Vicente Fox, Big Mouth Mescan Without Brains

This is why, you stinkin asshole

(pics borrowed from Mike Miles)

Better not show up in my ‘hood, you corrupt prick.


See What Happens When I Go OOT?

All right, all right. What the hell happened to Bubba’s blog? Huh? I can’t leave you people alone very long, can I?
I’m still going out of town again for another few days.
You guys play nice, try to get along, no more name calling, be friendly, try not to kill each other.

Bubba, if you’re out there, find some computer geek that can resolve your spammers or trolls ip adresses, and go get ’em. It can be done.

This Makes Me Sick

And it should you too

Talks are underway between Obama and Netflix, according to a source familiar with the discussions. The source characterized it as a possible “production partnership” — for a series of shows, not just one — and said the deal has not been finalized yet.

Those of you with Netflix accounts, I urge you to drop them a line and tell them what will happen if they work the former traitor-in-chief into their programming.

What type of program could he possibly host?

“How I screwed America, and got away with it…”

“How to start a race war, without getting involved”

“How I set a record signing executive actions”

“Hypocrisy: How I mastered it”

“What I learned about being gay in a Chicago steam room”

“How I became president without being a U.S. citizen; you can too”


More 70s Tunes

I am approaching my data limit. It won’t reset until the 16th. Postings may be  sporadic for the next few days. We’re off to Ft Worth for a few days to see the doctor. When we return, we’ll be talking to a realtor about our ranch sale.

I leave you with

From ’71