I Don’t Think So

Texas Governor Abbott urges Texans to get their flu shot as soon as possible, before the upcoming regular flu season collides with Bluce Ree Vilus.

Governor Abbott to Texans: Go get your flu shot as early as possible this year

Count me out this year; like last year, the the year before that, and the year before that….

What’s Next? Rags On Their Heads?

I swear, our country is on the threshold of hell.


They didn’t even say what religion he is.

Someone tell me, what religion requires men to wear beards? Besides those scruffy lookin’ ragheads, I mean.

Oh, I see. He IS a raghead.

When the United States Military bows to muslims, we are really fucked.

It proves if one cries enough, one usually gets his way.

Reminds me of an old joke

A mother brings her son to a psychiatrist. The kid is screaming and yelling.

shrink: what do you want?

kid: I want worms!

shrink makes a call and has a container of worms brought in.

The kid starts screaming

Shrink: what do you want now?

Kid: I want them fried!

the shrink makes another call and has a plate of fried worms brought in.

the kid starts screaming.

Shrink: what do you want?

kid: You eat half of them!

the shrink girds up his loins and eats half the plate of fried worms.

The kid starts screaming.

shrink: what’s wrong now?

kid: you ate my half!

be careful what you wish for…

The Creepy Joe Backpedaling Begins

Yesterday…Creepy Joe blurted out that black people are not as diverse as Hispanics


Today, he’s backpedaling saying ‘what I MEANT to say was’

“Biden” retreats: What I meant to say was that African-Americans are incredibly diverse, too

This of course, is an entire new beginning to possible scenarios for Joe Biden to get hisself into trouble…


I pushed the button. I thought it was the elevator…

I’m sorry missy, I dropped the baby…I don’t know why..

Was that your puppy? I thought it was a football…

I meant to say that he is a crotchety old buzzard…

I did NOT fondle those kids…er goats…I mean women…er wimmin’, I mean uh the thing..

from Mike Miles

So, I saw this dynamite chick in the grocery store..so I was gonna do the old ‘drop the jar of mustard on my toe trick..you know, to meet her? and uh, and she uh…when uh…then uh…then she uh…what were we talking about?


Back At The Ranch

We will be blessed for the next few days with the presence of the kid. I told the wife the kid was going to have to do some painting to earn her keep this trip. She has discovered the Roku on the giant TV, and prefers to sit in front of that for hours, and run into the kitchen for snacks, depleting our stash of leftovers.

I laid out a couple of hunks of the brisket I got a few weeks ago. She’ll do anything for brisket or bacon; especially if someone else purchases, prepares, and serves it to her.

The wife and I are  working on a plan to get her out of the RGV permanently. Details are very sketchy at this point in time, but I know it will cost tens of thousands of $.

I was able to find some 70% isopropyl alcohol from Wally World, as well as some other items. I also have an order with Sam’s club being processed..

I have discovered another health problem, that I won’t discuss at this time because, well, it’s gross to speak of, although many people suffer from this affliction; hence the silence. It can affect both men and women, so that rules out plumbing issues.

I will say this: I ordered another gallon of Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar from Ebay for $16; free shipping. Get yours now. That stuff will not go bad, and has like 1001 uses.

I also have peroxide on my list for my next grocery adventure in a couple weeks; for same affliction.

Silver is up again, and JM Bullion is out of Liberty silver dollars. One can pre buy them today for $37 per coin…for shipping on the 25th. The price is bound to go up by then, but one can lock in his/her price today.

APMEX does have Liberty dollars in stock, albeit for a couple more dollars per coin.

Gold is up too; another $24 as of this writing.

We are coming into the dog days of summer here, probably thru September, and into October. The forecast here is daily around 102 for the high.

Onward thru the fog!

Sounds Like A Stargate Fan To Me

Stargate SG1, a series that lasted 10 years, then split off into Stargate Atlantis for another 5 years, and another spinoff was Stargate Universe, was one of the most successful science fiction series of all time, based on the premise that aliens built the great pyramids as landing platforms for their mother ships.


The aliens, knows as the Goa’uld made slaves of the very pre industrialized society, and made them build the pyramids.

The aliens stopped coming to Earth after a rebellion amongst the slaves buried the Earth stargate, thus allowing earthlings to advance culturally and technologically at a normal pace, as the aliens could longer travel to Earth, except by hyperspace. Earth was too far away from the Goa’uld home galaxy to ‘visit’ after that, until Col Jack O’Neill and his team discovered the secret of deciphering the symbols into gate addresses.

Hey, one has to have an imagination. Musk obviously has one.

The truth is, no one knows who built the great pyramids…not really.