My Latest Acquisition

A quick trip to the big city yielded a nice Milwaukee hammer drill, and a couple of bits.

This unit used what’s called SDS Plus bits. The shank has a long notch in it to aid in it not slipping while rotating (I would guess).

the last time I saw a shank like that was at the Free Clinic!

The drill has hammer and drill, drill only, and hammer only settings with another that allows freewheeling of the chuck.

Variable speed with a lock ON, adjustable side grip handle, and a handy carrying case.

and looky here! It’s got yer Easy Rider Rifle Rack for not one, but three of yer favorite rifles!!!

Plus I got two sacks of quick set concrete, being the optimist that I am..

Every do it your selfer oughta have a hammer drill. If for nothing else, than just to tell your neighbors that you DON’T have one.

Jack Hammer? I Don’t Think So

So, this morning, I headed into town to look at the “chipping hammer” that the local hardware store had for rent. As it turned out, it was the Arnold Schwarzenegger version of a full blown jack hammer. I mean, it even had its own dolly to haul that sombitch around on. A set of bits had their own places on said dolly, that could have been used as clubs in a riot situation were included….I…don’t…think…so.

Fuck that shit.

A hernia is just another thing I don’t need.

I am looking at a purchase from HD for a Milwaukee hammer drill (corded) that allows hammer only choice, with a 10″x 3/4″ chisel attachment…that oughta do it. I looked at Harbor Freight, but decided to go with the HD so I could use the CC (credit card, not concealed carry, although a similar thought crossed my mind).

Besides, every guy with a garage should have a hammer drill.

Now I’m just waiting for the wife to get up, as she was hankerin’ to go to the big city…at least, she was yesterday..I talked her out of it, and my reasoning was “why are you going to spend $10 on gasoline for s $2 plant?”

No answer means I win…..that was yesterday..

My purchase will approach $300, so she can get her vincas or whatever…in for a penny, in for a pound.

So, the wife is up and we’re off to the big city to run up our credit card. I told the kid about her chore which will be scooping out the concrete chips and dirt from the holes as I enlarge them.

Oh Jeez; Another Project

As I was driving to town this morning, I noticed a low hanging branch; so low, in fact that I avoided driving under it as it is so low now that it would drag across the top of my truck…even lower.

It’s an old oak tree that has been problematic for several years, and is now deteriorating before my eyes.

If you follow the low hanging branch, it ends up about 4 ft off the ground.

It would yield a lot of firewood if done right. The tree is leaning the wrong cannot fall to the right due to the power lines.

I have in the past, tossed a rope over previously low hanging branches, and pulled them down, and proceeded to cut them up into a nice tidy stack of firewood…something which is new to me.

The whole tree would be a much larger scale, obviously.

My trip to town included filling my truck gas tank; that was $44. Gas was $4.99/gal for mid-grade, which is what we run in our vehicles. I was sure to leave one of my FJB stickers on the pump..such a troublemaker…

My second stop was the local grocery store across from the gas station, where I picked up one of their boneless rib eye cryovac roasts.

These carve into steaks nicely, after they are cleaned of the silver skin and much of the fat. I’ll likely carve out one roast, and several assorted sized steaks to be in the Food Saver.

And here I am, yapping about spending money on a chipping hammer rental, and I go out and blow $80 on a hunk of meat….is that wrong?

Looks like the harder, intense manual labor projects are on hold today, until I decide what to do about the post holes…do I chip them out bigger, or just carve up the posts to fit? Those are the options I have allowed, and here I sit. A chipping hammer rental would entail me getting that thing picked up and me chipping away in the morning before it gets hot.

Some further scrutiny on the current holes reveal that at least one is several inches thick of concrete; 6 inches? maybe? My issue is that after each chipping session, I’ll have to get on my knees and manually pull the concrete chips out of the hole. So be it. that would be the right way to do it, IMO.

I am still waiting on the other roofer’s bid on the roof and paint job. He said he’d try to get by here this morning, which is just now over.

Looks like I’m gonna put on my meat cutter hat today, whilst I ponder what to do next.

You may have noticed my little Stagecoach trailer. It’s a 5×8, and has come in very handy. The side boards I added after I got it, to help contain whatever I may be hauling. I looked at trailer from Tractor Supply and HD, but felt they were not as heavy duty as this little gem. Yeah, it cost over $1100, but I got no complaints. It’s a bitch to back, however, with the short wheelbase and all…practice practice..


My Food Saver has crapped out. By the time I was done, I realized that only  half of the bags actually sealed. I did them again, and same result. Needless to say, I am fit to be tied.

Gate Project, Continued

So, whilst waiting for the wife to get up, I managed to drag out a couple of landscape timbers, and give ’em the ol’ Thompson’s treatment.

While those are drying and getting another coat, I trickled the water onto the posts that are coming out. Partially to ease in their removal, and partially (mostly) to soften the ground. Given the shit construction done to this place, I would not be one bit surprised if those posts were embedded in nothing more than rocks stacked around it……bit.

Guess I should probably do the entire timber, since well, it’s there.

I have also removed the lag bolts holding the “handrail” to the posts…yet another shit job by the previous owner. The lag bolt was way too long, and would not screw down all the way, leaving a gap and hence, a loose handrail.

I pulled out one of the old posts, and lo and behold, my old man’s for shit concrete pouring technique is now biting me in the ass; big time.

He was unable to put the posts into the ground as they were, so he “trimmed” the cedar post to fit the hole he jackhammered in the spillover from the shit concrete job. I’m gonna have to use Big Lou, the heavy assed 6 ft, 1″ thick diameter cold roll steel pounding bar to knock out the concrete to make a bigger hole.

#!*&%$###!!!@###!!!…and then some…

Yeah, it oughta be nice a toasty tomorrow when I start knocking out that.

The wife will find me dead on the steps, and she’ll say

Poor thing…he died doing that for me…oh look, he has his new shorts on too.

Big Lou, here I come.

Big Lou…pointy on one end, chisel on the other

The post hole in question with Big Lou inside..It’s hard to tell, but the hole was either molded with something in it when concrete poured, or it was jack hammered into a perfect circle (doubtful)…it’s concrete all the way down…sorry, Big Lou…you won’t have enough oomph to knock out 4-5 inches of concrete…

And here is the “modified” post to fit…

My options?

1. Rent a chipping hammer or jack, and drill that sombitchin’ hole as big as I need it…

2. Trim the landscape timber to fit, and continue the “cheating game”…

3. just say “fuck it”, and go pull weeds..

The local hardware store has chipping hammer rental at $50 for 4 hours…this project is turning out to be costly just to keep the ding danged deers from eating the wife’s plants.

Damn…I suspected my dad didn’t like me much, but well, there ya go…

Today Is The Day

The beginning of yet another project, the prepping and installation of the patio gate.

This is what it looks like now

Tools of choice

As you can see, first, I’ll have to scrape away the weeds that the wife has let go. I’ll use the shovel for that.

The posts next to the patio will have to come out, then deeper, bigger holes dug using the brand spankin’ new post hole diggers. That oughta keep me outa trouble for a while.

I don’t have the sack concrete yet, and that will entail a trip to the local hardware store so I can burn my $5 coupon before it expires. I figure a sack per hole, max.

Landscape timbers will be the posts, and will hit them with a few coats of Thompson’s at least on the lower 2 ft of said posts; that which will be underground. Further examination of the timbers I have, reveal that they are indeed warped. greatgreatgreatgreat…

The existing posts are all cedar; likely cut from when this property was first cleared. They are a joke. Don’t depend on those to steady your wobbly legs, as they too, are wobbly.

Back in the day, we used creosote to paint the bottom 2 ft of 4×4 posts for fencing. Best stuff that is now illegal, unless one has a particular license. Somewhere, I have some pictures of what creosote does to one’s legs wearing shorts when applying…my legs had many “burned” areas where the creosote splattered, and left battle scars. All the really good stuff has been outlawed…creosote, chlordane, DDT….sigh.

So, Thompson’s water seal will have to do, or to paint them.

Fortunately, it’s just outside the kitchen window, so breaks will be frequent.

I’ll start by removing the weeds, and am hesitant to begin as scraping may wake up the wife, and I’d rather let her sleep, since she has such a hard time getting to sleep ‘unassisted’.

Also, the local grocery store here has their boneless ribeye cryovac roasts on sale for $6.99 a pound again. I am tempted, even though cleaning and cutting that is a few hours work in itself; especially if I remove the cap..

As far as the beer brewing goes, I smacked the yeast pack the other night, and it is very slow to expand. That means the yeast is not fresh, or killed by sitting the the UPS warehouse and trucks for several days during shipping…patience, grasshopper.

given what I paid for two of these, after 24 hours, it should have blown up like your favorite pillow…this is 36 hours after first smacking…greatgreatgreatgreat…it’ll make it really difficult when bottling, as I use an additional package of yeast to bottle to assure there is enough fresh yeast to carbonate the bottles.

After whining to the company, they are sending me another package of yeast..

Will update, as I’m sure you all are dying to see what happens next…

Oh yeah, I got one estimate for the roof…20 grand for 20 year shingles…whatever..

The gate

Do you see that fencing behind the gate? That is called “cattle panel” fencing. I have several full sheets of that stuff lying around. The plan is to cut a section of that to the width of the gate, and likely 2 ft above the gate to deter the deers from jumping over…that’s the plan, anyway. It will be wired to the gate with baling wire.

Sticky Subject

Today, I am discussing a subject that we all have to deal with, even though no one really talks about it much, yet everyone does it, and as we get older, it becomes more and more prevalent in our thoughts.

Yes, I am talking about the bowel movement.

Also known as the Daily Constitution, the dump, dropping the kids off at the pool, BM, hitting the head, pinching a loaf, Old #2, go to the bathroom, crap, take a shit, you know what I’m talkin’ ’bout.

If we’re what they call “regular”, then we set aside time each day (at times more than once) for the necessary elimination.

We have to hope that we “go” every day, otherwise we are constipated; not fun to deal with. So, we watch our diets carefully? to maintain regularity, and some of us (myself included) take fiber supplements to aid in the daily regime.

When we’re kids, we don’t give a shit about regularity (no pun intended..or was it)…we just go when we absolutely have to, and he hold it until it’s more “convenient”. If we do this too much, it can lead to an uncontrollable explosive where the worst happens.

For many of us, as we get older, regularity can be a joy unbounded as we unload the previous days’ food intake, hopefully at the same time; sose we can plan the rest of our day around it, right? After we’re done, we’re good for the whole day! yessir!

Our diet pretty much controls how often and how smooth it can go…lots of fiber and roughage (well, not lots, but some) are required to aid our digestive system for a “clean getaway”, which are rare…but every once in a while, we have a dump that just flows and flows; perhaps twice in one sitting, that can be a Golden Jubilee of dumps; even better if clean up is a quick once over; a self cleaning dump if you will.

Ahh, those are rare, but I think we unconsciously strive for that result, as opposed to the other one: the sticky dump…oh yes, you know what I’m talkin’ ’bout…the three flusher because so much paper is required for clean up..ew..

Let’s face it, we cannot every day eat the correct amount of fiber and roughage to ease our bowel movements, so we deal with whatever we end up with for our Daily Constitution.

Speaking for myself, I have gone to a fiber supplement powder that I put a heaping tablespoon into my first cup of Joe every morning, and I am so frickin’ regular, that I can almost set my clocks by it….almost.

I do not take laxatives. Taking a laxative means that I cannot venture more than 25 ft from a crapper until the deed is done, or I’ll have an “accident”. They are very unpredictable and everyone out there handles them differently.

Too much fat, like eating pizza toppings and no crust will run through me like water off a duck’s back. The same result is enjoyed, but am I done now? If I am unsure, I stay close to the house.

Making and eating homemade nachos with many thick slices of jalapeños on top of refried beans, usually contributes to a guaranteed BM, but with the “twice burning” theory…jalapeño seeds do not digest. My worst experience with the twice burning was with pepper jack cheese…holy crap…that casserole burned twice for two days before it was all eliminated…no more pepper jack cheese for me, no way no how, huh uh.

One must remember, that eating fiber for smooth bowel movements must be accompanied by water. Yes, the fiber in say pinto beans (very good fiber supplement) needs water to do its magic in the digestion process. If you do not drink enough water every single day, you will have…the sticky bun syndrome.

We’ve all had it without too much liking.

Increase your daily water intake regardless if you bump up your fiber intake or not will help your body maintain a healthy balance of fluids.

Just tryin’ to help.