More Gardening

As time ticks on, I had to plant the rest of the tomatoes that I had started. Please understand that I now have no fewer than 10 tomato plants (that’s a lot). I am losing a Chadwick Cherry. Too bad as it’s the only one of that variety that germinated. I  know there are more than that, I just am too lazy to walk over to the map and get an exact number.

I planted the rest of the peppers as well, not ending up with as many as I would have liked; one sweet banana pepper, and a mix of jalepeños, serranos, and Yolo wonders for a total of ten.

I did add two dozen more yellow onions, and a smattering of the delicata squash.

I think my logic was that I was hoping to have a corner of the cornfield for the extra tomatoes and peppers, not realizing that all it does in the cornfield is rain weeds.

The good news is that all seven rows of corn are now coming up. The bad news is that I will have to spend a morning on my hands and knees pulling weeds. It won’t be tomorrow as I am irrigating tonight.

My cabbages got attacked by cabbage worms. That stuff came in today and I sprayed. The worms also seemed to like the leaf lettuce next door.

I also put in the ground a dozen beets today.

I am still intending to plant at least three rows of okra, and the watermelons next month after I get back from Colorado. I suppose I could put the green beans on the trellis in the cornfield next to the melons.

The grapevine is showing signs of life as it now has a few leaves and  some new feelers coming out. I doubt if I’ll see grapes this year.

The strawbs are looking good. I gotta keep clipping the berries as they are June strawberry plants.

I have a pound of the delicata squash seeds. It may rain squash there later this summer.

Onward through the fog!

It Never Ends

Mrs X flew to Ft Worth Thursday to meet with her medical specialists.

I got a text from her saying that the airline overbooked the flight and offered $300 to anyone to take the 5:00 flight instead. She was already on the plane.

I told her to tell them I triple dog dare ya!

We’ll see how my flight to Denver goes next month…


At 5:00 yesterday evening, after she had returned home she got a call from her r/a doctor asking “are you still in town?”

“No, I am back home.”

“Well, I need you to come back up ASAP. We need to run another CT scan. Your lung x-ray is showing some abnormalities…”

After a little scrambling, Mrs X decided not to drive to here, then on to Ft Worth as “it’s too hard on her.” the drive.

I did not protest, nor did I volunteer. I am in the middle of planting and every single day is a weeding nightmare. I hope I don’t regret not going.

So she made an open end reservation to fly up Sunday, and stay until the doctors got all they needed.

She got chewed out by her doc for continuing to smoke. The doctor was very vocal about expressing her disapproval.

I don’t rag on her about it, though I probably should have. She is having a very hard time quitting.

Myself, I walked away from smoking last June. I woke up one morning after an evening of heavy smoking, and I was out of breath. When the handwriting is on the wall, ya better pay attention.

Gotta go.