FM, Dude

This was the original post that “disappeared” yesterday…By Fucking Magic, it reappeared in my drafts.

I got up at 7 today to get in the early line at the state inspection station. As it turns out, there was no waiting. The gal came out while I was sitting in the truck and says “turn on your left blinker, right blinker, lights, brights now brake lights.”

She hopped in a drove it around the block to check the brakes…they didn’t even check under the hood. In and out and home by 10:30.

They did mention that one of the headlights pointed off to the ditch…one of the new ones I replaced. I checked it when I got home and just removed and replaced it. It was better.

I recall back in the 70s when the inspection stations used to charge me $2 per headlight to adjust them every year…now, as long as they’re on, it’ll pass.

It was probably the quickest inspection I ever got.

Tomorrow is payday for me, so back to the big city for grocery shopping.

I read an article today against early voting. WTF? Who wants to stand in line on the 3rd for hours? I could have gone today, but was revelling in my success over the quick inspection. I have voted early as far back as I can remember, and will continue to do so.

If Wordpiss can arbitrarily delete posts…then… well…that’s just wrong.

Privately confidential to Jay over at Eat Gruel Dog..

One of the ads that appears frequently on your site is that of Duck Duck Go. Duck Duck Go has been busted recently for selling information of users of said browser to Google. Whether DuckDuckGo tracks the users or not, they still sell it…just sayin’.

Here’s one

They lie.

I Am Searching For A New Blog Host

As of Today, I am looking for a new blog host.

This Wordpiss is absolutely insane…

Wordpiss deletes posts while they are still drafts…

Wordpiss publishes posts before they are finished…

Wordpiss deletes content of posts when published, posting just a title


Some may say, “Hey X! whaddaya want for nuthin’?”

I’ll tell you…I want it the way it used to be, that’s all I want.

When I find a suitable new one, I’ll leave a link up for a couple of weeks, then I’ll delete the whole fuckin’ thing.

Fuck you WordPress.

I jumped ship from blogspot when I figured out they were Google, and came Google owns your sorry asses too.

Same old liberal censorship.

My Own Reality

So, the wife left with BIL and SIL Thursday to Ft Worth.

I have not had success with my project plans.

The puller I bought to remove the pulley from the old compressor motor, did not work. The bolt kept walking off the shaft. It was only a two arm puller. I’ll likely need a three arm. I thought about center punching a spot dead center in the shaft for the teat on the bolt to stay in place, but could not find my center punch, and was TFL to walk to the house and get my cordless to put a dent in the shaft center, so I filed off the teat…no help.

The state inspection station where I have been getting my inspections done for several years, no longer do inspections..and it just goes down hill from there.

BIL has been dealing with a mystery pain in his leg, describing it as like a shin splint, now will require back surgery to repair a bulging disk. He will be off his feet for weeks (supposedly).

Hopefully the wife will have her tests done by that time, or she’ll have to fly back, or I’ll have to go get her. Damn! We just can’t get away from them…it must be a test.

The wife goes to the drive thru Kung Flu test today. This is required for any visit to a doc’s office in the DFW area.

Hopefully, that will be negative and she can see the lung doctor on Tuesday, where she’ll do a bunch of tests to verify her lung condition.

At that time, the lung doc will confer with the r/a doc (the one who ordered all the tests) and then they will decide on the next course of meds. The follow up for the lung doc is Thursday.

The new med is an IV drip, which has to be done in the r/a doc’s office, and takes an afternoon. This treatment requires two visits each two weeks apart, requiring another trip up for her (and likely myself) as BIL will be out of commission into December.

The wife is already in agony being where she is dealing with SIL.

After today, she is quarantined until her doc visit.

With BIL’s surgery coming up on the 3rd, and when the new med regimen begins is up in the air for now. It’s up to the r/a doc now. Hopefully, she will begin the regimen right away, and we’ll be through for six months.

Much cooler today; enough to open the doors.

The lazy assed kittycats are sitting outside the door waiting to be fed. I laugh at them. They sit and watch me while I eat a delicious breakfast taco.

The wife was feeding them twice a day; I feed them only once. I watch their lazy asses sleep on the patio chairs in the afternoons anticipating meals handed to them. “G’wan now! Git! Go find a squirrel!”

Sigh. Nobody listens to me. I this afternoon, watch the kittycats watch a squirrel climb down the pecan tree onto the patio, where they were waiting to be fed…