We’re In Some Trouble Now

We’ve got Robert de Niro telling everyone that “Trump is nuts

We all know that de Niro is a very wealthy hypocritical liberal who made the bulk of his fortune on guns in movies, and now criticizes them.

I’ve been listening a lot to KTSA talk radio out of San Antonio, and they lean a little to the right.

It was suggested that Trump was hired by the Clintons to get the nomination, then screw it up giving the presidency to Swillary.

Trump was doing OK until after the DNC and now the polls show Shrillary leading. Of course, there is the old saying “figgers lie and liars figger” meaning polls can change during the day.

The media is so behind Swillary that it makes me vomit. CNBpuke, CNpuke are leading the way as Swillary’s largest supporters, twisting and re-examining everything coming out of Trump HQ to the point where it is saturating the air.

It is also strongly suggested that the upcoming election will be rigged.

I am going to tell you all something about today’s technology. I worked in the copier business 35 years. Every single time you make a copy today, send a print job to a copier, send a fax through a copier, scan a document to your PC or your flash drive, the copier takes a picture of that document, and stores it on the copier hard drive.

Any technician who sets up a copier has all the passwords he needs to access said hard drive, and download any and every piece of data on it.

For example, if John goes to the hospital and has surgery on his shoulder, every document associated with the surgery can be off loaded from it. Pictures, billing, insurance information, cost, and even video and audio files passed through the copier can be obtained.

Voting machines, I assure you are a lot less technical than today’s copiers. A voter walks up to a touch screen terminal (which we used to call dumb terminals) places his/her vote, and the data is sent to a server.

Then when the polls close, all accumulated data is sent to yet another server where all the votes are tallied.

Any computer on any network can be hacked and I think you and I are seeing that more and more every day.

The software that runs the voting machines has to be maintained and updated from time to time. It would be too costly to have a technician go to each voting precinct and do the update, so it is done remotely.

Again, who is to say that a technician couldn’t run an additional program that changes all the Trump votes to Swillary before it is sent to the big tally server? You think about it.

In the 2012 election, I watched precinct after precinct come in with obamski having 100% of the votes, and even 103% of the votes in a precinct.

No freaking way, man. No freaking way.

There is always some clown who will write in Ted Nugent or Arnold Schwarzenegger.

There is no precedent for a rigged national election. The loser loses, and the cheater gets to be president.

The democrats cannot win without cheating.

Swillary was diagnosed with dementia recently.

Well, we knew she is sick, and it’s nice to see something published to that effect.

It’s gonna be a real mud slinger.

Back Home Briefly

In anticipation of in influx of family to the ranch, I decided to pull the trailer home and load up with some furniture to allow visitors to stay in the bunkhouse.

My knee started acting up and I hobbled a couple days while still at the ranch. The compensation has caused my calf to be sore now as well. Getting old is a bitch. You younger folks appreciate your youth.

I came home also to recuperate as at the ranch, there are no chairs, say for two and they are not very comfortable.

A couple days of very light duty at home will aid in my recuperation…hopefully.

A pic of my new trailer

A 5×8 utility trailer. I added the 2×12 walls to hold the horse manure. I have had one load so far and gotten it added to the raised gardens.

A nice load of partially composted horse manure.

I had to empty it to head home. I got almost all of it into the gardens. I didn’t bring my camera home to upload garden pics.

OK let’s review: 5 raised gardens; about 100 sq feet per garden. My Mantis tiller is perfect for tilling the gardens and its sharp tines chew through almost anything. I put several wheelbarrows full of manure in each garden and tilled it in. Then I wet it heavily, and covered it again with the plastic sheeting. That was Phase 1.

Phase 2 is a repeat of Phase 1, but the soil is much more easily tilled.

My trip back was interesting as I ran straight into a very strong headwind. With the weight of the trailer, my truck pretty much stayed in passing gear the last half of the trip, using almost an entire tank of gas after a fill up in George West, Texas. That’s 150 miles on almost 16 gallons. The engine got really hot too.

I had the oil changed when I got here, and instead of 5W 20, I went with 10W 30 as the oil pressure gauge twitch so fast, I couldn’t even see the needle as it was a blur. Oil too thin Keemosabe.

The last change I ran a quart of Marvel Mystery Oil in the crankcase as well. This change was straight oil. I would have preferred to run pure 30W but they don’t use it. Guess I’m old school, but one does not need multi viscosity oil in Texas in the summer.

Got a haircut from my usual barber and had him trim my beard as well as my grooming tools are still here.

Another concern is the safety of the trailer; not getting stolen. I have a case hardened long shackle Master that locks the ball lock and I bought an 8ft cable that runs through the rim and around the leaf spring. At least it will slow them down. Better check on insurance too.

I had really wanted to just put a ball on my bumper and use that, but the bumper is too high so I had to buy a hitch and have it installed. I also had to purchase a new spare for the pickup as the one I had was the original (14 years old). I really wanted a  spare tire and rim for the trailer, but did not want to wait to order the rim.

Service for Pop is set for Friday at his home church where I will speak and the wife will play piano. Any further participation by family is unknown to me.

My youngest brother will be coming alone as all his kids are smack dab in the middle of the first week of school.

My wife also will miss two days of her first week of school.

It seems that we have accommodated all others, and the family is the one that is suffering the most. The church was unable to have the service on Saturday due to a previously scheduled fund raiser they had been planning.

Cousins from North Dakota will be driving down as Pop was the last uncle of nine kids.


The Legend Is Gone

My pop passed away last night. They said he went peacefully while sleeping. I suppose given a choice, I would just as soon go that way as well. As Kenny Rogers put it “he broke even”.
My brother and sister in law met me at the home and we cleaned out his room.
Sigh. We all knew it would happen, but it’s different getting slapped with a harsh dose of reality.

Out for a while

I’ll be out of internet range for I don’t know how long.

Vacation is over.

I have much to do and I am fresh out of excuses.

The wife will be taking her car as well and spend a couple weeks at our retreat.

The priority is getting the gardens starting to compost. I have some stuff to start that but will have to purchase a utility trailer to haul horse manure.

Will take the weedeater to cut the weeds close in the gardens, then add peat moss, then a bunch of tea bags and coffee grounds and vegetable chunks I have been saving…to start. Then will cover the gardens with black plastic sheeting while shopping for a trailer. I am hoping the sheeting will kill all the weeds and Bermuda grass while at the same time, starting the process of composting.

I will have to repair a busted PVC in the irrigation line to one of the gardens too. Shouldn’t be a problem, and that always brings up Murphy’s 14th Law

Anything you try to do yourself will take longer and cost more than you thought.

Bring it on, Murphy.

The master bath toilet is still not working, and am strongly considering just replacing it with a real toilet instead of the newfangled one that I cannot seem to find parts for.

I am looking forward to using the Mantis tiller for the gardens. Too bad, the tiller is so good and the company uses sleazy tactics to get people to buy their stuff.


Happy Birthday America! 240 Years Old

How fitting. 240 years ago today, the Declaration Of Independence was signed, and the Revolutionary War went into full swing.

Technically, the Constitution wasn’t drafted until 1789, as well as the First Ten Amendments, better known as the Bill of Rights.

Here we are today, and the word “revolution” is more than a whisper mentioned in passing.

Revolution is on our minds every time we listen to a speech by anyone speaking pro gun control, because those of us gun owners will not give them back, register them, or let them be taken from us; period.

Supposedly, there are 3 million private gun owners in the country. I would wager my left testicle that there are more than that. Even three million armed civilians are more than there are in our current military. Of course, now that the Feds have armed the IRS, game wardens, park rangers, and other federal employees, the armed feds are increasing. So be it. I’ll bet my other testicle that you and I could out shoot an IRS employee any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

The guns are the first thing they will take. Then, they will take everything else.

More and more, we the general public are seeing more brazen local law enforcement and even state troopers illegally confiscating stealing arms and cash from law abiding civilians across the country.

Sounds like the LEOs are already afraid of us civvies. I’m tellin’ ya, one too many more incidents like that, ’twill be the catalyst that will start the uprising. Remember ‘the shot heard ’round the world’?

obamski and his admin have passed so many bullshit laws that chances are, on a normal day, you and I break one or two. We are over regulated…remember King George?

It’s almost an everyday thing now; the cops had the wrong address and kicked in doors and may or may not have shot and killed innocents in pursuit of a drug warrant. Dumbass cops. Liars. Cowards.

The Supreme Court recently ruled that cops can pull you over and search your car and home too without a warrant. That is wrong. The Bill of Rights is very specific on that; it’s called the Sixth Amendment.

In a recent interview, Swillary commented on the Second Amendment, beginning her sentence with the words “if the Second Amendment is valid” blah blah blah. I hope she has an aneurysm caused by one of her coughing fits.

The democrats have to cheat to win. Remember the Sandy Hook Hoax? The dems are so afraid of us gun toting civilians that they have to make up shit to get the public behind them and their fascist, gun controlling attitudes. Don’t kid yourselves. The Sandy Hook shooting was nothing more than a half-assed lame FEMA drill.

Eric Holder, former Attorney General of the US, got involved with an ATF scam to get guns into Mexico, then recapture them saying “See? See? We have to stop selling guns to keep them from the cartels!”

What they didn’t count on was a US Border Patrol agent getting killed with one of them. Someone pointed a finger at Holder, accusing him of knowing about it and the only defence he has is “it’s because I’m a Negro, ain’t it?” Chickenshit asshole.

Democrats are mentally incapable of accepting responsibility. In fact, that’s what they preach. They think it’s OK and hence, have millions of followers: who don’t want any responsibility either because it’s easier that way.

Did you know that if you sell a home or property, and you make money on it, that the feds now take 3% of your profit? That’s your unwilling contribution to obamacare. It’s called taxation without representation.

Then there is the political machine in DC. It is a seemingly unstoppable snowball rolling downhill, picking up more and more politicians, kickbacks, benefits, corruption, the list goes on. Even the good guys aren’t the good guys any more. It’s getting to the point where the only way to stop it is to pull the plug. Fire everyone and send ’em home. Here comes the “R” word again.

The best disguise you can wear these days is a burka. No one will mess with  you. For me, my six foot height and size 14 feet would give me away, not to mention I’d have to wear glasses on the outside of the mask thingy.

Then there is the obamski admin that keeps passing bullshit laws and giving hundreds of millions of dollars to some bullshit science project that wants to study the sex life of the yellow bellied humming moth or some bullshit art studio that teaches kids how to draw symbols of being a raghead. Where does he think the money comes from?

Did you hear about Moochelle’s visit to Morocco and her pledge to give hundreds of millions of dollars to educate girls there? That cost you and I $600,000 just for one night. Someone please tell me why the first bitch is making policy and giving away my money. Oh yeah, she takes her rugrats wherever she goes now too. Like a couple of lap dogs.

I hope I have the opportunity to oppose and be heard when the revolution approaches. I have two children, and it would not be right to leave them to fight this monstrosity by themselves.

Happy Birthday America. I am proud to be an American. I am no longer proud of what America does.

Why Do We Do It

This year as seen some great blogs shut down; Bubba, Stackz, Orbitup is still out there but not blogging any more, and more recently Howard from Preparedness Advice has announced that he is shutting down. Not going out of town, quitting.

Remember Remus a couple years ago shut down? and he came back.

Why do we do this? Do we have something to say to the world? Is this just an outlet for us to think people are listening to our rants?

I don’t know.

It does seem risky to a point to kind of hang our ass out the window going down the busy street on Saturday night.

Poking fun (or worse) at the political machine and more often then not, the president. Call attention to ourselves, yet assume another identity or keep our real identity hidden.

Are we just thumbing our noses at the ‘establishment’? Come and get me! And then, well, some do disappear, don’t they? one way or another?

Do we think we’re doing good? Perhaps. Maybe one new person stumbled onto my blog and discovered the world of prepping. Maybe he or she understood my rant, and are now on board. Perhaps now they too, started their own blog about something they are passionate about.

When I’m up at the ranch, I  miss not being able to do this.

Do I think people flock to my blog to see what classic rock song I posted today? nah, although it’s a subject I am passionate about.

Do people check my posts to see how the world of prepping has advanced since yesterday? nah, although I consider myself a serious prepper, and have moved on to the next phase of that

X’s great wisdom? nope

X’s sharp wit? nah

Joke of the Day? nah

Classic Corner? nope.

So what is it?

Perhaps a connection. Maybe once you stumbled onto my blog and read something that made you say to your self ‘damn right!’ or ‘I remember that song’!

X is not philosophical. Most of the stuff I write is not deep. Truthfully, until 2010, I didn’t give a damn about anything political.

What happened? I became informed. I started my blog about a condition that my youngest son has. I felt that because I “put it out there” others could see and read about it, and that I did something. 

The first bloggers I followed, I don’t follow any more. Maybe I grew past them, maybe after reading them daily, I got to know them and dumped them, discovering that I really didn’t like them after all, or I no longer saw eye to eye with them.

Through links and links I discovered the ones I show and follow now. My blogroll changes weekly. People fall out of favor. Others drop out of site. Some just fade away.

I fear that soon, I may be dropping off as well.

I will say this; I am really concerned about the upcoming election. I fear we may have never seen the mudslinging like it will be done for the November elections.

I also have a fear in the back of my brain that says the Democrats will rig the election (again), and win.

China is poised with its finger on the button.

N. Korea is same.

Muslims are infiltrating our country daily, and ISIS continues to take responsibility for cowardly acts of terrorism.

Tens of thousands of immigrants are coming across our southern borders daily, and are being relocated to centers near you.

Islam is now taught in our schools.

Radiation from the Fukahsima reactor disaster has caused a 200% increase in various cancers in western US.

Our own president wants to disarm us, as do all liberals.

The Middle East is in total chaos.

56,000 guns are being sold in this country on a daily basis.

The word “revolution” is now more than just a passing thought.

For years, I thought this song was “A Summer’s Day”. It took me a long time to figure out I was wrong.

X’s Classical Corner: Maurice Ravel

Maurice Ravel’s most famous work is Bolero. I came upon this by accident.

Ravel was technically a composer from the Impressionist and High Modern periods.

FF to 39:47

This is a ballet

Now for the banter so far

Up at 6:30 today as it is Saturday and that means getting to the grocery store early so as to beat all other shoppers and not wait in line. Somehow, recent events have whittled away at my desire to get up early and beat the crowds.

Back home by 7:30 and unpacked refrigerated stuff, and headed balls to the wall to the barber shop. Used to be on Saturday, if one did not get there by 7:30 on Saturday, one was in for a wait.

When I arrived, there was a guy in the chair, and one waiting, and four came in after me. Oh well, out by 8:20, and now off to Lowe’s.

The carpenter ants have attacked my crepe myrtle and the ash tree so I bought some surface spray to put on the trunk for now and some granular ant poison for the yard.

After I got home from Lowe’s, I loaded up the pickup with 11 empty five gallon water jugs and headed to the Watermill for filling.

Unloaded and arranged LILO in the garage. Oh yeah, I also picked up a 10 lb bag ice from there $1.25. Not bad.

Then use the fertilizer spreader to walk the ant poison over the front yard. A brief watering in after that, and I set up the sprinkler for tomorrow morning. We are only allowed to water with sprinklers Wednesday and Sunday 6-10 am and 6-10 pm.

I set my sprinkler up today, then up at 6 tomorrow (even earlier…who’s to know at that hour?) stagger outside and just turn it on, then back to bed.

So now I’m done with the chores. Had planned to go to Sam’s but am bushed. Took a shower as I was pig sweaty after unloading all those jugs.

I’m not even hungry.

Did some preliminary organizing of stuff to haul back to the ranch on Tuesday. My wife bought a set of dishes and glasses. I am bringing several bottles of wine from our TCM wine club to my new neighbors at the ranch. They are retired cops and do like their fine wines. They pick up my mail and are ever watchful of events that may or may not occur at my place across the way.

I also picked up a set of knives in a butcher block, and case of Duraflame logs for 8 bucks.

My stay here turned out to be much longer than originally planned, so probably much of the stuff I had in the fridge up there will have gone bad. Probably a trip to the store will be in order. First, I will have to pay the hired man. I will have owed him for three weeks upon my arrival. He will be glad to see me.


July 1 banter

First, some tunes…do yourself a favor and put on your phones

Took a shower today. Since all I have been doing is sitting on my butt in air conditioned comfort, I don’t shower daily.

At this point, I am planning to head back to the ranch on Tuesday; for how long, I don’t know. That means blogging will come to a screeching halt after the 4th.

After my shower, it’s the usual. Take the BP meds, and cook breakfast. Today, I cooked the rest of the raw flour tortillas. There were five of them. That will give me about three days of breakfast tacos.

Will probably add bacon, eggs, and potatoes to the tacos and top with cheese, wrapping them in foil and warming to cheese melt temp in  the toaster oven. Or maybe my favorite: egg, chopped tomato and cheese. The tomatoes go in after the cheese has melted. OK, talked myself into it.

Three eggs

Just going to make two tacos today. I got gypped on one of them…

Almost done

Time to fill

Now the cheese

Now to wrap

Bring  foil up and over taco. That’s the next one underneath, and fold sides in and roll.

Now off to the toaster oven for about 10 minutes; depends how hot it is. Mine is ts 150°.

Ahhh. Nice glob of melted cheese

Now smother with chopped tomato. Mine was soaking in some salsa verde for a little ‘kick’. You can always add pico de gallo or your favorite salsa.

Roll back up and find your place at the table and enjoy. They were good.

Can’t figure why all the pics disappeared. Since WordPress now wants me to “upgrade” to the premium plan for $99 so I can upload pics again. I found a way to do it without paying the MAN. I uploaded the pics to another WordPress site which has not reached its upload limit, and just copied them and pasted to this post.

Then I deleted them from the other site. Then they disappeared. The last pics with the tomatoes were deleted too, yet they are still visible.

Now my daily dose of prune juice. It’s good thing I don’t wander far from home. When the PJ kicks in, there is little warning.

You need to read this from Brock Townsend

Time For Some Soul…and more banter

Changed my mind. Here’s some Stevie Ray Vaughn


The pool turned green again; this time while I was here. No excuse except I’ve been keeping my leg elevated, trying to stay off it.

Anyway, the Polaris cratered and was forced to get a new another one. Those guys are every bit of $700 new. I found a used one on Ebay for $300.

Today seemed like as good as any day to get started and fix the pool for the wife.

I sent her out  yesterday to buy some pool shock, which is concentrated chlorine (68% calcium hypochlorite). When I first arrived here nearly three weeks ago, it was green as well because the chlorine tabs had run out.

The chlorinating tower holds maybe ten 3″ tablets, I usually put in eight, and they last about two weeks.

So, the Polaris came in last week, and has been sitting on the living room floor. It came complete; with all hoses and fittings. Pretty handy; all I had to do was screw on the upper hose fitting.

The adaptor that screws into the plumbing on the side of the pool where the Polaris attaches, was broken, and it came a new one of those too.

Actually, I got up early for nothin’ because I was done with the pool in less than half an hour. Now just let the Polaris clean it up and soon it will be clean, blue, and sparkling…before the wife even gets up.

I requested the pool shock that comes in 1 lb bags; that way we know that we’re well, getting a pound into the pool. She came home with a 25 lb bucket of pool shock powder. At least it came with a scoop.

I filled the chlorinator with tabs and made a round around the pool emptying a full scoop of shock.

Here I am a couple hours later, and the pool is still green, but it’s now all in the water; not on the sides and bottom. The bottom looks debris free so the Polaris is doing its job. The Polaris looks like it might need an adjustment on the rear jet to keep if from surfing on top of the pool. No biggy.

I went ahead and added a gallon of Chlorox just now to be certain to knock out the algae.

I cooked and ate breakfast and cleaned up the breakfast dishes. Today, it was thick sliced bacon, and what I call X’s Mexican Omelette.

3 eggs beaten  until fluffy…add to fairly hot non stick pan, but not too hot. Cook until top almost set, then flip carefully.

Now add sliced jalepenos, and grated cheddar on one half, then fold empty half over. Cook a few minutes, then flip, then top.

Top with Wolf brand chili, Ranch Style beans, and more cheddar. I usually put my plate over the pan for a few minutes to trap the heat and melt the cheddar a little. It also heats the plate enough so you’re not putting your hot omelette onto a cold plate.

Nothing but a memory now.

I found this today

The pool was still green at around 1:00 when the wife got up. I went out to check why. I happened to check the filter pressure and it was up to 25 psi…way too high. That means it is clogged.

So a backflush was necessary. Normal pressure is about 8 psi and will work OK until it reaches around 17 psi. After that, we run the risk of the filter collapsing on itself.

By late afternoon, the pool is much clearer.

The Daily Banter 6/29…Time for Tunes

Holy crap…July 1 is the day after tomorrow. Really sneaks up don’t it?

My wife was so excited that she got to sleep in today. The days that I sleep in just means that I take my BP meds late. Better to just get up and get ‘er done.

I read another article a few days ago about bacon and cholesterol. I am anxiously awaiting six thick sliced hunks o’ bacon as part of my breakfast.

My foot is about the same. It usually takes a downturn late in the day.

One of the reasons I got up today was dreams. WTF? The past couple of nights I had the weirdest dreams and I was unable to stop them without getting up, and finally, just get up  altogether.

Lots of theories about dreams out there. One is you are all parts of  your dream. I won’t dispute that.

The last dream I had I was trying to pick up a typewriter and a calculator I had in for repair at an office machine store. (I worked as an office machine repair technician in the ’70’s, ’80’s, and early ’90’s.)

It was right at closing time and all the doors were locked and it was Friday. There was only one unlocked door and I kept getting my foot caught in some wire that prevented me from getting inside.

When I finally got in, the total bill was only six dollars. It was an old SCM manual typewriter and a mechanical adder but I needed help to carry them out, and everyone was leaving. I kept getting my foot stuck in the wire and they  kept  locking the door.

I got the hell outa that dream pronto. The other two I don’t remember, as I got up and peed. By the time I got back to sleep, my mind had set up another nightmare.

I’ve been cutting back on my drinking, and that keeps me from sleeping hard.

Time for Tunes from the seventies

Anyone own a compound bow or compound crossbow?

Barnett Jackal Crossbow Package, Camouflage

This is a Barnett Jackal compound crossbow; about $170 at amazon.com

315 feet per second…and silent.

Banter for today: 6/28

My wife has a tutoring student this morning at 11:00 for two hours.

I am certain that her tutoring has kept us in the black during the Dark Times.

I got up a little earlier to cook and eat breakfast as I disappear when she has students.

Today I made egg, tomato, and cheese tacos. I bought some raw white flour tortillas and cooked a couple of them in very hot pan, then cooked three eggs, put them in the tacos with lots of grated cheddar, and let them meld together in the toaster oven at 155° for fifteen minutes.

Meanwhile, I ground up some Columbian coffee beans and made a pot of coffee, and I heated some water for iced tea later. For that I usually heat about 2 quarts of water in the m/w for 9 minutes, and pour the hot water over a gallon tea bag; or a buttload of the smaller ones, and let it steep;  usually until it cools to room temp. It’s not planned, it’s just convenient.

I prefer my coffee with a huge dose of Irish Cream and a whiff of half/half. The Columbian is a nice alternative to my usual Dunkin’ Donuts coffee I get from Sam’s…and yes, two cups of coffee will often times get me enough of a buzz for a nap later.

I had a little incident with the kid last night. I saw her carry a giganto bag out of her room out the front door. I knew what it was, yet I was compelled to express my displeasure.

The garbage people come on Monday. Sunday afternoon, she hauled another two giganto bags of garbage from her room out to the trash barrel. I could not help but smile she’s finally catching on I thought.

The idea is to get all the ding dang garbage out Sunday so that everything is gone: poof! No fresh trash in the house. Get it? ‘Course ya do.

But Monday night? The kid hauls out a 13 gallon bag of cat litter? to sit outside in the high nineties temps for a week? WTF? The scary thing is that this is a relatively normal everyday fucked up thing that she does.

The proper way to do the kitty litter is to use a scoop full of holes that filters out the turds, but leaves the litter intact. Then, one takes the bag of turds out to the trash. This operation should be done daily so as not to stink up the house with catshit odor. The kid has discovered yet another shortcut in her miserable life that involves emptying the entire load of litter into the trash barrel once a week (or tow) and replacing the entire volume of litter. So damn busy, ya know.

My wife and I were watching TV when the kid came home. She had been out all day. We don’t know if she went to class as she disappeared at 9:30 in the morning.

I paused the movie and the wife asked me “what are you doing?”

I merely answered “I am preparing for the interrogation.”

When the kid returned after dumping her humongous bag of catshit into my trash barrel, I asked her “do you know what day this is?” I love being indirect.

She hung her head ’cause she knew she was busted.

“What was in the bag?”

“Cat litter, I forgot.”

“Now that bag of cat shit will sit outside my garage for a week and will stink to high heaven by the time the trash comes again!” I shoulda got an Oscar.


I started the movie, and she went back to her room, and she left a few minutes later. She has not returned.

Side story: she is only a couple of hours away from a degree in biology. She failed the organic chemistry the first time she took it, and she is currently taking it again; in a summer session.

I’m sure she will fail it, as she lies about attending classes.

My foot is still bothering me, but not as bad. That will change as the day goes by. This morning, it’s the arch that is the most painful. I wonder if I coulda broke a bone.

My pop sent me a check for a grand. My brother gave me a heads up saying that pop felt bad that I was pouring all this money into replacing stuff that I had already paid for. Shucks.

My sister in law is a huge gardening fan, and was so looking forward to visiting the ranch, and working in my gardens this summer. Originally she was going to come down mid-July and stay for a week. The plans were changed to July 8, and my wife has decided to put a halt to the visit altogether, due mostly to my foot that is stubborn to heal in a timely manner. At this point, there are no plans to return.

Check back later today. I will update.

I gotta plan my disappearance; meaning snack food and entertainment. I could just nap, but then it would be 1:00. Much too early to wake up from a nap.

I could disassemble my PC, and air out the dust bunnies. Something wrong with the video slot and now sound card; damn Dells.

I could drag out the Beretta and give it a good oiling.

Take inventory on the .22 WMR rounds.

I’ll be hobbling back to my own little room around 10:55.

The wife is up now eating her breakfast.

I’ll need to remember to drink my prune juice. Yeeees, it keeps me regular. I used to laugh at old farts at the grocery store buying prune juice. Damn, it’s a bitch getting old. Since I’ll be in close proximity to the bathroom for a couple of hours, might be a prudent idea.


snuck back through the kitchen to get to the garage fridge for my glass of prune juice. Student was already here. Got caught up in examining the Beretta. It has a worn gizmo called an “ejector”.

Apparently, it is what diverts the empty cartridge out after firing. My ejector is very worn on the end where it touches the cartridge. It looks like a job for the local smith. The part is only ten bucks from Brownells.

The ejector is number 59. The very tip on mine is very noticeably worn.

right side view

OK, I ordered the part; two of them. $28 and change including shipping.

OK, I got bored and napped until 2.

I now am listening to the kid’s damn cat crying because it is out of food and/or water as the kid left mad last night. Kid showed up still pissed off to feed the damn cat. Guess will have to evict them at the end of the year.

Found a youtube video that shows me how to tear down the Beretta and replace the ejector.

Baked some chicken thighs the other day in some bbq sauce and seasoned salt. Had the last two for lunch.

Wife is hot to get me some new shoes that don’t kill me when I walk. My foot today is almost back to normal; better than it’s been since my return visit over two weeks ago.

Supper was taco seasoned ground beef, grated cheddar, corn tortillas briefly fried in hot oil, chopped lettuce, chopped tomato, and some Ranch Style beans. Yep, it was good.

Put the slab of ice cream from the deep freezer into the black freezer to let it soften a bit, and will douse it with chocolate syrup in a frozen bowl. Maybe throw a dollop of peanut butter in between the chunks.

Thinking Out Loud Today

I’m laid up for a while, stuck at home. Something wrong with my foot. Don’t know what. Hurts like hell. Spent a couple hours in ER last week. It’s much better now, but still unexplained. Swells up strangely too. Doc called it edema. Doc said stay off of it and keep it elevated. As I said, it has improved considerably.

This gives me much time to surf and gather information on things that are going on in the world, country, and state of Texas and most of it is not good.

I take in all this info and form my own opinion, and right now, my opinion is get another rifle with a couple thousand rounds of ammo…quickly.

We finally got a place in the country, that’s great but it’s just another baby step. So many yet to go, and so many we’ve already taken.

Being stuck at home is a huge setback as it had prevented me from continuing moving supplies to the homestead.

I keep reading that the dems are still coming after the guns. So be it, if you’re coming for mine, you better bring yours.

Confiscate food from so-called “hoarders”? Again, how many lives will it be worth to you to steal food from me? and I ain’t talkin’ about MZBs either. I am referring to Feds and FEMA.

I read on a couple blogs today about caravans of trains and trucks hauling military equipment. Nothing new, yet perhaps that is what they want. Familiarity breeds complacency.

I’m probably a little more paranoid than the average person. And I’m easier agitated than the average guy. It had gotten me into trouble more than once.

I’d like to get another rifle. The wife said why don’t you sell one of the revolvers. That’s a thought. We have two Heritage .22lr revolvers; one of them came with a .22 magnum cylinder. We also have western holsters for each and about 800 rounds of magnum ammo for the one gun. Anyone priced .22 WMR ammo? If you can find it, it’s a little pricey. The holsters were $120 each with belts.

I’d like to get a .410 too. It seems a waste to blow away an armadillo with a full blown OO twelve gauge round.

Still, carrying a .22 around the ranch might be prudent to hang on to them…for snakes and sich. A Judge would be nice for snakes.

Taurus Judge 4510TKR-3SS Revolver | .410 GA. .45 Long Colt 5 Rounds Matte Stainless

A buddy told me that the Judge shoots an alternate round .45 long Colt. He said shooting that round in that gun was a real handful of a load. The Judge with the .410 round would be handy for the snakes…even though pop said he never saw any rattlers…he also said that doesn’t mean they ain’t around. It would also mean two more different types of ammo to keep supplied. Hmmm.

I continue my wishful thinking about an AR-15. Still would require us stocking up on that type of ammo as well. The .223 is cheaper than the 5.56 NATO. All kinds of things to consider.

I noticed the price of the Ruger 10/22 has gone up a few dollars also. Used to be able to get those for under $200.

Ruger 10/22 Rifle 1103, 22 LR, 18.5", Semi-Auto, Birchwood Stock, Blued Steel Finish, 10 Rds

I like ’em because one can purchase higher capacity mags. The Marlin semi-auto (from what I have seen) has no after market high cap mags.

I was looking at a Ruger semi-auto .223 rifle, but technically, it wasn’t sold as an AR-15 so it would require purchasing Ruger mags: not AR-15 mags which interchange into all rifles sold as AR-15 platform. I am learning.

Ruger AR556CTG Autoloading Rifle 8505, 16.10 in, Adjustable Stock, Tactical Grey Finish, 30 Rd

Too bad, too. It was less than $700.

Questions About .223 and 5.56 NATO

researched diffs of 5.56 NATO and .223 Rem

I looked into the differences between the .223 Remington round and the 5.56mm NATO round. I get it. The specs for the two cartridges are close; but not the same. If pressed, one can fire a .223 round in an AR-15 chambered for a 5.56mm NATO round, but not the other way around due to the higher power inherent in the 5.56 round; and even that depends on the weight of the bullet.

I also read that one must look on the barrel to see how the weapon is chambered; it is stamped on the barrel…to be sure. As I mentioned, one can shoot a .223 round in the 5.56 rifle, but may lose some accuracy at longer distances.

Why build when one can buy complete? This is a good question and those of you who have been around firearms whether in the military or raised with guns, have an advantage to those of us who haven’t. I am starting to see how one can buy an M4 platform, that will allow, depending on lower and upper receiver combos, one to change out between AR-15, 7.62X39 (AK-47), and 300 blackout.

For a few thousand dollars one can have several options on how one wants to shoot; defend, patrol, sniper.

For myself, I am looking to purchase an AR-15 already built, chambered in a 5.56 NATO…because I can shoot both rounds and I am not concerned initially about being super accurate at distances over 60 yards.

chrome lined barrel? why or why not? Chrome lined barrels extend the life of your weapon by about 5000 rounds from what I have read.

complete gun without sites?

what about sights? so damn many out there..open sights, optics, lasers…how does one choose?

Most of the lower end priced AR-15 come with what is called ‘flat top’. I take that as no sights at all.

Well  shit. I don’t care how good you are, ya gotta have sights. Whether iron or peep or scopes or optics or red dot or green dot or laser or whatever the hell is out there.

Red dot sights are $400. That’s pretty steep if you just spent $800 on a rifle.

What’s with the carrying handle? Is it part of the sight? Fold down, flip up geez, a rookie would get screwed buying a gun without having a clue, and probably many buyers do.

Do ya need a sling if ya gotta carrying handle? Like belt and suspenders?

I am still looking and I am getting smarter.

is there a site out there that splains all? I have not found it…

A final note on ammo; from what I have read, .223 is cheaper than 5.56 NATO. The 5.56 round was invented so that bullet would still be hypersonic at 500 yards out of the muzzle. Let’s see…sound travels roughly at 1000 fps…500 yards is 1500 ft.

Our pal Stakz has a really impressive post on .556 ammo here.

You experts out there don’t stomp on me if I got something wrong. This blog is about information; not being corrected.



Well, That’s It Then

The Supreme Court just ruled that police now can stop whoever they want, detain, question, frisk, cavity search, interrogate, beat up, fondle, rape, imprison anyone for anything.

You and I know it was a long battle with the cops. I learned a long time ago to ever be on my guard regarding cops, state troopers, LEOs, even deputy sheriffs; although they are probably more on your side than you think.

I did not think this day would ever come, for sure not by the Supreme Court. Surely  the Supreme Court of the United States would not allow unlawful search and seizures?

How the hell can the Supreme Court simply ignore the Bill of Rights?

The Supreme Court Just Created a Full-Blown Police State – The End of the USA Cannot Be Far Behind


The court’s three women justices strongly dissented and warned that the ruling will encourage police to randomly stop and question people because they face no penalty for violating their constitutional rights against unreasonable searches. They said racial minorities in major cities will be most affected.



It is a sad day indeed.

Sniff…sniff…what’s that smell? Smells like revolution.

Idaho Falls Nightmare

A couple years ago, I looked at moving to Idaho, after seriously looking for land in Wyoming. Folks in Wyoming got wise to the sudden influx of interest in their state, and real estate prices escalated accordingly.

So I started looking west and looked at Idaho. I ended up going to a forum called City-Data forum and man, the truth comes out.

I don’t know how the hell it was decided but poor Idaho Falls, nestled in the high country Idaho has been prime relocation for raghead refugees.

And now, it’s starting there what happened in Europe; raping little girls.


Horror and Hush-Up in Twin Falls, Idaho

Coming soon to a town near you.

Time to get your AR-15


X’s Tip of the Day

For those of you with cast iron cook ware, and are unable to get that really nice seasoned look with Crisco or olive oil, use flaxseed oil to season your cast iron.


I got my oil from Ebay for about 14 bucks.

I had to scrub my Dutch oven down and use some oven cleaner to clean the sides and bottom. It didn’t get it all, but it was the best I could do.

I used the flaxseed oil and it was a noticeable difference in the color and texture of the seasoned surface.

Solved The Global Warming Problem

The idiot liberals, led by Al Gore AKA “The biggest scammer since PT Barnum”, all believe that we, you and I, the citizens of earth cause global warming. Al Gore laughs all the way to the bank every day of his miserable life cashing in on the wide-eyed democrats who will believe anything told to them by another democrat.

All conservatives know the answer to global warming, don’t we?

A time machine.

Conservatives have been taught to the point where a well balanced education covering a large number of subjects, including naturally occurring cycles of our planet; furthermore including  the fact that every 10,000 years or so, give or take, there is a climate shift.

You don’t wanna go through the next Ice Age? Hop in and go 10,000 years into the future and skip it.

There ya go.

Not carbon emissions, not carbon footprint, no hole in the ozone layer (man, that was a good one)…guess the liberals cut class the day they studied about carbon dioxide being our friend.

Now let’s move onto a subject we can actually do something about like…

impeachment of obamski and/or hillary…if she’s guilty, put the bitch in jail stop fartin’ ’round.



Those Colorful Clintons

Dolly Kyle, author of Hillary: The Other Woman, tells all about the Clintons behind closed doors including

Hillary was heard calling mentally challenged children ‘f*****g ree-tards’ and caught on record blurting out the terms ‘stupid k**e and ‘f***ing Jew b*****d’, while Bill called the Reverend Jesse Jackson a ‘G**damned n****r’.

Ya gotta read it to believe it

Tricky Bill left this

Bill Clinton's former lover Dolly Kyle has published claims about the Clinton couple's racial politics in her new book, Hillary: The Other Woman

for this

Dolly says Hillary (pictured with Bill on Tuesday) was caught on record blurting out the terms 'stupid k**e' and 'f***ing Jew bastard', while Bill called the Reverend Jesse Jackson a 'G**damned n****r'

Any questions?

Gersh Kuntzman…Wussy of the Year Award

With a name that contains “kunt”, it pretty much speaks for itself.

This is the refried sissy that said shooting an AR-15 hurt his widdoe shoulder and hurt his ears.

The pussy’s article here

Got this pic from Chief Nose Wetter

Well shit.

If the brass is flyin’ past your face then maybe your shootin’ left handed.

If it’s too loud then maybe your hearing pertecshun is lacking.

Anxious and irritable? That’s adrenalin.

I’m sure a real soldier with PTSD would have something to say to you about that…

More Pussy Kuntsman here


It’s Really Sad…

Swillary and Willie’s home town are so caught up with them that there is one lonely soul who proclaims for Trump…and is shunned for it by his neighbors.


The locals are obviously so wrapped up having their “hometown girl” so close to the presidency that they will be quickly forgotten no matter what happens in November.

Poor bastards…every damned one of ’em.

obamski gets approval to increase height of fence around the black house


In September 2014, a Texas man, Omar Gonzalez, managed to scale the fence, enter the executive mansion and run deep into the building. Gonzalez, who was found to be carrying a folding knife, was ultimately sentenced to 17 months in prison.

I’m pretty sure that being in the United States illegally is a felony. This poor bastard got 17 months for jumping the black house fence, and we have record breaking numbers of illegals coming across the Rio Grande.


‘Course, then there is the heat wave coming that will definitely threaten anyone caught unprepared in the Desert Southwest next week.

An AR-15 for $500? I’ll take one please.

Now we have DHS saying they will be in charge of upcoming gun control…not according to Matt  Drudge


Mantis Tillers

I have had the pleasure of using a Mantis 2-stroke tiller. These little guys are perfect for raised gardens as they only weigh like 21 lbs. The tines are sharp as hell and will rip through and till the soil very nicely.

Ultra Lightweight Tiller

A couple years ago I used one on some raised gardens with lots of horse manure. It tilled  and mixed the soil very well and I had some beautiful vegetables that season.

Using a premixed gasoline of 50:1, a gallon of gasoline will go a long way in a season.

These things will go and go and go.


Now for the bad news. The company.

I bought one May 22 from Mantis direct. At the time, they had a special deal in May; if you purchased your Mantis tiller by May 31, they gave you free shipping, AND a $30 gift card.

I ordered and paid for mine on May 22 of this year. Being in the boonies afterwards, I had no internet.

I waited and waited and when I visited my sick and ailing pop in the nursing home, I was able to use their internet. All I has was a vague email that asked me to check with customer service.

I did so and they requested me to call customer service. This was now June.

The customer service rep said that “the computer kicked out the order because the shipping address was different than the billing address.”

Well, how fricking convenient. They reprocessed the order for June.

They did not give me the gift card.

Customer service has not responded to my inquiries of the gift card.

The company president sent a message with the tiller asking to email him directly for any questions.

No response from the president of the company thus far either.

The president of the company is named Steve Lepera.

His email is slepera@mantis.com

Not even a polite response from he or customer service.

Tell him what you think about weaselling out of the deal.

Ask him how he plans to continue operating with false advertising.

Never Ends

My wife, four weeks ago tomorrow had a complete hysterectomy, has been teaching summer school for two weeks now. She’s a real trooper as I know she’s had a few rough days trying to heal her wounds.

When I’m up at the ranch, we always talk in the evening for at least an hour. I am usually visiting with my pal Jim Beam and Friday, I left her the impression that I would come home Sunday, but instead I drove down Saturday and surprised her around 10:30 Saturday morning.

Monday, she did not feel like going to school and stayed home. For me, being home is a vacation.

Today, my wife got up at 6:30, and I fixed her barrel o’ tea, and she went to school. I went back to bed, because I can.

I hear the kid get up, shuffle around, trying to be quiet but usually makes even more noise, and finally heard the front door close, as she headed to class for a test.

A minute later, I hear a tiny voice “dad, my car won’t start”.

No sense in getting angry, and I got up, put shoes on, and had her open her hood whilst I readied the Ranger.

I dug out the jumper cables from the tool box, and met her car in the street. I reached to clamp on the negative terminal, and it turned completely around on the post. WTF? Sure enough, both terminals were very loose.

Thus began the quizzing “didn’t you get this battery at Advance Auto?” I asked her.

“Yes” she nodded.

“Do you still have the warranty receipt?”

She shook her head no. Good to know as they won’t warranty shit without a receipt.

“OK then” and I tried to find a way to cheat the connectors. They were already as closed as they would go, so would not  tighten further. I ended up pounding the top of the post with my hammer to mushroom it a little so the connector would tighten…it did.

Connecting the cables, it started. I gave her the cables telling her keep them as likely she would need a jump to get started again and to be ready to just come home and I would figure something out as to get her a new battery.

A new battery is piece of mind, and piece of mind is priceless; like a new set of tires.

She had no money, so I went to the ATM and took some out, texted her telling her to come home to get what she needed and go to O’reilly’s instead of Advance Auto. Thanks to a suggestion from one of my readers, Steve, I have shifted my business there even though it’s well out of the way.

I talked to a guy telling him the story and he said he would take care of her.

New battery is $127.99 plus core. Advance will install it for free; O’reilly’s said as long as it was under the hood and easily accessible would they not charge for replacement.

I had originally planned to return to the ranch on Thursday as the hired man there gets paid on Thursdays. I needed to meet my yard guy here to pay him for the next couple of mowing cycles to keep the yard here looking nice.

My wife got a little weepy and said do you have to go on Thursday and I said no and she said and that doesn’t mean you get to go on Friday either. I’ll stay another day or so as I do love her so.


Almost no one goes grocery shopping here except me, and I only go on Saturdays. There is little or nothing to eat here at this time without some serious scratch preparation.

Never ends.

I still need to go to Sam’s this week for some more light sticks.

GE LED Bright Stik 60w Replacement - Soft White (6pk)

$15.88 for a six pack. They have two packs of 100W as well. I went through the ranch house as far as I could replacing the CFL bulbs with these. All the CFL bulbs gave off a yellow light. Reminded me of a cheap hotel. The LEDs are white light.

One of my first tasks to complete at the ranch was to fix the master bath toilet. The shut off valve was corroded and leaked when turning on or off but did not leak WHEN on or off. I did that but the innards of the tank are not like any I have ever seen. No Corky. Instead, some odd Kohler contraption with a cylinder that lifts up to dump the water into the bowl. The cylinder then fall onto a rubber seal, and the tank fills up.

I found some seals at Home Depot but found no one that knew anything about replacing the seal itself. The center gizmo is frozen and I was unable to remove it. I found a You-tube video that showed how, but the hill country water is so hard that it probably ate the unit where it connects and was afraid I’d break it.

Have not found a way to replace the innards to retro fit it to the old timey Corky method.

It still doesn’t work, and I am consequently living in the other bedroom with its own bath… remember the one where I have seen two live scorpions?

There is no bed in the master b/r as of yet as well.

Expecting highs for the rest of the week in the middle and upper nineties.

Summer is here.




Well, it continues to happen; little by little we are being undermined and chipped away at the little the things that we take for granted; security and the thousands of little things that  make up the core of our society.

The shooting in Orlando early this morning…obamski calls it “gun violence”. He just can’t say the words “islamic terrorism”.

If you don’t get it by now, this is the bottom line: muslims hate everyone who is not muslim; period and they live to kill all who are not muslim.

Swillary got the votes needed for a nomination…now we will see if Trump can kick her ass down the home stretch. Bernie has indicated that he will help “any way he can” to defeat Trump.

The obamski administration and the Shrillary camp all think that folks from Mexico are stupid and will blindly vote for the dems because of all the free shit.

You wanna know what I think? I think folks from Mexico are smarter than Swillary gives them credit. The folks from Mexico have lived under a socialist regime. They know what socialism is. They have lived it. Do you think they flee to the US to continue under socialist tyranny? Do you think Mexicans come over here to vote for the socialists?  Don’t think so.

Life under Trump will not be a picnic, but at least we will keep our guns another four years; Hillary doesn’t think the second amendment is a “right”.

You ever hear of a guy named Alinsky?

1.  Healthcare: “Control
Healthcare and you control the People”
2.  Poverty:  Increase the Poverty level as high as possible.”  Poor People are easier to control and will not fight
back if the government is providing everything for them to live.
3.  Debt: Increase the National Debt to an
unsustainable level.”  That way you are able to increase Taxes, and this will produce more Poverty.
4.  Gun Control:  Remove the ability to defend themselves from the Government.  That way you are able to create a
Police State – total local control.
5.  Welfare:  Take control of every aspect of their lives (Food,
Livestock, Housing, and Income).
6.  Education:  Take control of what People read & listen to; take control of what Children learn in School.
7.  Religion: Remove
faith in God from the Government and Schools. 
8.  Class Warfare:  Divide the People into the Wealthy against the Poor.  Racially divide. This will cause more discontent
and it will be easier to Tax the Wealthy with full support of the voting Poor.

Do ya hear what I’m sayin’ to ya?

This is far from over and it’s gonna get ugly.

I hope Trump begins to speak more on issues than trying to sling mud at Swillary…tempting as it may be. He did hint that there would be a speech Monday (tomorrow) aimed at disgracing the Clintons by throwing wieners at Tricky Bill’s 2000 affairs with women and girls.

I have learned from talk radio that the Clintons are a very powerful force in DC. Could Barry pardon Swillary if the FBI indicts her? Certainly. She has made it more than clear that she is not afraid of going to jail, by maintaining her innocence on the charges when in fact, she is guilty of murder by omission of action and knows she will get off scott free.

So what’s next for us?

Continue to be diligent in your observations of what is going on around you. Stay frosty. Stay within arm’s reach of your firearms. Make sure you have a plan B, C, D, and E. Keep stocking supplies…you know what I mean. If you haven’t already, begin to look into making caches of your stuff here and there.

I watch Drudge and Doug Ross for real news…yep,  most of it’s bad but I think real. There are others. Also, Firehand has a good eye on the pulse of America, as does Mike Miles.

Stolen from Mike Miles

No shit.


Back To Reality

Xworld (the place where X goes when not at home), always crashes to a halt when he returns home to wife. At this time, Xworld is a lonely one with only a metal chair to sit at a small bistro table in the kitchen, and patio furniture. The auction did not sell Pop’s radio, and X has been listening to KTSA talk radio out of San Antone.

The auction went well, although there were several boxes that did not sell. I made a deposit in Pop’s account for $5800 and change. Pretty sad that his life was rolled up into $5800 worth of stuff. Included was his car and the golf cart. Between those two they brought $3400.

The riding lawn mower that I bought broke down before we closed. I did not work on fixing anything until after we closed…just in case.

The lawn mower blew a rod. I  never saw a rod break into that many pieces. The crankshaft journal was scored, but probably would have sanded out since the journals are case hardened. One of the rings was seized on the piston. With  new seals and the crankcase gasket, it would have cost about $350. I ordered a new engine for $469. The hired man and I installed it on Thursday and got it running.

The local lawn mower shops only are open M-F 8-5. What the hell? I worked several years fixing lawn mowers and Saturday was the biggest day. Pop had his fixed at the “other” shop and they stung him for $600. I am still unclear as to what they did as it blew the engine a few months later…they didn’t even change the oil. I made a strong suggestion to the yard guy about keeping the oil full and checking it frequently.

A huge load off.

My Mantis tiller came in and I have assembled that.

I have been feeling kinda puny, and have attributed it to my going back to smoking. I have stopped again, and have improved a little.

My brother has been sick now for almost three months. Low grade fever and body aches. He lives on Tylenol. The irony is that his wife is an RN. Anyone remember that movie “Murder in Texas“?

Pop is doing well. He still refuses to get out of bed for therapy. They do  manage to get him to the shower a few days a week and hose him down.

My wife went back to work to teach summer school on the 31st. She’s still a bit tender but has been letting the students help her with lifting. She works half day, four days a week.

There is no TV in Xworld, just talk radio.

I have been doing a little work starting on the raised gardens, hereinafter referred to the gardens. There are five of them about three railroad ties long. The aisles were knee deep with what I call ‘side oats’ so I attacked the aisles with Roundup. The oats were affected quickly but others were not so I Rounduped them again with some Dawn to help it stick.

I decided not to Roundup the gardens themselves, as I  have heard bad things about what Roundup can do long term in the soil.

My plan is to cover the gardens this summer with black plastic to kill off the weeds. I have a  source for  unlimited horse manure and plan to pile loads of the stuff on all the gardens as well as some bales of peat moss. With the Mantis, it should till up into some great compost by next spring.

Looks good on paper, but it will be a tall order to fill. Baby steps.

Before I can haul the manure however, I’ll need a utility trailer in which to haul said manure; at least $1300. It won’t be a big one, a 5×8 would be about right. I’ll need to put some short walls on it as well. Hopefully, I can find one with a wooden floor. That will be my next experience at the ranch as my sister in law is planning to come down next month and she’s dying to get her hands on my gardens.

The ‘big garden’ or the Corn Field as I call it is 2500 sq foot of decent, plantable earth that right now is nothing but a thistle patch. I’ll need to purchase a large rototiller to  tear up that when I get ready.

I replaced the pressure switch on the air compressor, a 5 gallon Campbell Hausfeld. My brother hotwired it, then we had to unplug it when it reached 125 psi.

I had to do this before I tore the mower down, as I could not removed the belt pulley bolt on the crankshaft. So I bought a set of pneumatic impact wrenches. That did the trick.

I had to buy a come-a-long to hoist the mower off the ground high enough so as to reach the underside of the mower. It probably wasn’t OSHA but it certainly worked.

I have killed two scorpions in the house in a week; a personal record. The second one was at three in the morning when I went to the RR room to pee. I don’t think I got to sleep until five, as every sound was a scorpion coming after me. From what I read, they are stubborn bastards to kill with insecticides.

While I was away this time, the air conditioner went out at home…4 grand.

One of the air conditioners at the ranch went out…struck by lightning…fried a board…$320.

My wife called the other night saying the roof was leaking in the bathroom. I asked her “is it raining?”


“Then it’s not the roof…it’s the plumbing above the vanity in the bath. Call a plumber, he’ll know what to do. Meanwhile, you must turn off the water when you are done using the toilet or shower, as the pipes could burst while you’re away.”


$300 and the plumber said the rest of the joints were not going to last forever. Apparently, in the eighties when the house was built, a few local contractors bought cheap copper pipe from Mexico that was thin walled and consequently, inferior.

More? Here ya go.

I was heating up some dinner the other day, and the microwave quit suddenly quit; along with the fridge. The breaker did not trip either. WTF?

I turned off the breaker and plugged the appliances back in…turned breaker on and same…dead.

Called electrician and found wire came out of fridge receptacle that fed m/w. $35…cheap.

Tomorrow X turns the big 60.

Will be home a few days; at least until Wednesday as I have to pay the yard guy here for a few more visits as it seems no one else can meet him to do this.

I did lose 14 pounds during my last trip away.



Some Aquarium Pics

These are from the early days of the tank.

This is a 110 gallon tank with fresh live rock and aragonite sand. The rock must “cure” for a couple weeks so that dead organisms die off, and the proper bacteria are allowed to thrive.

This is a specimen called dragoneye zooanthids.

This is a palythoa on the left with some yellow polyps on the right. The palythoa secretes a toxin that is more poisonous than anything else on the planet.

This is a pic of some ricordea mushrooms mixed in with the palythoas. Notice the candy cane corals to the right and the blastomussa off to the left.

This is another specie of blastomussa. Note the aiptasia anemone that attached itself to the coral. The aiptasia anemone is the scourge of any salt water aquarium. They multiply like weeds and they sting other corals. Fish will not eat them. The  only critter that will is called a nudibranch. They are slug like creatures that get to about half an inch long. Aiptasia anemones are they only thing they eat. I spent $200 twice to rid the tank of the aiptasias. They must be totally gone, or they will start again. Thus began the downfall of my tank a few years ago. The only way is to drain the tank, scrub the rock and hope for the best.

After this specimen, I never bought any more specimens from Ebay again.

Today, I hauled the stinking mass of live rock to the city, but they didn’t want it. They said I could drive twenty miles to the landfill and maybe they would take it. I dumped it all down the canal bank. Try to do the  right thing and get the shaft.

My wife said she would take care of getting rid of the tank and stand. A sigh of relief from me as I am preparing to head north on Thursday to begin working the ranch.