Call Me Slow, But

I just realized something; something very scary.

If IF things really go bad, and the President does in fact get impeached, and found guilty,

Image from Survivopedia

the order of succession would be

VP Pence, who would likely get assassinated by the Clinton Foundation…

Speaker of the House,  Nancy Pelosi…

after that who would care? I hadn’t thought that the dems are actually closer to taking over the WH than waiting for the upcoming election.

The Second Civil War could begin at the first of the year…

Are you ready?

I got this from Odie’s Place

If this impeachment process goes bad for the President, it will take far less than one generation to plunge US into civil war.

We Need More Sheriffs Like Him

A reader alerted me to this

Know what?

If there were more sheriffs across the country that did this, we’d have a whole lot fewer problems.

I garantee it.

Hell, I wouldn’t even ask to get paid!

Who Knew?

When I first moved to Colorado in ’94, I got up one morning with some irritation around my chest and back. It got worse, and turned into some very painful scabs.

I finally went to the doc to find out that I had….shingles.

My doc wouldn’t even touch me. He circled me and all he said was “that’s a bear.” He got me in right away to a dermatologist buddy of his, who confirmed the diagnosis, but was really more interested in the moles I carry.

Anyway, something called Zovirax is what I was given. Shingles are a virus from the herpes zoster family, and have to run their course. Usually, all  docs can do is alleviate symptoms.

Moving along, the wife went to her r/a doc in Ft Worth this morning, and after the routine exam, the wife showed the doc her ear, covered with small pimples.

The doc took one look, gasped, and said “shingles!”..(.remember in Ben Hur when they went to the bottom level of the dungeon in search of Ben Hur’s mom and sister, and the guard dragged the door open with difficulty, using a torch he took a peek inside, and backed out with a look of horror saying “lepers!”)

So, the wife now has another prescription to add to her plethora of medications; most of which don’t work. The local pharmacy loves the both of us.

In other unimportant ranch news, the kitchen sink has been noticeably draining slower and slower, to the point that one could not empty a large glass of water without having to wait for the water to drain.

Off to town I went, thinking ‘enough’. I bought a large jug of Drano gel, and poured half of it into the sink; half of that  amount on each side of the double sink.

We do not have a garbage disposal (septic tank remember?), so the drain pipes from each side join into a single pipe that drops into the trap, then into the system.

I waited about a half hour, and flushed both sides with large amounts of hot water, to no visible help.

Then came my quest for the plunger. Where the hell is it?

Being that there is no “place” for it (it used to sit outside on the patio, why it was moved, I’ll never know) so it could be anywhere. I found it in the wife’s bathroom behind the toilet.

I clogged the left drain with a wet cloth, held it while I used the plunger on the right side. It didn’t take long before it pushed out the clog, and I flushed the system well.

My work is done. The said thing is, no one here will ever know.

The wife’s doc wants her to get a shingles vaccine; and a flu shot. The doc emphasized “because you have auto immune deficiency”.

Well, OK. My turn.

The whole idea behind vaccines is for the body’s natural ability to heal itself, build up antibodies to fight off said viruses for which folks take the vaccines. Right?

A vaccine is a weakened version of a virus, so one’s own antibodies build up an immunity to a particular virus.

Some folks die from vaccines…it happens. Usually older folks, I’ll allow that, but it does happen as their bodies cannot build up the necessary antibodies to fight infection; even a mild infection from a vaccine.

My point is this: if the wife already has auto immune deficiency, then why force her to take vaccines?

I mean, if her body cannot produce the necessary antibodies from getting (in this case) shingles, then why make her go through the ordeal of dealing with the disease already, then possibly again when it clears up.

In theory, anyone who has had chicken pox, can get shingles, as the virus lies dormant within one’s body for many years. Why it emerges, I do not know. i have not heard of anyone getting chicken pox twice, nor shingles twice.

I do not piss my money away to big pharma for needless vaccines.

A change in our weather here today, as a front blows through dropping temps into the high twenties. A bit cool for here, yet I welcome it.

I was over at Irish’s place earlier, and he is dealing with single digit temps up there in NH.

I had to turn on the a/c as there is no wind, and the humidity shot up, which makes it very sticky in the house. When the north wind hits this afternoon, the doors will open up, and I’ll be looking for my flannel shirt…such is life in central Texas.

I have been watching the bees around here as of late.

They always seem to take the hummingbird nectar. I see them frequently dipping from the feeder by the kitchen.

This is bad…I started thinking. There must be a nest/hive somewhere close. Possibly in the attic?

How to kill them all?

I remembered a concoction I have used for ants: sugar water with boric acid. The ants take the stuff to the bed, to feed the others. Eventually, the whole bunch are affected by the boric acid which, as I understand it, makes them insatiably thirsty.

So I thought, why not sour the mild for the bees? OK, I’m not sure if it is actually a bee; perhaps a small wasp, but I have seen many of them gathered on the eaves here, a couple of times, to which I sprayed with eagerness, watching them drop to the ground.

But, there are more.

I began experimenting with the hummingbird feeder by pouring a mix of boric acid and sugar on the feeder platform, blocking the holes forcing the bees to eat that stuff; they didn’t.

So, I emptied the feeder, and replaced the nectar with sugary water mixed with boric acid.

Taking it a step further, I used some leftover sugar water which also had Karo syrup in it, and added some honey.

I poured a little of that in a jar lid, and put in on the feeder platform.

I don’t stand in front of the kitchen window for hours on end watching the bee activity, but I have seen them perch on the edge of the lid, drinking up the spiked honey water. Hopefully, they will take that back to the hive and kill them all.

Now we wait.

The wife returns tomorrow, after suffering through a visit with SIL, who remains a legend in her own mind.

On The Home Front

The wife woke up the other morning crying with some severe lower back pain.

Been there. We all have. Back pain is right up there with a toothache; it’ll ruin your day.

I gave her my last cyclobenzaprine, and 4 ibuprofens, then drove to town to pick her up a heating pad. Given her lack of drug use during her lifetime, she was out for hours.

She recovered nicely after a couple days of heat therapy.

She is scheduled to go to Ft Worth this weekend for an appt with her r/a doc on Monday. She was going to leave this morning, but had another round of insomnia last night, not getting to sleep until 6 am.

I got up at 8:30, figuring the phone would start ringing from SIL wondering where she was, and what time will she be there.

Sure enough, the wife’s phone rang as predicted. When no one answered, they called me. The wife got up during the phone call announcing she was not going up today.

Now the wife has another problem that has reared its ugly head; a group of pimples behind one of her ears…remember the days when we had acne? like that, just bumps, with a couple of scabs.

I tried Cereve, but it just irritated them.

A little searching provided an answer with tea tree oil, which I just happened to have.

A couple drops of that applied directly on her ear, and in minutes, the pain was gone.

Essential oils; so many out there. I may look into stocking up on a couple more general help oils.

So, she went back to bed, and I instructed her to lie her ear on her heating pad, as per the article.

She’s out.

Who knows? I have seen her bounce back from similar, and she could just hit the road later.

In other news,

I shipped two packages to my recently married son in Colorado to the tune of $55. Huh? Yep, they weighed 8 lbs the both of them..

The shipper said that UPS had recently raised their rates to the “holiday rates”, meaning, they can’t make enough money with the increased volume and extra part time hires. Screw them. One package went USPS, the other Fedex.

The clerk at the shipping place, mentioned on my last visit that she was looking for extra help. I mentioned that we were available, being retired and all; and the conversation ended abruptly; obviously no fat people will be working there.

I have stuck to the Butter Bob diet religiously for 8 days, and the results as usual, are slim (can’t use that pun here).

I woke up today feeling light headed, and my BP was 116/91…that’s very odd. BS was 122.

My second trip to the jon was the runs. The same happened on my last Butter Bob diet, except the quick bowels hit me in the middle of the night…you don’t wanna know.

Admittedly, I don’t get on that bike like I should..

So,  I am scrubbing Butter Bob; at least I won’t be following it to the T.

The wife mentioned she might like to have some egg nog, and I have been searching for recipes; there are a lot out there. Also, I have a great recipe for hot buttered rum.

Crap, I forgot my meds.

Jeez, it’s like a ball and chain.

VA Gun Owners Continue Their struggle

I looked at a couple of Virginia newspaper sites, only to be asked to “subscribe” to them before viewing. The pickings were slim, but I did find this:


At least the city councils are listening, and for the present time, allow guns in their public buildings…but probably not for long.

There is already talk of outlawing carrying firearms in public buildings, per the above article. This is exactly how the gun control advocates nibble away at the 2nd amendment…

A Virginia citizen wrote in mentioning that there is a pending law outlawing groups of individuals doing “firearm training”.

I have not seen the exact wording of this proposition, but my guess is that it would have vague parameters, allowing law enforcement to decide whether or not the actions could be interpreted as “militia training”.

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

The way I see this, besides the obvious that citizens are guaranteed the right to own and possess firearms.

In addition, militias can be formed for further security of the “free state.” It’s all about interpretation of the amendment.

Unfortunately, this also allows for militias that are contrary to the US and the Constitution; say the militia camps we all know are out there, run by towel heads, practicing for their next incursion. These camps are totally illegal, as I would think that these participants are not US citizens, and therefore not legally allowed to own or be in possession of any firearm.

Also, it reads “well regulated”. That could be interpreted to have the qualified groups monitored and controlled by “the state”.

There are several militia organizations here in Texas, that invite new members to join as Patriots of the United States.

Them emphasize that they are not activist groups; they do not participate in rallies or marches. They do not hate the government, but rather support the Constitution of the US.

They train in small groups, depending on where they live. They learn to train and move as a team, learning strategies of warfare.

Membership from what I have read does not require fees or dues. Most insist on applicants having a CC license, and be able to pass a background check. I do not understand this particular exception. If a felon wants to join, then his choice of illegally carrying and being in possession of firearms would be at his own risk.

These militia groups are not revolutionaries…they would not be part of a military coup, their agenda is to maintain the current US Constitution…of being part of a force to stop said incursion from those who would destroy or ignore the Constitution, then beware.

These groups are just the ones that had their own websites. I am certain there are many more that do not advertise their existence.

I also think it would be safe to say that there are hundreds of organized groups out there across the country, that would be defenders of the US Constitution.

400 million plus firearms out there owned by private citizens, and 4 billions rounds of ammunition.. and more guns are being bought and sold every day.

These small militia groups could be the saving force for all of us, if the liberals get control of the White House again.