I’ll Give You a War You Won’t Believe…


Smoker Update

Before I assembled said smoker, I decided to brush out the rust. Much of the inside is not painted; just a coating of “veg oil”. I brushed rust away and sprayed high heat paint in bottom (inside) and bottom (outside) of smoker. The painted part is not directly exposed to the charcoal grid. Besides, it’s a smoker, and I do not plan to use charcoal inside the cooking chamber; just in the firebox. No paint there.

I did pull all the grills and touch them up with flaxseed oil, then season them like cast iron..they are iron too. 355° for an hour. They wouldn’t all fit in the oven so I had to go two rounds.

I was going to Ospho before painting, but decided I did not want to wait the recommended 24 hours before painting, not that I have anything else to do besides wait.

I’m gonna miss having a brew while watching the smoker.

Taminator commented about candy and getting close to Halloween…I remember when I was a kid and those Wowee whistles were a nickel.

WOWEE Fun Gum Halloween Chewing Gum Whistle (Pre Owned) As Is Rare Original

Shown upwrapped for clarity.

Gold Mine Bubble Gum - 2 oz bag

Astro Pops - 1 piece

BB Bats - Chocolate Taffy Suckers - Bulk

Bubble Gum Cigars - original flavors - 1 cigarBubble Gum Cigars - original flavors - 1 cigar

Candy Cigarettes - 1 pac

Remember the big lips? Same thing, wax but briefly tasty.

Ahh the old days, Winner suckers, BB bats, Big Hunk, Super Bubble for a penny, Banana Bikes, Cherry Mash, fake cigarettes and bubble gum cigars, Likm Aids, Sugar Babies, Pixie Stix, cinnamon toothpicks, bag of gold rush candy gum, remember Astro pops? could suck those until they were so sharp, they would poke your eye out, Slo Pokes and Black Cows, Jolly Ranchers have stood the test of time, as have many others available on “retro candy” sites.

And now we’re diabetics…’nuff said.

Sunday update:

Confidential/private to T-Squared…Damn! and I thought Splenda was the answer. So much for that. I drink tea (a 54 oz Bubba Keg) that usually lasts all day. I use 7 packets of Splenda, and 1/4 fresh squeezed lemon juice. I have gone from 4-7 packets per keg in the past several years. Just couldn’t get it sweet enough. I guess that’s over now too.

My blood sugar this morning was 182. My doctor will have a fit. So much for trying to finish up the odds and ends liquor. Guess I’ll go straight for the Scotch from here on out. I wonder it the liquor store will take back a couple of unopened bottles.

I used to laugh and joke at them when asked “do you want your receipt?” I answered “No, I don’t think I’ll be returning this.”

Ha ha.

I will finish up the Irish Cream in my coffee; by God!

Going to finish the bbq smoker today. Maybe smoke brisket later this week.

Finished product…not bad for $150.

As usual, X lost a couple of parts and had to make them. Couldn’t find them anywhere. I know what it is; aspartame poisoning. Short term memory loss.

OK, It’s Official

No more homebrew for X.

It’s really unfortunate, as X really has made a lot of homebrew the past 18 years, and has consumed most of it. He has literally shipped hundreds of bottles to friends and relatives over the years.

X likes to make the stuff, he is just no longer able to drink it and maintain his girlish figure, and blood pressure, and blood sugar, and weight, etc.

X is going to have to be choosy about his carbohydrates from now on, and has elected to allow Scotch to be a part of his daily carb regimen instead of mixed drinks, brews, wines, and yes;  homebrew.

I have been unable to shake away from 290 lbs for several months, try as I  may, so I must take further action.

After some guidance from T-Squared, I am changing my diet.

I did buy that smoker. Turned out it was the last one (demo). It had some rust inside, and was otherwise sound. I got it for $150 at Home Depot. I had to disassemble it to get it in my Ranger (toolbox installed), plus seven 5 gallon jugs of water. Hey, when I go to town, I like to get everything done to minimize the number of trips.

The smoker might use some sanding and high heat paint, but I think the best prevention would be a cover.

A full cry-o-vac brisket is in my near future.

I made a meatloaf last night, should be good for several meals. I used 1.8 lbs ground beef, and 1 lb ground turkey, 2 eggs, 1 C oatmeal, pepper sauce, W sauce, pepper flakes, seasoned salt, black pepper, garlic, and thyme with catchup on top. Oh yeah, about 1/2 C coarsely chopped onion. MMmm..meatloaf sammich with mustard…good stuff…’specially when you’re cut off from carbs.

My blood sugar this morning was 163…that ain’t so good.

I dropped a pound today from yesterday, perhaps all that walking around burned a few calories.

I gotta replace a control knob on the stove today. The front burner won’t always turn low after having it on high; like boiling water then shutting it down to six, it will stay on high. Shouldn’t be a problem, done it before in my other stove at the other house…same stove exactly. Ceramic top. Would rather have gas.

I still have some mesquite tree branches to deal with; cut and stack. I don’t know why the yard guy decided he was finished with that project.

Mesquite will be good for the smoker, after it’s seasoned. There is already a stack of dried mesquite by the cow shed I could use. Also, oak works fine too, and I have plenty of that.

Hey T-Squared! Is there a Bit-O-Honey food group?

and yeah, I knew the Mexican food was out, although 1/2 C pinto beans is supposed to be a goodly amount of fiber, and well untapped gas reserve. Try a handful of baby carrots in your pintos for gas reduction.