In Other News..

I got up at 8:30 this morning, thinking I would have to open the gate and let the painters/roofers in…

The kid was off to work early, and the gate was already open, and the painters were already here; including the boss with the broken something or other..

Speaking of the kid, she is once again allowed in the house. The wife lifted the quarantine…it’s…a…miracle..

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SIL is recovering nicely from her bout with the Kung Flu…

Doctor: Well, X…she’s at death’s door, but I think we can pull ‘er through…

I did get outside, and pull down all the hanging baskets and brackets; then hauled the plants inside. The original speaker run for the outdoor speakers had to be cut and pulled down too. Another project to run new wire to the outdoor speakers. Seems a waste as those things really put out the sound.

My plan is to run a wire from the amp in the LR where the main TV is, and run it along the wall and outside where the satellite cable pokes through the outside wall. I would be able to run Pandora on the TV, and select ‘speaker B’ for the outside, and jam.

I’ve been doing some inventory on dry goods, and discovered more flour and sugar stashes.

I still have a 12 lb bag of pintos to divvy up and store. First, I’ll need to dig into the old stash and rotate the stock of old. Looks like my pinto bean stash is running low, so will have to procure more either at the store next week, or another 12lb bag from Sam’s as my last purchase for sure..(like Cher’s 5th final concert). OK, yep; ordered another. Still have free shipping for today only. Membership is $100, and for that I get free shipping on most items…might as well milk it.

I am thinking I’ll go ahead and get a package of bacon ends ‘n pieces for the pintos…4 lbs of bacon ends for about $9…cheaper than bacon. They divvy up nicely into 1 lb bags; just right for a batch of pinto beans.

Who knows? the supply chain could end any day, and we’ll only have what we already have.

Good thing the wife likes white rice…I seem to have an abundance of that.

One of these days, I’m gonna have to brave the stench of cat litter, and do an inventory of items in the bunkhouse deep freeze. It’s probably overdue for a defrosting as well. It’s a little larger than the one here in the pantry, but it won’t fit.

Check your preps folks, the times are a changin’.

8 thoughts on “In Other News..

  1. I am Prepper, and I’m proud
    I used to be alone in a crowd
    But now you look around these days
    There seems to be a Prepper craze
    I’m a Prepper in the sunshine
    I’m a Prepper in the moonlight
    I’m a Prepper in the good times
    I’m always Preparing.
    Be Prepared!

  2. I keep a 3 month food supply at house and a 6 month supply at the cottage in western NC. The place in NC has a generator with 250 gallon LP tank that is full. I have a 20 gallon tank that I run up the generator and run the house on it for 15 to 20 minutes every 6 months. I also flush out the deep well to make sure it stays serviceable. The house in on county utilities but I have a manual blade switch to cut over to the generator, a ball on/off spigot for the city water with another on the well, and by-pass valve to redirect the sewage into the septic tank instead of the county sewer line. I also have my Inmarsat satphone with a thousand “never expire” minute sim card, it just requires a $50 re-activation fee. I bought that place in 05 to be a weekend get-a-way and a bug-out location to get away Atlanta if things went sideways.

  3. An old guy named Al was kind of a mentor to us kids on our first real job. Listening to his stories brightened any day. Once he told of life on the eastern plains of Colorado during the Depression. Pinto beans were 50 cents for a 100 pound bag (burlap, of course).

  4. Wifey just got word that her sister now has one flavor or another of china virus. Sister is the oddest one of the bunch of 4 (2 boys, 2 girls)-but she is plenty healthy, is active and slim, and seemingly does all the right things. One of the brothers and his wife (also slim and active) came down with it a year ago and apparently came out okay (I don’t go out of the way to talk with any of them). The other brother and his wife-both overweight and with what became known as several “co-mordidities” have not had any problem-they even live in Oklahoma, supposedly one of the 10 unhealthiest states. When I asked wifey how the Okies have stayed clean she replied that they always wear masks when they go out, plus they wear shields. Holy shit! Why not do it up right and get a Bubble Boy outfit and have 4 servants wheel you around when you go out? The stupidity surely does hurt.

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