote, we paid for it, and they called this morning to confirm the install date of April 30, Monday of next week.

This is good news. Now that we have an install date, we can plan to begin moving in furniture the next day.

‘Course, the quote was a grand more than we had calculated. Still don’t understand why.

The wife informed me last night that she was going to call a person who does estate sales…sales, not auctions. She has decided not to keep the upright piano (yay!) and the monstrous armoir, wardrobe or whatever. That thing was so big that we had to move it down south (from the ranch area) in a U-Haul. Then we had to remove doors and parts of door jambs to get it into the bedroom. My back thanks her for not making me move that monstrosity again.

So after all the dust settles, here is my opinion of Home Depot flooring services:

the measuring technician (supposedly a trained professional) had extreme difficulty using her tablet device (a miniature Auto Cad type device) which she used to draw the layout of the rooms getting carpeting. It took her over an hour to draw out 2 bathrooms, 2 bedrooms, and a living room. Then, when she was done, she had to do one over again. Seemed excessive to me.

I like ladies as much as the next guy, and I am thinking they are not as technical minded as guys…except for Samantha Carter, of course. You remember that bridge in Florida that collapsed a couple months ago? Did you know the chief engineer was a woman? Oh, I’m sorry: gender neutral with mammarial appendages…good looks can only carry one so far.

When I received the actual quote, I was told there was a $300 charge for unnecessary furniture moving; meaning they charged me $100 each to move a sofa sleeper, a hospital bed, and the giant 73″ Mitsubishi television.

Well, shit. I told her I would move out the hospital bed myself.

The giant Mitsubishi sits on a built in desk (even she referred to it as built in desk), and still billed me $100 for it.

Obviously, the sofa sleeper is a huge albatross and needs a small forklift and a team of large men to move that thing, so be it.

HOWEVER, the store quoted me $65 per heavy furniture item moved around by the carpet installation crew.

I am really anxious to see how much, if any leftover carpeting is left that we paid for. We never saw an actual sq footage in the quote of the amount necessary, so I’ll be squawking some more if the remnants are seemingly excessive


They made the mistake of giving me a survey, so I took the opportunity of tearing them a new one.

It’s a gift.


Still Waiting…

I am still waiting for a call from Home Depot flooring dept on the results of the measuring for the carpeting. The store told me to call them as soon as the measuring was finished, then I pay for the carpeting, then they will schedule the install within 5 days.

The measurer said “no, don’t do that. I wish they would stop saying that. They cannot order until the measurements get into the system, and only then can they order.”

Lesson learned: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

In preparation for the impending carpet install, I have been saddled with the responsibility of clearing the furniture out of the rooms intended for carpeting.

We have two twin beds, one of which is a hospital bed, the other is an extra thick mattress and box spring.

That was my project today, to move them out to the bunkhouse.

The regular mattress was not a problem, and I loaded that into my pickup. The other mattress was mostly one of those ‘memory foam’ mattresses and even though a bit unruly, I loaded it with the others, and moved them to the bunkhouse.

The bottom section of the hospital bed was a different story. The ‘box spring’ was bolted to a wooden frame, within was a series of motors and struts designed to raise and lower the head and foot of the bed.

The box spring was wider than the frame, making it a real bitch to load onto the dolly as it was one sided to heavy for me to do alone, so I waited for the yard guy.

After some struggling with the awkwardness of the weight and dimensions, we got it done with both of us panting by the time we were finished.

Scratch that off the list.

Still have a large wooden desk, a legal sized file cabinet, and the wife’s electric piano to relocate to the kitchen.

Maybe tomorrow.

The wife went back south on Sunday saying that she was going to get stuff packed and loaded, hoping to make a return trip later this week.

I got a bill for the satellite, and I figure that will be like pulling teeth to get any part of that refunded when I shut it down next month.

I have found out that there is now cable internet available for me here. I mean to call them and find out if I can used my own cable modem as it is still being used down south. I am sure that they will pound my ass for $10 a month for ‘lease’ on their own modem. Supposedly, it’s a fiber optic system offering 50Mps at $49.99 a month and 100Mps at $69.99 a month. They charge a flat rate of $99 for installation. I am curious to know how they run the drop, and where exactly the trunk line runs.

I noticed the yard guy brought his own mower today. He’s been asking me if the rider is fixed yet. Seems like all I do is fix that thing after he breaks it.

We haven’t had enough rain this spring to have any serious grass growing problems. The wildflowers are up, and with the next rain will come the next wave of wildflowers.

My Windows phone weather forecast says it will rain tomorrow, but I ain’t holding my breath.

Headin’ South Again…

I/we have managed to shirk our duties and avoid unloading our vehicles from our last drive up. The wife unloaded most of her China last night out of the milk crates. Those things are really handy to haul stuff around.

Today, it’s raining. The trailer is in the shed, so no unloading that until the rain is gone. Finally, an excuse.

We’re gonna be in a real pickle if we keep fartin’ around.

We have the carpet installer coming this morning to  measure for an estimate. Sure had to jump through some hoops to make this happen.

The wife is going back today as she didn’t bring her Humira, and will require her bi-weekly injection tomorrow.

Update, Sunday a.m.

The wife didn’t get off yesterday. Instead, we spent several hours at Lowe’s looking at carpeting after the installer came by and measured. He texted us later with his estimate; $1500 for 1094 sq feet of carpet.

Thought that a wee bit high.

The asshole at Lowe’s flooring wouldn’t get off his ass to help the wife, and she wandered around looking at samples for what seemed like an eternity. She was upset at the pricing; around $3700 including carpet, pad, and installation.  The carpet would have taken seven days to be delivered to the store, at which time installation would proceed; depending on the schedule, of course.

So we ambled on to Home Depot, and were greeted immediately by a new employee who admittedly could not answer all our questions, and left us to retrieve someone who could. Indeed he did in just a couple minutes a very willing and helpful ass’t manager took care of the wife and answered all her FAQ.

We were then handed off to another gal who signed us up for Home Depot credit, and set us up for measuring (tomorrow) and installation within 5 days.

Nothing short of a Homer Simpson “Wahoo!” will suffice.

The wife will go back south today, whilst I await the measuring crew tomorrow. Still time to make a quick trip south for myself…there’s my feet dragging again…

Wilson Combat Arms

They are an American company that manufactures firearms. I never heard of them until my brother, during a recent visit, produced one. A thing of beauty.

I’m not sure if this was the exact model he had, but it is very similar.

I am no gun expert, and probably know less than many of you out there. I have shot .45 ACP,  Glock and Kimber varieties, but I do not own a .45.

Personally, my opinion is such that a man who is a reasonable shot, doesn’t need an 18 round 9mm pistol. A .45 has more stopping power, and was the military standard for many years before the 9mm got popular.

The Wilson Combat pistol I handled, was a thing of beauty. To me, it felt like what a .45 should feel like.

My brother has a CCL and this is his carry of choice.

I asked him “what does a gun like this cost? $1200?”

His answer was “double it”.

OK then. The above shown model runs around $2800, one of the lower priced models.

For years, I set my sights on a Glock 21, because of the rep. They cost around $650 as well, which IMO is very reasonable. I like 13 rounds of .45 vs 7, but again, the Wilson model is a prettier gun.

The Wilson Combat line-up of pistols and available options is quite impressive. They are comparatively more expensive than other makes, however.