Gate Update

The chicken coop gate project is almost done.

As you can see, there are a couple of gaps that need 2×4 screwed into the posts to fill in.

The kid and I wired a custom section of cattle panel to the gate to fill in those gaps, and increase the height. She said she was going to put a section of chicken wire over the gate as well, and I have left that to her. She was very helpful.

Here is the old gate, lying on its side.

Here is the compost bin.

The clearance between the drum and the “frame” on the left is rather close, so one (I) must be careful so as not to pinch fingers when turning. At this point, the drum is about half full and very heavy, and likely enough for now. Will probably have to start another compost pile behind it.

Yes, there are gaps in the “cover” but does not seem to leak out any substantial amount.

The two barrel latches are useless after the lid IS a water barrel, and not designed to be out in the heat, I suppose.

I bought a new sawzall for that project, and used it one time before it was stolen.

Still no word from the a/c guy.

The pole beans are coming up as well..

The other three rows of beans and pickles? nada.

Any progress is good.

4 thoughts on “Gate Update

  1. Your composter frame needs some x bracing or even a piece of plywood screwed to the dump side. It looks like it’s beggin to collapse.

  2. I was reading about this type of composter a few days ago in a SHTF fiction story. They also had a variant that was setup to be used as a washing machine that was driven by a bicycle & belt setup

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