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Liz Cheney compared herself to Abe Lincoln, as she got her ass kicked out of the primary in Wyoming.


Wrong again, Lizzie. Lincoln did not lose the election, and 2) (this is the big one) he was assassinated…that could be arranged for you too…quite easily I might add..

Speaking of huge dicks, Al Franken, the disgraced senator from Minnesota accused of sexual misconduct 5 years ago or so, now is after Ted Cruz, calling him a penis of all things..Well, my first thought was “it takes one to know one”


Al Franken in action

Sen. Franken’s numerous sexual assault scandals first broke when Leann Tweeden, a journalist who anchors at TalkRadio 790 KABC in Los Angeles, California, accused Sen. Franken of fondling her while she slept and shoving his tongue down her throat without her consent.

Looks like a dick, sounds like a dick, well OK then; Al Franken is a dick…

Bye Bye Liz…maybe Al Franken can fondle your breasts for you…’s that a mustache?

Establishment Media Downplay Liz Cheney’s Chances of Reelection Tuesday 

Below from Chief Nose Wetter

Hey Lizzie…can you say “would you like fries with that?”

Adios muchacha…

It continues…

the above two from Eat Gruel Dog

oh, and one more teensy thing…

Man, the demorats must be scared shitless knowing that they can no longer fix the elections...the thousand points of light will be the headlights of the democrats leaving DC after the midterms…

12 thoughts on “Political News

  1. Lincoln did lose an election or two on his way to the White House, X. I’d have to look it up. I believe it was a Senate or Rep seat.

    Good riddance, Cheney!!!

    It’s funny; all these people have is “I HATE TRUMP!!!!” That ‘s it. Truthfully, they’re in a catch-22. If Trump runs again, he’ll clean Donk clocks. If he doesn’t run again, the Donks will have to run against someone like DeSantis, who has a good track record and less baggage. Again, Donk clocks cleaned. That leaves them only one way to hold the White House… The same thing that GOT them the White House… ELECTION FRAUD… …Film at eleven…

  2. My understanding is that Liz did not spend much time in Wyoming; preferred to live in Virginia most of the time. Sounds like another carpetbagger from somewhere else who lied through her teeth to appeal to the voters. Maybe she and Mittens can hook up some day.

  3. “knowing that they can no longer fix…elections” You MUST BE joking!?!

    The cheat is already in. The Postal Service is a union shop. Unions are run by Demonrat criminals. The Postal Service is creating a new division to help increase the throughput(read enable the cheating to grow exponentially) of mail in ballots.

    Not to mention that Demonrats control most of the ballot counting across the country. In the Gascon recall just this week, they threw out a whole bunch of mail in ballots that would have ousted Gascon if counted. But hey, no cheating going on there. Just like the Nuisance/Larry Elder recall.

    Then, there’s Dominion. Why does the software in a ballot/vote counting machine do anything except count votes and #’s ballots, then transmit the votes, via an encrypted transmission, to a secure central location under control of the state’s voting authority? Why is there an ALGORITHM in the vote counting software? Why is vote counting software proprietary to Dominion? I’m not a programmer, but why is vote counting software not 100 lines of open source code or less?

  4. its easier to cheat in national elections b/c the data goes overseas to a central server where they can manipulate the numbers. state/local data stays state/local. they are limited by the population numbers. maricopa couldn’t add more votes than there were people.

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