Wednesday, The 5th

Heh heh

That was fun, wasn’t it?

It’s kinda sad though too, ain’t it? How my life is 6 times of excitement with enough time to write about the family crazies…and I am dragging you down with me…

Of course, it was pointed out to me in no uncertain terms that the outlaw invasion has been merely postponed.

Yes, and thank you for pointing that out…a reprieve is a reprieve, and by golly, I’ll take it.

We should start a pool…I would venture they will try to finagle a way to be here on Thanksgiving.

Speaking of pools…

It is still unclear to me as to what exactly BIL and SIL are supposed to clean up…I do know this; they had a swimming pool, that no one ever used, and I’m not sure if they ever got completely rid of it. Then, they put in another pool, that no one ever used, as it was never completed…that must be it.

The wife and I had a pool in our home in the RGV, and SIL was so insanely jealous, that she made BIL install the first one, which was little more than an elongated wading pool. Now, Baby SIL has a pool as well on SPI (South Padre Island), and I am fairly certain the fact continues to gnaw at SIL…It’s sad she measures her life success by the success of her sisters…

For some unknown reason, they are not allowed to put in a below ground pool..don’t wanna know either..

It ain’t over yet; of that I am sure.

I have been watching potato canning videos today. Somewhere I heard/read that there could be an upcoming potato shortage..perish the thought of Thanksgiving dinner without smashed taters…it’s blasphemy!

Still feeling poorly too…I think I’ll go back to bed a while..

Zero Hour

First of all, I want you to play the song while you read on..go ahead; jam with me and

As I awoke from my extended afternoon nap yesterday, I staggered out into the kitchen where the wife was sitting, with a rather wry smile on her face.

“How are you feeling?” a question that I have been asked countless times in the past several weeks.

“Worse” I managed to hoarsely answer as I fumbled in the pantry looking for something.

She cleared her throat and began “SIL and BIL are not coming after all.”

I literally stopped in my tracks “are you fucking kidding me?”

She shook her head “no, I’m not. It’s complicated, so sit down, shut up, and listen.”

I rarely obey such a harsh command, but this was such potentially good news, that I did as she asked.

Now one must understand before I continue, that this tale is from the lips of SIL, repeated through my wife. SIL does not have enough common sense to shove up a gnat’s ass. I will translate for you, and paraphrase so to fill in the gaps in this bobble headed explanation.

The street light outside of SIL’s house fell over onto the fence between them and their asshole neighbor. It collapsed the fence. They called the city, and the city sent out an “inspector” to assess the situation.

Apparently, the inspector showed up at asshole neighbor’s first, at which time they did nothing but complain about the frickin’ mess in SIL’s back yard.

SIL and BIL were hard working folks, that really never slacked during their working careers. However, there must be a “white trash” gene between them that caused them to allow their back yard to look like a junk yard.

The inspector went on to tell them they had 10 days to clean up the yard.

They also discovered that although the street light was installed by an independent contractor, it is maintained by the power company, whose transformer from which the street light is powered, is in their back yard amongst the rubble.

So, to end this boring account of their plight, they have to get the yard cleaned, and pass an inspection so the contractor(s) can safely work to get the light installed, and the power to it restored.

That’s all I got; and well, pretty much all I need to know.

It’s a miracle…

Meditation for Today: John 14:7-14 | Missioning Pics 'n Flicks

In other news, and the previous escapade would be hard to top, the kid texted me late last night saying “there’s a light on in the shed”. I left the charger on the truck. “Just unplug it please, and I’ll tend to it in the morning.”

So, this morning, I went and the battery showed fully charged, and contrary to my belief, it was not a battery tender as well, so I put it up, and closed the hood…I just really did not feel like it yesterday. Am now shopping for a battery tender; man, those things cost as much as a charger.

So, since the outlaws are no longer coming, I guess the chef is back, and must find something to eat for tonight.

The kid was scheduled to work at 3 this afternoon, but she was gone when I made my trek to the shed. No idea where she could be, but I feel she may have got bitten by the “responsibility bug” and is buying a set of tires…nah, two miracles in one day is impossible.

My neighbor across the street texted me this morning “Hey X! Can I borrow your hacksaw?”

“Sorry, I broke mine last night cutting down a street light in a far away land.”


The Final Countdown

Yes it’s true. The last day of peace and quiet.

I was gonna get a haircut today from my new pal. We had an agreement where I would get in on First Monday. She only charges $10 on Mondays, as the real barber shops are closed on Mondays. I texted her Saturday evening, but have not heard back..I may have to find someone else. She seems to make her own hours, and they change almost daily.

So, it looks like I’ll be barber shopping.

Today, I got up and remember I was gonna haul those tools out to the wellhouse? Well, the battery¬† on my pickup was so dead, I couldn’t even unlock it with the remote. Even with the key, I could only get the passenger door unlocked and open.

So, out with the battery charger, and several trips back and forth from the house to the wellhouse, hauling tools.

The wife is going to be in a frenzy today, trying to do all the shit she wanted to get done at the last minute…trying to please her big sister, who doesn’t care; you should see her place…talk about clutter. 10 bucks says one could not find an electrical outlet in the whole place, as every square inch of wall space is covered with furniture, or some bullshit knick knack…I am happy to report that I have not been there in years.

I napped yesterday, and my sinuses went into major relapse again, with me feeling like I was having an asthma attack for several hours. I just don’t get it. Something in the bedroom; pillow, dust on the curtains, lil’ blanky, dunno. I do know this: those pissant antibiotics ain’t gonna get rid of it.

Whilst outside, I watched some axis deer turn away from the water troughs, as.. well, they were dry….again. I filled those, and the birdfeeders too as I made my trips hauling tools.

The wife picked up a couple more sirloins while I napped yesterday; very nice.

I am considering going back to bed for the day; or for as long as I can.

2 Days To Go

So, went outside earlier today to bolt down some new brackets for the wife’s hanging baskets.

Man, I was ready; I got my cordless drill with the long Philips bit, an icepick to make the holes, a hammer to help the icepick, a pencil, a measuring tape, a ladder, the bracket, and some after market screws since the ones that came with the brackets are worthless.

So I hung up two, and I ask myself: where are the rest?

There was supposed to be like 6 or 7…nada. Screw that, so I put everything up..takes me longer to accumulate all the supplies, than it did to hang the two.

the flower arrangement is artificial…as the rest will be.

Ain’t no good for nuthin’…

I found the other three, and put them up as well.

Tomorrow, I’ll haul away all the large garden tools, and put them in the wellhouse. Gotta keep BIL from getting any ideas to “take over my projects”. Guess I’ll have to hide my tools and cordless drill too…just to be sure.

The carne guisada came out excellent.

I’ll have to return, and get some more of those sirloins. At $3.99lb, darn well worth it. Yes, I gave in and installed the app to get the savings..I’m ashamed, but I got $4/lb sirloin steaks…one of the reasons why they may have gone to the coupon app is because of folks like me, who return twice and get the bargain before the sale is discontinued. The coupon only allows one usage per sale cycle.

I’m wise to that shit. The wife got an app too, as well as the kid. We’re gonna be swimming in sirloin. Hell, even at $6.99 lb, it’s still as cheap as ground beef at the big store.


3 Days To Go

The kid is off today and tomorrow…Unfortunately for her, the wife will have the kid doing chores in preparation for the invasion…

You know what I mean…clean the bathrooms; since the outlaws have more than once complained about the “short commode” in their private bathroom (which is my primary)..shhh..I am not allowed to speak of such things out loud…We’ll get to watch them traipse through the house to use the front bath, or even the master..they have zero scruples. Oh did I wake you? so sorry…I’ll be done in a minute…

Vacuuming,,,I shudder when either one of them use my Royal Dirt Devil upright…How many times have they run over the cord? Easy; just count the retape jobs on the cord.

The extra bed is covered with junk of the wife’s floral arranging…it is also covered with dust. The extra bedroom no longer has central a/c..There is absolutely no telling what BIL will bring to compensate.

As I said, the kid does not yet know what lies in wait for her today.

As for me, the wife has already indicated that “if I was up to it” I could hang some brackets outside for even more hanging baskets; this time with fake flowers. I’ll say nothing more about that disaster waiting to happen; i.e. the hanging baskets will be exposed to all the elements, especially wind.

The wife picked up some of that sirloin on sale at the local grocer at $ was very nice sirloin…I may have her get some more. I am making carne guisada with one of the slabs for my meals next week during the invasion.

Not really feeling a lot better today, and I think I’m gonna milk it until the outlaws have retreated to their domicile.

I installed the new air purifier on a stand close to where I sleep. Does it make a difference? Not that I can far. Maybe it’s all psychological…at least it has a nightlight.

The way our house is designed, one can only get to the extra bedroom through the master bedroom, or from outside. The outside door connects to the patio, where one can walk across the patio to the kitchen. Convenient right? not for them..oh, I don’t wanna have to put shoes on to go to the kitchen..I’d much rather bang and stumble through your bedroom…

Yeah, SIL said that..paraphrased, of course. SIL also loves to rifle through our cupboards and pantry…

Yeah, I’m really looking forward to this.