Light Posting For A Couple Days

Due to the arrival of SIL and BIL.

At this point, I am unclear as to the longevity of their stay.

I am expected to perform kitchen miracles while they’re here.

Lasagna tonight with homemade French bread.

Philly Cheese steak sammiches tomorrow with steak fries, unless the women stop at Papa Murphy for pizzas on their way home from Fredericksburg.

Waffles, bacon, sausage…on Sunday am…

Hopefully, I can at least keep up the Classic Rock posts…

Joke Of The Day For Friday

Again with the Little Johnny joke….I have posted this one before…

Little Johnny came into the classroom on Monday all excited.

“What did you do this weekend, Johnny?” asked the teacher, although reluctantly.

“My brother and I were playing in the hay barn, and were jumping from the hay loft into the pile of hay” he began.

“Oh, that sounds like fun” said the teacher, somewhat relieved.

“My brother jumped onto a pitchfork” he continued “went right up his ass!”

“You mean, rectum” corrected the teacher.

“Wrecked ’em hell! Nearly killed ’em!”

Joke Of The Day

The teacher was going around the class asking each of them to give an example of a word beginning with certain letters. The teacher had learned that Little Johnny, even though an innocent lad, frequently used vulgar language in his daily conversations.

She got to the letter ‘R’, and thinking that even Little Johnny couldn’t even find an off color word beginning with that, so she called on him.

“Johnny, give us an example of a word beginning with the letter ‘R'” she asked confidently.

Little Johnny perked up immediately, and smiled. He held out his hands with his index fingers about eighteen inches apart and said “rat…a big fucking rat”.


We Knew This Too

A reminder…a mandate is NOT law.

Any government entity that announces a mandate, you may conveniently and flagrantly thumb your nose at them…of flip them off, or play Seven-Of-Nine and say “I will not comply”, or pee in their yard, or moon them, or egg their car, or icepick their tires, or just say

  thanks, Phil. You’re famous, dude.


Got Vitamin D?

Most of us knew this to a certain extent, but apparently Vitamin D helps a great deal in the battle against Kung Flu.

In addition, if you didn’t already know, your body (skin) makes Vitamin D just by being out in the sunshine; yes, it’s true. Florida is showing a significant less number of Kung Flu cases, attributed to the amount of sunshine available.

Since Big Pharma is making billions by killing people with their vaccines, it only follows that billions more are paid to the DC politicians to force the vaccine on the public, when in fact, Vitamin D could be the answer, after all, it’s free….Big Pharma hates this, and covers that shit up.

So, start stocking up on Vitamin D, get outside and get some sun, keep your aspirin handy, keep a tube of Ivermectin handy, take your daily Vitamin C too, and leave your mask at home.

How much should you  take? I am not a doctor, but that doesn’t stop a lot of folks from projecting their opinions…I take 100 micrograms daily. I recently got 300 more hits of the D from Walmart dot com. Take it daily and build it up in your system. Of course, one can OD on D, but how much that takes, I don’t know. I read that one guy was taking 10,000 units daily without any side effects.

Stick it to ’em, by not letting them stick it to YOU.


Vitamin D is stored in the fat in your body. The great thing about the fact that vitamin D is stored in the body is the fact that if you go a few days without exposure to sunlight you will still have enough vitamin D to remain healthy. Vitamin D is good for bone health and it aids the body in absorbing calcium.