The Inflation Squeeze Continues..

Not just rising prices overall, but companies are putting less into their products and charging more…

When was the last time you bought aluminum foil? The 250 sq ft roll is now over $11, and those prices are at Sam’s.

When I make cheesecake, I use graham crackers for the crust. I used to make a standard 9″ crust using less than 1 package of graham crackers. Now, it takes more than one package, and there are fewer graham crackers per ‘sleeve’, if you will.

These are just a few of likely thousands of instances where not only do we pay more, we get less.

Canned veggies? less veggie, more water.

One can freeze some cheeses too; the sharp and extra sharp cheddar are good candidates, as I think they contain less moisture..

Ziploc bags have gone up as well.

I wish I’d been paying more attention, as now, to catch up I’ll need substantial more dollars to do so.

I took a rough inventory of dry goods, and find that I am low on flour, so a 25lb bag is in order. I seem to have lots of sugar, pintos, rice and assorted other dry beans. My deep freeze is so full, I cannot get anything else in there; beef, chicken, pork, sausage, and bacon are plentiful. The other deep freeze is in the bunkhouse, and I cannot stand to got out there for the smell of cat litter. It too, is very full of beef and bacon, and even a 19 lb turkey, and a couple of whole chickens…no telling what else the kid has crammed in there.

I go through a 40 oz can of ground coffee in less than a month..To really stock up on that would be costly.

We are all spending more on groceries, and getting less or the same for our precious dollars.

It may come down to what is a necessity vs what is a luxury. The difference will be determined as time goes by, I suppose.

This could be my last Sam’s purchase for quite a while.

The wife announced her 401k has dropped 4 grand in recent days. I suggested that she just empty it out..might as well spend it on tangibles, rather than lose it all into nothingness..


18 thoughts on “The Inflation Squeeze Continues..

    • To my knowledge, Sam’s never sold ammo. I avoid going into Wally World, but do order stuff from Wally dot com…$35 minimum and free shipping.
      Wally was the only place I was able to get .410 #6 squirrel rounds a few years ago, before they shot themselves in the foot.

  1. The 401K bubble has burst and it is only a matter of time, very little time, before all those accounts are $0. You are best investing in staples and goods that you will use or keeping it under the proverbial mattress than relying/hoping that the 401 will be worth anything.

  2. hope you can keep those freezers cold when the grid goes down this summer. our grid has been down since friday. i’m playing musical generators to keep everything cold. its a full time job. well, that and woodcutting for the winter. grid supposed to be up by tuesday. sure hope so, its supposed to go to upper 90’s then. have a backup a/c, but it ups the tempo of the musical gennies then.

  3. A $4 grand drop? I have lost 24% of my 401k since the beginning of the year. The market has dropped just over 25.5% since the beginning of the year. FJB! My financial advisor is beating the market but not by much. Six years ago this was to be the year I went into full retirement at the end of the year with a healthy 7 figure 401K. I can’t do it right now as it is no longer a 7 digit 401K. I am looking at another 5 years in the workforce. I dumped my Bus driving job and I am going Hot Shot Trucking. It will be a $90k investment but I should break even in 10 months. I will be able to make 6 digit figures doing this after the first year working for less than 40 hours a week. If I kept driving the bus it would be the never ending story.

  4. In addition to more water in canned veggies the frozen orange juice concentrate has been watered down. It used to be mix one can of concentrate with 3 cans of water and the juice was just right. Try that now and you get watered down juice-it’s more like one can of concentrate to 2 cans of water.

    And, don’t get me started on store brand coffee-I swear they must mix in a lot more ground coffee bean hulls than ever before. Next thing you know they’ll be throwing in 10% of ground cardboard.

  5. Went to the grocery store this AM to pick up sausage, egg & cheese on an English muffin breakfast sandwiches from the deli counter. They have been $1.99 for a good long while and as recently as last Friday.

    They are now $2.50, a 25% increase.

    I’ve been expecting the price to go up as the price of eggs has been well over $2.00 for weeks, but it was still surprising.

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