Fermented Liquid Refreshments

Today, I am bottling the wheat beer. I used nine lbs of wheat dme, an ounce of Hallertauer hops, and a German yeast. It should be drinkable in a couple weeks.
The hard cider is done with phase one ferment. It went below zero. Damn! Dry but strong. Now time rack and clear. Those will all be bottled in one liter PET bottles. Get your name in the hat and I’ll see what I can do.
I watched a buck “get some” this afternoon. It’s that time of year.
I am still composting the five raised gardens. The soil is really looking good.
I planted a pair of dwarf blueberry bushes. We’ll see how they do.
Wife saw a specialist for her arthritis in Ft Worth last week. Her pain is gone. (Angelic choir and light from above). It’s a miracle. She will be here all next week. Her first time off since Pop’s funeral in August.
Had to drop $2100 on a new walkin shower at the other house. New pan, liner, tile, and faucet.
This is much harder to do on a smartphone.


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