I Thought This Was Rather Humorous

The Engrish on the cup is questionable as well…”French and German” make the subject plural, and the verb should reflect plural as well; should read “look questionable”, instead of “looks questionable”.

From Mike Miles

18 thoughts on “I Thought This Was Rather Humorous

  1. I took two years of French in high school in south GA from a woman that had a significant southern drawl. I could read and write French but the gibberish I spoke was not recognizable by any Frenchman and could not understand them either. I lived in Germany and picked up required German phrases so that I could ask directions, order in a restaurant or bar, and understand some conversations.

    I need a couple of drinks and maybe I could make heads or tails out of it. It is a well known fact beer makes you smarter.

  2. Wondering if the coffee house offers their customers a choice of colors for the warning band so all the different genders can self-select their very own color and have their need for inclusivity stroked?

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