Titties At The Movies

Game Of Thrones has had ample titties for everyone. I noticed that the actresses that bared their titties were not; well….HUGE.

Does an actress get more money if she shows her titties? How much?

Titties in the movies make a movie ‘R’ faster than greased lightning. Once the nipple is exposed for what…more than a few seconds, then they slap an ‘R’ on it, calling it ‘brief nudity’ or BN. What’s with that? If it’s rated R for BN, I want nudity! Not just a few nipples and titties! I want it all!

After the initial nipple is shown, then they can show all the titties and nipples they want and keep the rating at ‘R’. Huh? But then what is the fun of watching some other lucky SOB looky/touchy/sucky titty on television? Don’t seem like much fun to me…in the beginning, yes.

No way will you ever see any labia, erection, vagina, or anus on regular television (‘ceptin’ PBS); this falls under PPV. Same with penises. They can show a penis all day long and keep it ‘R’ rated but one woody, stiffy, or boner drives it to X rated.

Cinemax has lots of late night titty on its stations. No erections though. Lots of fucking, but no “crucial parts” shown from either sex. Almost not worth it. Usually zero plot as well.

No, we like to watch, Eve.

Whether it’s Dita von Teese

or Betty White

or Betti Page


Take Allison Janney

She has small breasts. Now we know, and we can pursue other interests in our lives. She’s not bad looking at all, appeared on a series (West Wing) for years, and then to movies and this is from Masters of Sex.

Then there’s Helen Hunt…finally took it all off. Thank you. A nice pair.

What about Sela Ward? Will she ever take it all off?

It doesn’t look like it. She ain’t a spring chicken any more. I would bet it’s still high quality titty.

Then there was Joan Collins, who did a layout for Playboy when she her show Dynasty was peaking.

Victoria Principal wasn’t too shabby either…

And Barbara Eden…no nudes but a nipple slip. Who of us could forget I Dream Of Jeannie?

Shirley Jones, and Florence Henderson did not strip, Elizabeth Montgomery did, Doris Day did not, Natalie Wood did not (but her sister did Lana Wood). So many more that we will be unable to mention here today.

There has been titties in pictures as long as there have been pictures.

There has been and still are costumes that the ladies wear that I just do not how they contain their titties. Supposedly, there is a film clip somewhere of Elvira, Mistress of the  Dark in an interview, her clothing malfunctioned and her titties fell out. That my friends, is the mind  power of 10 million male viewers all wishing the same thing.

The above shown pics were borrowed from Mocho and Celebrity Nudes from my blogroll.

You see, the ladies know what we know. They know we watch. They know we will stare, given the right opportunity.

They will walk past us, bouncing their titties, not even looking at us, knowing full well that we will peek…just for a moment. And our wives/girlfriend with us don’t watch the floozie, they are watching our eyes.

They trick us into thinking their titties are bigger than they really are. We fall for it every time, because they know we are already looking.

They want us to look. It is their primary way of advertising themselves. Medium titties and a loose bra will cause the “bouncing effect”. Also, women who walk a particular way like on their heels, or short steps will aid in bouncing their boobs.

The other way they advertise to us is their ass shake. This subject too, has been discussed before by X. I think I covered all in that post.

It’s easier to glance at titties and to make a quick judgement call, than watching an ass shake because an ass walking in front of you takes several seconds to reach a determining position, rather than a glimpse of bouncing titties. What ‘call’ or ‘determination’ you ask? Why whether or not to pursue further.

Certainly bouncing large titties passing by will get our attention, but will it make us turn head and calculate the swings of the butt cheeks? A whole ‘nuther level of getting in trouble…

Double digit years of being married, will usually produce a man with a keen eye, and shrewd sense of his abilities and surroundings. In an instant, he can surmise any situation and determine if he has a chance on getting a closer glimpse of someone else’s titties. Is the wife/girlfriend able to detect a possible “titty glance” scenario? Maybe. If so, the guy should know this and at all costs, keep his eyes on his wife, or risk sleeping with on the couch or worse: with Fido.


Titties Revisited

Don’t need pics here, as we are well endowed with imagination.

I have written on this subject before


During one of my wide awake in the early morning ponderings, I had a thought about titties.

Titties are one of several things that we men have knocking around in our heads all the time, and they bear much discussion.

You ever meet new women? How long before you look at their titties? Obviously, your best view is standing right in front of her whilst looking into her eyes, but you dare not even glimpse her titties…if’n you want to keep her as a friend and her respect, that is. If you can do that, you’re an oak.

Does she have a high collar? No chance. Bursting cleavage? Better stick close to her as the evening passes, or someone else will be sniffing them coconuts. Show some chest, but no titty view? Tantalizing for sure. Further titty study necessary before decision can be made.

Patience grasshopper.

Titties are one of those (actually a pair) of things by mother nature that separate the genders. I don’t care what the liberals say, if there are titties, it is a woman by God and we love them.

Boobs, a rack, tits, stacked, knockers, jugs, bazoombas, hand warmers, melons, sweater puppets, milkers, grapefruits, bosoms, balloons, mammarial appendages, the list goes on.

Titties are like snowflakes; there are no two exactly alike. Most women out there have a pair. 3.5 billion pairs of titties kept hidden behind various types of clothing; some obvious, others just a pair of eyepatches. So many, and yet a man will stop dead in his tracks to stare at a pair of bouncing titties.

Why do they hide them from us?

Even if they hide them, we watch closely.

Over the years, we know what to look for to  make the “man report” back to our cronies. “Hey! The new girl has her headlights on bright today!”

Chances are, over the next several minutes, the males in the building will create innumerable excuses to go see the “exhibition” that will be of course “graded”. Sometimes they catch on to our ‘shenanigans’…you must learn to be careful of this.

We can tell if there is about to be an escape, and that is what we all hope for…

Escaped titties in the office! It does happen, and I’m sure we can all tell our little stories, and that’s my point.

Good things happen to those who wait…and when it comes to titties, we men have the patience of Zeus…well, most of us.

Titties aren’t sexual. I mean, we don’t have sex with titties. Well there is the titty fuck, but certain requirements are necessary for that to occur, and that is a separate post.

We get hard when we see them, but we don’t have sex with them. Looking at nothing but titties all day every day would fall just short of being the perfect job. Titties can certainly pave the way to sex, and that’s the whole thing.

Why, why, why. Remember in your youth  when you ran to the National Geographics to see titties from the isle of Borneo? only to be let down.

At Play In The Fields Of The Lord is a movie about missionaries trying to convert the natives in South America…It stars Tom Berenger, John Lithgow, Kathy Bates, and Daryl Hannah. Lots of native titties there; all ages and more penises than you want to see ever again. If you can find an uncut version, Daryl Hannah will bare all. Even the cut version shows Kathy Bates’ titties. Oh yes, complete with a little native dance craziness…shudder.

My point is that what is our obsession with titties? A few of our blogger pals have titty Tuesday, Wednesday, data on weekends, etc. These guys have a huge following, no doubt guys that love titties. Guilty as charged.

Big ones, small ones, skinny ones, fat ones we don’t care. We seem to be more TITillated about big ones than others, although we would never turn down a peek or view of ANY size titties. Am I right? Why is that? Is it because in the back of our minds, if we actually get to see some titties, there might be a bonus involved? It could happen.

It is the nipple that is the titty prize. Yes, the nipple is the reward for capturing the titty. Because if you catch a pair of titties, then your reward is obvious; a mouthful of nipple. Perhaps extended visitation entailing massaging said titties, and staring at them. I don’t know about anyone else, but I could stare at titties for a very long time while caressing and touching said titties, before the next obvious step in this process occurs. Again, that is a different post.

I know a beautiful woman that is very shapely. She had some plastic surgery on her face after a car accident and she is drop dead gorgeous. Very tall, nice ass with a swing, and very small titties. Smaller than a mouse for a laptop. I’ve only “seen” them through a tight fitting t-shirt.  I’m not talking Debra Messing titties; those are nipples growing out of her chest. These are very small titties on a grown woman; like they stalled on development. Yet, if given the opportunity, I would touch, squeeze, and suck them until sent away from the table.

My ex-wife had breasts so large that she had breast reduction surgery because she was having back problems due to her gargantuan bazoombas. I’m sure either woman would have swapped with the other; at least half way.

In our civilized society, “good girls”, don’t show their titties in public; accidentally or on purpose.

Girls are raised since they were little to cover them up. Even little girls with obviously no titties at all will have a bikini. Why bother?

Even as a kid, when we’d play in the kiddie pool at the neighbors, the little girls didn’t wear tops. I was six and I knew that wasn’t right, but I looked anyway, and couldn’t tell the difference even knowing it was a girl.

A guy I used to work with in Denver went out one Friday night with the boss to a series of strip clubs. Bouncing from club to club for hours they both made separate runs to ATMs during the course of the evening. Now, both these guys are married, and I asked my buddy, why?

Without thinking, he replied “we just wanted to see other women’s titties.”

Is that the answer? That would be so simple.

Sometimes the really hard questions never get answered, but that would label this as a philosophical discussion…I don’t thank so…