So What?

Joe Walsh…one of the most underrated singer/songwriters of our time.

Did you know that the Eagles held auditions for a new member in the mid seventies, and Joe Walsh’s riff became the song “Life In The Fast Lane”, and he got the part in the band as well…for several years.


California Atty General Says “Don’t Cooperate With ICE Officials”

Employers in Kommiefornia will be prosecuted according to Attorney General Xavier Becerra.

This is how it will spread. This asshole, and others like him will undermine Federal law, and continue the “dumbing down” of America.

California will be the first state to fail in so many ways because they stay on the side of the illegal aliens. You just watch. They’re gonna get so many that it’s eventually gonna be like Mexico. An entire state of idiots fighting for scraps.

Eventually, we’ll have to build a wall on the eastern border of Mexicanfornia to keep them out of the rest of the US. Of course, that won’t stop them and the entire country will be a bunch of stupid mother fuckers who can’t keep it in their pants.

Talk about April fools

Made It

I rolled out of bed around 8:20 this morning, not really rarin’ to go, but enough to get moving. I finished packing up some odds and ends, woke up the wife and said goodbyes.

I had forgotten about the trailer tailgate. I had taken it off when my helper was helping me unload (remember why I came down?). It’s kind of a bear to install by self as the hinge pins must enter their holders at the same time. The gate is bulky for one, and I figured a way to use a milk crate to support it while lining up the hinge pins.

However, I was not to install the gate for the trip back as even though the gate is full of holes, it still has considerable drag.

I just laid it in the trailer, and used the tie downs to hold it in place. It actually trails nicely. I made the 287 mile trip in 4 1/2 hours, stopping once for gas.

When I left McAllen, it was foggy, and I drove through fog all the way to the Border Patrol checkpoint. It was still cloudy, and stayed that way until I got to the ranch.

The yard guy expressed interest in buying the trailer when I was ready to sell. He also suggested strongly that I lock it up. Way ahead of him. I use a hardened lock for the ball lock, another one to lock up the safety chains around the elevator handle, and a heavy cable that I run through the wheel and around the leaf spring.

So now I plan for the next load. I dread doing the sofa sleeper, but the wife insists on it. Dang! I paid 4 guys to load and unload that damn thing, and now I’ll have to do it again. Damn thing is costing a fortune. Now the wife hinted that she wants to put it in my TV room. NFW.

Whatever I do bring down, it’ll have to be something I can do without for the remainder of my time here.

I’m going to try something drastic; I’m seriously considering telling the wife I ain’t coming back until the cat is gone for good. I know it’s risky, but I kinda have her over a barrel. If the cat was here, it would just disappear one day, and the buzzards would have a change of menu.

the wife texted me saying she is not feeling well…she ran out of Zanex. Prescription is not due until Thursday.

It’ll be a long week for her.


The chair arrived last night, and I put it together. The wife loved it, then she saddened, knowing that I had planned to return to the ranch after we received it.

This morning, all teary eyed, she said good-bye. I followed her into the garage and she opened the door to cold and rain.

Drive? Me? In the cold rain with an empty trailer? Fuck that. There is nothing at the ranch that cannot wait. Sure, it’s just an excuse, and I’m OK with that.

Tomorrow will be sunny. Perhaps a better day to drive north.

Forecast high today is 58. Moving north, it will not get quite that warm. I know most you you folks have it worse than we do.

Looks like the plan is that I will drive back to the ranch tomorrow. It’s been nice having fast internet for a change. I wish I was all through moving.