Johnny Rain Cloud

Saturday clear skies and warm, but I am dizzy today for no reason.

Last day of a free household.

I have no idea what to expect.

I have already gotten a call from SIL this morning. Her call frequency increases exponentially the closer she gets to arriving. I snuck in and shut the wife’s phone volume down to zero so her frickin’ sister wouldn’t awaken her. SIL seems to care very little about her sister’s health…any interest she shows is very short lived and conversations end up talking about herself.


Up at ten to shower, and prep the pot roast. No telling what last minute plans the wife has before the arrival of the outlaws this afternoon.

Again, sunny and warm outside.

Because of the way my laptop is set up in the dining area, I’ll have to put it away during the invasion, so no posts until they go…hopefully Wednesday.

Sigh. I am going to have to begin counting to ten before I respond to anything.

Sil’s husband wants to install a TV antenna here.


Imagine My Surprise…

Yesterday, I drove the truck over to the bunkhouse to unload it.

The new toilet and four cases of water that were stored and three older ones brought back to the house.

A dozen cinder blocks stacked neatly outside the storeroom.

I checked the old toilet in the bunkhouse bathroom, and the bowl had a very disgusting amount of water, and the tank as well. I decided to flush it, seeing that I was going to replace it…

Imagine my surprise when the tank started to fill after the flush. I almost rubbed my eyes in disbelief as I reached up to the sink to check the water…both faucets worked, albeit the hot water pressure decreased to a trickle after a moment, there was still water.


I reached around the toilet to shut off the supply valve, and was rewarded with a spray and whoosh of water gushing out, so I left it wide open.

I am still shaking my head now as I go outside to the main shutoff valves to the bunkhouse and irrigation. (Remember I agonized over replacing the busted pipe at which there was  no water pressure). One valve was on, the other off.

Man, my clutch is really starting to slip.

I shut off the other one, and lo and behold, the water pressure in the bunkhouse was no more.

The toilet is so close to the wall, that I cannot get a wrench back there to removed the supply valve, so will have to remove toilet first.

OK, I am shaking the mud from my head as I continue on with the other projects.

The big one was hooking up the outdoor speakers I installed a couple months ago…remember that post? The damn bees chased my ass all around the patio to the point I wanted nothing to do with that shit for several weeks.

I had drilled a 1/8″ hole in the outside wall into the closet where the TV and amp are. As you may recall, I used 6 conductor telephone wire, solid, probably 22 AWG…bad idea in more than one way. I shoulda just run zip cord for all of it, but I didn’t have a 3/4″ bit that was 12″ long to pull through the wall.

After splicing the tiny solid telephone wire to the two zip cords inside the closet, I snaked it around to the amp  through another wall, and cut, peeled, and stripped the wire and installed it to the  amp.

Ready to go, right? Wrong.

The wife was outside as I turned on the Chicago Transit Authority, and only one speaker worked. Damn!

I switched them at the amp, and the right speaker was the only one working…telling me that there is a bad connection somewhere..Great, check the splices first. The one in the closet was OK with a visual inspection.

I checked the back of the non working speaker…it was connected OK.

The next place was behind the other speaker, where I to cut the wires, and splice the pair to the other speaker…I used some of those crimp splices that one slides the wires into, than mashes a button to close crimps on the wires inside the splicer.

I took my cutters and cut the red wire where it spliced and the wife yelled saying that the speaker came on just for a second, telling me that I had indeed found the problem as my cutters created a momentary bridge across the bad connection; enough to power the speaker.

All fixed and running. It sounds great, and cranks up really loud, as I did run the rest of disc 2 from CTA.

A couple other minor tasks, and I was done for the day.

Something weird though; I began having flashes like a laser light in my peripheral vision intermittently. It lasted all evening, and I still had it this morning.

My BS was 133, not good but not dangerous in the least, and my BP was 104/70 so again in the safe zone.

I thought it stress related given the impending invasion of the outlaws on Sunday. I haven’t had a kick in the head, so rule out trauma.

I did mange to bbq my hot wings as we jammed on the patio with the new sound.

They came out very good. I added 3-4 large sliced jalepeno peppers to the marinade and it added a very noticeable ‘kick’ the way I like them. Some of the wings had several jalepeno seeds on them. Nice. It was a 5 lb bag. Mine all mine.

A Personal Rant

The outlaws are coming…

I dread the self announced “visit” of the wife’s older sister like a trip to the dentist.

After much back and forth banter, the wife gave in and will allow her sister to bring her own blow up mattress and sleep on the floor. SIL (sister in law) does not want to stay in the bunkhouse, for reasons unknown to me.

So, despite the fact that I picked up the new high rise water saving Kohler toilet, I will not install it in time for them to be here.

I may just go out there today and pull off the old one, and leave it. I am certain she will want to “inspect” the bunkhouse. The wife has plans to “decorate” it for guests, and SIL will help…oh wait, no that can’t happen because the wife has announced they are going shopping.


It is unknown to us whether or not they will bring their “special needs” dog. They have already asked us to board the dog when they take their trip to Bangkok this fall. We have declined. SIL’s response was “well then maybe we won’t go.” That discussion I fear, is not over.

SIL has a passion to go through all the cabinets.

She is a full blown diabetic with her own dietary “needs”. I know she will make a trip to the store to supply her with her own food.

Is there an unwritten competition amongst sisters for “alpha female” in a dwelling?

This weighs heavy on my mind, and will continue to do so until they leave sometime next week.

I feel like I’m always the “bad guy” around them. Both of them throw subtle insults when I visited their place. I have decided that I will put my size 14 foot down loudly if it continues here, accompanied by yelling.

I think SIL likes the sound of her own voice, as she vomits content constantly. I usually have to stifle a yawn when she begins one of her stories. You know the type; they tell a story than laugh about it alone, because well, no one cares and there was no point to begin with.

My only reprieve is that she will be gone during the day; one day to Fredericksburg, one day to San Antone, and the other in Kerrville (that probably won’t take long).

I have plenty of garden work to do, and smoking a jay and pulling weeds seems a nice alternative to dealing with them.

I guess brother in law and I could install the toilet, as he is a self proclaimed expert on just about everything…just thinking out loud.

The temps and weather will be favorable for the next week or so for working outside.

Will update. I’m sure all of you are dying to hear about it.

Rant over.

For today, I need to unload the truck from my adventure in Kerrville yesterday. A new toilet, several cases of bottled water, and some cinder blocks will be unloaded out at the bunkhouse, and some older cases of water brought into the house.

I still need to hook up the outdoor speakers, and rid the deck of fallen leaves, and will clean out the chiminea. Also, I plan to bbq some of my hot wings later this afternoon…just for me.

If I still have any motivation, I will remove the old toilet so I can replace the valve for that, and the two for the sink before I turn on the water out there. I still may have to replace the water heater. It is so clogged that the hot water pressure is very low. A 10 gallon heater costs almost as much as a 30 or 50 gallon. WTF?

AOCortez! I Got Your Green Revolution Cocktails Right Here

Yes, you  too can now be the proud shooter of exotic shotgun ammo.

Among the 36 round variety pack are dragon’s breath that literally shoots flames

an incendiary round that explodes into hot flames on impact

a bolo round that uses 2 large balls connected by a cable

a round that shoots a shitload of sharp as hell flechettes, or furniture tacks

double slugs

an 185 decibel exploding round..not for inside the house guys…

light armor piercing rounds that will go through an engine block

among others…

It adds a new perspective other than that of plain ol’ sabot slugs, or OO rounds.

You can get yours here

With $12 shipping, that comes out to $4.22 per round.

the zombie round would be an appropriate cocktail for Miss AOC…what am I saying? any of them would be appropriate.