Trip To The Store This Morning

I’ll have to make a note that Sunday morning is the time to hit the grocery store. Hardly any crowds and the parking lot was near empty.

I arrived at around 9:15, and was able to get everything on my list; a first for sure. Back home just before 11.

The wife stayed home, and did not even awaken until I was done unloading.

I still should return to the big city tomorrow to hit the meat market; a new one I found. She wants to build some shelves for the DVD and CD stash, and will require some lumber. I’ll need the pickup for that run, as well as a stop at the liquor store.

I have discovered rye whisky, and I like it. My next run will likely concentrate on a couple of varieties, and it’s cheaper than many bourbons as well as a slightly higher proof.

I am burned out on Crown, Beam, VO and the like. Something new is in order.

I am going to attempt a scratch recipe for Bean With Bacon soup while the weather is cold…then again, maybe not as the wife is busy today carrying out her potted plants, as I am guessing she checked the forecast, and freezing is not happening here for a while. The plants, even though alive, do not do well indoors for many days in a row without proper sunlight.

I am certain that bean with bacon soup freezes well.

Our closing on the refinance is happening Tuesday. Apparently, a roving notary will drop in and we will sign up for another 30 year mortgage. At least we’ll be out from under the dipshit rule of our current mortgage holder, and that will be worth it.

The fauxguration is Wednesday, and I hope to have all my piddly chores done by then.

Still need to fill the gas cans.

Field Multipliers With Basic Arms

Green tip ammo is available for many rifle calibers, that will also penetrate so called “bullet proof vests”. They are labelled APR (armor piercing rounds).

APR ammo is also available for shotguns; usually a steel ball inside a ‘sabot’, which is like a container that holds the ball.

Slugs can also be ‘sabot’ style, as many shotguns are smooth bore with no rifling. A rifled slug shot from a rifled barrel has more stability for a long shot than a smooth bore. Still, slugs are very formidable in close range scenarios. Most of the pump shotguns are 5-10 round magazines.

Others have drum mags that can hold twenty, but are heavy.

A 1 ounce slug travelling at 1200 fps carries quite a punch; usually a knock down at minimum. At close enough range, a shotgun APR will go through an engine block, and even easier through a radiator. A full auto shotgun with a 20 round drum of slugs, can literally knock down a brick wall.

Even a green tipped 30-30 round, with a hot enough load would likely penetrate bullet proof glass, for ambushing Humvees. Might take a couple of rounds, but I am thinking they may reconsider their mission.

A battle rifle is most important. Everyone should carry a pistol sure, but use the pistol to get back the battle rifle, or get to another rifle.

A standard .223 round approaches 3000 fps, and that outruns a standard 9mm or .45 any day.

Many would argue that an AK packs a bigger punch than the .223, and I would agree.

AK-47 now start around just under $300, and go up from there…remember, you get what you pay for.

The Smith and Wesson M&P15 Sport II was just under $500 a year ago. Now they’re going for around $800…economics 101; increase in demand, increases price.

Carrying 6 mags of 7.62×39 weighs more than 6 mags of .223 or 5.56. Plan accordingly.

1 have a 50 round bandolier for my 12 gage shells. I have never loaded it full, as it would be formidably heavy to haul around. A butt stock shell holder for the Maverick 88 holds 5 round plus the 6 in the magazine and chamber.

By the way, did you know that if your shotgun is empty, you can put a round directly into the chamber? Close it, fire, eject, and load another. It would take some practice being sure your round was facing the right direction.

So, What Do We Do Now?

The wife and I were going to make a run to the big city today, to buy some materials to build a DVD shelf, as well as a CD shelf on the walls in the room where the big Mitsubishi is.

Given her weak immune system, I suggested we wait until tomorrow as the crowds will be lighter (hopefully) and not expose her to the Kung Flu…she agreed, as she is not feeling well anyway.

A grocery store trip is necessary before the Inauguration From Hell happens on Wednesday, the 20th.

I would urge you to get to the store before then, and stock up.

You should already have your ammo stocked by now.



dry beans; pintos, Navy, Great Northern, and the like…did I say bacon? I rarely cook any dry beans without bacon…

Canned goods; Wolf brand chili or the like, canned stew, Spam, green beans, corn, carrots should be among your stores, as well as fruits; cocktail, peaches, pineapple, whatever you eat. Tuna and/or salmon..Vienna sausages will last if you can stand ’em.

Pasta; spaghetti and egg noodles can be used a thousand ways..

White rice; absolutely.

Ground beef, pork roasts to cut into chops, fresh chicken; whole chickens are the best deal, ham, ham steaks, Hillshire farm sausages or the like, Jimmy Dean…

Dairy; cheeses, butter, whipping cream lasts a lot longer than whole milk…half and half and milk, cott cheese, sour cream lasts quite a while too if unopened..Milk, not so much.

Get some bread; buns, sliced, and freeze ’em.

The giant Hershey bars will keep. Jolly Ranchers as well.

Got water? what if power goes out? Can’t hurt to get a couple cases or some gallon jugs..

Tang, Gatorade and the like.

Frozen OJ concentrate will last and last…

honey, syrup jams and jellies

don’t forget batteries for your lighting needs.

got cash? Probably a good idea to have a couple hundred around, at least

Just a few suggestions..

Keep your eyes and ears open to what’s happening near you.

I will certainly not watch the fauxguration, but will keep an ear open for what happens after.

the shuttle is ready for the crowd


The National guard will be there, I forget how many; many thousands of troops to protect the Pedophile Elect.

A side note;

How wonderful is it that antifa can make threats, posing as Trump supporters? Thus forcing government LEOs to activate, just because a group of antifa call up and say “we’re Trump supporters and we’re gonna blo up the capitol!”

Word has it that all 50 states are now on high alert due to so called “threats”.

Antifa supporters all need to be hung, shot, drowned, fed to the hogs, burned alive, drawn and quartered, put on the rack until they are little more than jellyfish, hide and heel ’em to barn doors, tar and feathered (usually ends in death), firing squad, sent to Iran with “Muslims Suck’ tattooed on their forehead in Muslimease…

Just a suggestion, but t’will come a time when the conservatives will be forced to “lie in wait” to ambush the real antifa…cut the head off the snake…maybe a Soros shooting will stop the funding of domestic terrorism.


Another side note:

Jess pointed out at Trump is still the president, so how does 10,000 NG troops get called in to the fauxguration? who the hell is in charge?

Well, There It Is

We hemhaw around the issue.

Folks point fingers calling us “paranoid” and “right wingers” and “conspiracy theorists”, even those who consider themselves ‘conservatives’ may disagree…

but one cannot ignore this

Image from Chief Nose Wetter

Is the entire Federal government gone liberal? FBI, Homeland security, DOJ, IRS…The Border patrol is on the fence it seems..

The Congressional machine is now nearing an unstoppable phase, where the only stance left for conservatives is defiance and revolution.

Creepy Joe has again stated, this time with more exacting detail, that he will abolish the 2A.

Also from The Chief

At least Creepy Joe won’t take the credit…or will he?

The NRA has shot itself in the foot by overpaying executives who should be working for free, that instead draw a large salary.

Other Field Multipliers

Night vision goggles, scopes and the like are available…for a price. I do not own such equipment given their cost, but certainly could be an advantage in the right situation.

Mortars, anyone?

definitely a nice addition to an invading force..I guess it could be used for a line of defence as well, but historically, used for invasion and advancement.

The mini gun…very effective I would think, if one had a million rounds of ammo, and could stay alive.

Mi-171Š sliding door - Minigun.jpg

Up to 6000 rounds per minute of 7.62×51 rounds.

You’ve all seen this

field multiplier indeed. A fortune in ammo burned there.

A $200,000 price tag? plus ammo? seems high, but very formidable. Details are sketchy on costs.


Snipers could be a good advantage as well.

29" Barrel Configuration Image

A .50 cal Barrett M107A1 pictured here was the one used in the film Navy Seals. The films used lots of bells and whistles including thermal night vision which allowed the shooter to see insurgents behind walls.

.50 caliber rifles start at around $2500, and go up to well over $10,000 each…not including the $3 a round…and that’s a low end round.

A competent shooter can take out targets at 1 mile, and more.

.308 is a common caliber in sniper rifles. Another older style sniper rifle is the Springfield which in its day, was widely used in WWI.

The 7mm Remington magnum was used by the CIA in the seventies as its preferred sniper rifle. My brother has one that he bought from Monkey Ward in 1978. I think he paid $250 for it then. It was a BDL version. He still has it. A very nice gun.

My point is, a good marksman with a good spot, can take out enemy very far away.

In Rawles’ book “Patriots”, one of the team, Dan, used a .50 cal to take out an entire platoon of insurgents, before his own demise…still, his accuracy and number of kills was the beginning of the downfall of the enemy incursion in that area.

I don’t like Rawles much, but that book got me into the prepper type movement.

Home made multipliers

As mentioned in field multipliers 2, one can make your own smoke bombs with sugar and salt peter.

The proper mix of salt peter, sulphur, and wood charcoal (not Kingsford) can give you black powder. steel ball bearings, and a container and you’ve got a bom.

Burning tires can be a great smokifier; ugly black smoke and lots of it. Just be sure you’re upwind.

Mixing gasoline with those packing peanuts can make a flammable gel, like napalm.

Mixing gasoline with your used motor oil or vegetable oil too will increase the longevity of your cocktail.

Save your glass wine, liquor, and beer bottles for your cocktails. Go ahead a cap ’em, and tape a large firecracker to the side; light and toss…and run.

For aiding in defence, soak an area with used motor oil or cooking oil, and ignite when insurgency begins. If a bad guy makes it through, he’ll be an easy target…being on fire and all.


File:US M18a1 claymore mine.jpg

Internally the mine contains a layer of C-4 explosive behind a matrix of about seven hundred 18-inch-diameter (3.2 mm) steel balls set into an epoxy resin.

Ah yes; the claymore. Very hand indeed, and probably can be home made crudely. There is always the issue of making the c4. From what I’ve read, the equipment one needs is a long expensive list. How then did Reese make that stuff from ammonia on the Terminator?

Still, a few of these would make folks think more than twice about invading your property.

I read that the military pays a grand for each one. I suppose it could be worth while to invest in some equipment to make the c4 or plastique, or cemtex, or whatever works.

Blasting caps are required to detonate the c4. kill range is out to about 100 yards…pretty impressive…at a grand a pop, they better be.

One more thing: tanks.

The end of the roll of barb wire cleverly inserted in a tank track, will unroll the wire, and eventually can cause the track to either fall off or bind up, as it chews up the wire.

‘Course, you first gotta get someone to stick the end of the roll into the track…it’s like the old story “belling the cat”…remember that one? Just sayin’.

Field Multiplier Review 4

RPGs, or rocket propelled grenades would be a great addition to one’s supply of field multipliers.

Basically, a different type of Laws rocket, and absolutely lethal. Also, they have to be aimed manually; no heat seekers here either, but some can be reloaded with another round, as opposed to the Laws variety.

Originally designed as anti tank weapons, they could be very effective for taking out vehicles, and even low flying helicopters; that hold still long enough for one to get aim.

These bad boys cost upwards now of 2 grand each, with the grenades about half that price, according to my info.

We’ve all seen ’em in films used by ragheads. Makes one wonder where they get all their money given that they live in squalor.

One can see why arms dealers make so much money.

Stinger Missiles, a portable surface to air missile, costs $38,000 each. Their advantage is infrared homing, hence the price tag.

FIM-92 (JASDF) noBG.png

Unless your group is extremely well funded, it’s not likely you’ll be using those, unless you have a buddy at an armory…even so…