Dina D, voted for Swillary

Boo hoo Dina D. The fact that your username is a Facebush account tells me volumes about your liberal ass.
You voted for Swillary
You don’t have (or know) a real man
You’re at least bi and probably gay
You wouldn’t know a real man unless he came up and clocked you
You want to improve yourself? Get rid of FB. Lose your narcissistic attitude. Remove your chair next to your mailbox, where you sit and wait for your SNAP card.
When your SNAP cards stop coming, I’ll be tending the gardens harvesting veggies, and shooting deer for their
Remember ( if ya can), you found me.
You’d be surprised the people that care, and the friends I have via this blog.
See you in hell, cold bitch.

Back To The Ranch

Friday, I am back to the ranch. My wife took today off as she was very tired. She slept most of the day, and admitted to feeling better this evening. We are still waiting for her meds to arrive…what’s it been now…since Feb 12th?
She has scheduled a colonoscopy for next Friday. Her r/a doc says she must get this done, in addition to a mammogram, as the Enbril has many side effects, and does not want the use of Enbril to be blamed on any other “health problems” in the future.
I shall return next week to be with her during her procedure.
The pool guy showed up, and used up all the rest of the pool shock I had; several pounds. The algae is pretty much gone, but pool is still cloudy. I backflushed the filter today, and emptied the skimmers twice. The pressure in the filter dropped considerably, but inched its way up as the day progressed. I now believe the DE filter has a leak, as the pool now is covered with brown dust. Seen it before. The pool guy suspected it as well earlier today.
I picked up some soaker hoses; three to be exact hoping to be able to tie them together and water the entire perimeter of the back yard. Upon further investigation, the instructions say not to tie more than 150 feet together. What a bunch of horseshit. Remember the old soaker hoses? the green rubber ones? Those actually worked without an engineering degree.
The front yard looks great. I used my home made concoction of yard food, and it green up nicely with all the watering I did this week.
I changed the oil in my truck as well. The spec says to use 5w20 in it, but after a long trip driving 75 MPH, after I hit a stop sign, the oil pressure needle bounces all over. At one time it bounced so hard that it caught itself under the stop peg. I figured the oil is too thin for the hot weather here in Texas so I went to straight 30W. It’s hard to find; harder than it was 10 years ago. I also found out that my favorite oil filter, Fram, was under some scrutiny. In any case, the auto parts store had no Frams. No Purolators either. I still put in a qt of Marvel in my crankcase too. I was thinking it might be time for another change using Slick 50.
Upon my return, I have several plants to plant. I hope they’re not dead.
Planting time is getting close.
I am bringing my used aquarium lights that use T5 HO lighting system. I bought some 6500K lights for them to start the seedling for tomato and peppers. I have a starter tray that will hold 55 starter plants.
I also have a doctor appt Monday as routine check.
I will be taking an old amplifier with my Ensemble II speaker set that are now pushing 30 years old…the speakers anyway. One of the original satellite speaker systems. Kind of beat up using two small speakers and a subwoofer. Crossovers are built into all speakers so it doesn’t matter if I hook the satellites first, or the sub to the amp. The sub is not powered.
After the yard guys departure, I have 3 bags of oak leaves…nice mulch/compost which will also go back with me.
T’will be a full load. I am taking the extension ladder too so I can replace the clear plastic in the greenhouse. It’s a two person job. The shade cloth will come off first, as it covers the clear plastic which is the real water protection. The greenhouse has water, power, and a kerosene heater. Nice.
Sam’s sells premium unleaded for $2.19 per gallon. I’ve been paying $2.25 for mid grade elsewhere during my travels. WTF?
So, lots to do where ever I am.
I had another article started about my true feelings of liberals…it lies in wait.

Upcoming Tasks

Monday, amongst my list of to do things is to call the pool people. I swear, the last time I came home, I had to do same except this time the pool is worse than my aquarium was before I drained and tanked it.
Somewhere in there, I am planning a trip to Sam’s.
Feed the yard with my special concoction of food, and water it in. We have recently had the water restrictions lifted so I can get that done before the yard guy comes Wednesday, by which time I hope to be back at the ranch.
My wife is making it very clear that she wants nothing to do with watering the front yard herself. Down here, now is the time to get the yard growing strong so it will survive the hot days of the upcoming summer. It has already been into the nineties recently (WTF? It’s still winter!)
She dropped a grand on having the back yard landscaped, but refuses to water or weed it as well. Now we are discussing yet another yard guy to maintain the back yard.
Oh, she is applying at a local school district close to the ranch which would enable her live at the ranch. We could then sell our house down south, and breathe easier living away from the Mexican border.
With that said, we would need to keep our house on the border well maintained, hoping to get top dollar for it.
I’ll have to call my ranch neighbor to water the blueberry bushes until I return.
We are still waiting for my wife’s meds to show up. No indication of when that will be. Unfortunately, the Prednisone that relieves her somewhat of her r/a, also has a long list of side effects.

Back Home Again

My wife fell at school on Tuesday. She tends to avoid full disclosure, so I made a trip south for moral support and to satisfy my curiosity of her well being.
Apparently, she tripped on a protruding nail on a ramp going into her portable building. Carrying several milk crates full of file folders probably kept her from severe damage as they all broke her fall. Scraped knees, bruises here and there, and a scraped forehead made her look like a victim of domestic abuse.
She has not yet received her meds for the R/A and is now starting to get some joint inflammation.
My desk at home was covered with mail…waiting just for me. As it turns out, for some reason that has not been explained to me, the mortgage company did not pay the tax bill to the county or the city, and I now have two delinquent notices; one from each entity.
The mortgage company seemed eager to fix the problem, as it has already cost them some penalties. I must make sure that they do not pay the penalties out of my escrow account. If they don’t get the taxes paid by Tuesday, they will be in line for another set of penalties.
One of my tasks on Friday will be to fax the late notices to the mortgage company…Di-Tech. Stay away from these guys.
The ranch will be on hold whilst I take care of matters here.
The wife purchased a new vehicle in December (not what I would have done). It has a satellite radio as standard with a cute little antenna on the rear of the roof. It gives the car a higher profile, and tends to get bent backwards as she backs out of the garage. As it turns out, one of the pulleys on the bottom of the garage door was destroyed, not allowing the door to open completely. The pulley is a bitch to replace (I had done it before), and even though she had not admitted, I know she backed into the garage door with it closed, putting a sizeable dent in the bottom section of said door, and damaging the pulley.
To repair it, finesse and skill was required to repair it. I had replaced the torsion springs several years ago, and still had the rods that are used to wind up the springs.
It took about 45 minutes to fix, and the antenna no longer gets bent on the garage door.
Next project was to fill the water jugs, as I had taken twelve of them to the ranch, leaving 5 behind. The caps get damaged after a while from removing and replacing so new ones were required. I drove to a place in San Juan to buy some new ones, and the business had closed/sold. The new owners did not sell r/o water any more, but all equipment was still there, including a giant bag of lids which numbered into the hundreds. They gave them to me, and I gave them five bucks. Looks like I can sell them on Ebay.
I was forced to fill the jugs at the Windmill, which was OK. I got the tax documents faxed off to the mortgage company. Will have to keep an eye on them.
I dug around the fridge/freezer and found a 3 1/2 lb chunk of pork, so I made carnitas. Not bad. My first attempt.
Meds update:
The insurance company agreed to pay for her Enbrel (sp?) but cannot find a pharmaceutical company what will ship it to her…yet. The Enbrel costs about a grand per injection; once a week. The copay will be small.
Meanwhile, while she waits for the meds, her doc tripled her prednisone. Not good.
The swimming pool is a vile, dark green, habitat for crap growing on top. I cannot even see the bottom it is so filthy.
My original plan was to return Sunday to the ranch. I think I will put my return off a couple of days.
My brother in law is a computer whiz. He got a job last summer working for a company that is subcontracting for the University of Arlington.
The company changed hands and he has to go through another screening process. He asked me to confirm with his employer that I have seen his driver’s license…I haven’t. There’s something fishy about his past as I have heard that he got involved with some druggies in Florida, and changed his name back in the seventies before he married my wife’s sister. I’m not sure it the “name change” was done through courts or just himself.
He was a pilot for many years and smuggled electronics into Mexico back in the ’80s. After that he supposedly worked for American Airlines in the IT department.
I don’t really like him that much to commit felony fraud…he falls short of many of my expectations.
I asked him if I could actually see his license. I guess he thought I was joking…