11 thoughts on “The Homebrew Taste Test

  1. Given the long wait, I figured you’d be putting back on the table an empty glass. Congratulations on a job well done!

    • There is no such thing as bad homebrew. I’ll wait a little longer before refrigerating the rest. It was good, but not much raspberry flavor…still good though. A couple more weeks should carbonate better.

      • Try your hand at making German Rauchbier. I have thrown out 3 batches that were disgustingly bad. I have had it in Germany but I have never had a decent one outside Germany. The Alaskan Brewing company has a seasonal Smoked Porter they have promoted as a Rauchbier – not! A Rauchbier is a Lager. The first issue is getting enough smoke in the grain without roasting it too dark. The second issue is that it is a full grain process without using malt extract and it is too easy to screw it up getting the malting correct.

      • I have no hankering to make such a beer.
        I made a Kolsch once, and even though I disliked it, most of my friends approved.
        I like simple.
        I have made stouts, even though I can only drink the commercial Guiness.. I don’t care for the heavily malted beers; porters and such.
        A good Octoberfest is about as malty as I can handle…hence my preference for wheat beers.

      • I would empty out my stores to make room for the new crop of hops and grains. My late summer/early fall beer would be all the excess malts, grains, and hops to make a Porter or Stout for a holiday ale. I bought amber or pilsner malt in bulk to get a better price brake and I would buy that as I ran out. I had a 4 gallon resalable container that originally had Golden light malt in it. I also bought my hops loose leaf in bulk and usually got 3 or 4 varieties. Grain was different. There was not any price brake buying in bulk grains. I liked fuller darker beers in cold weather and light pilsners and lagers in warmer weather.

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