2 Days To Go

So, went outside earlier today to bolt down some new brackets for the wife’s hanging baskets.

Man, I was ready; I got my cordless drill with the long Philips bit, an icepick to make the holes, a hammer to help the icepick, a pencil, a measuring tape, a ladder, the bracket, and some after market screws since the ones that came with the brackets are worthless.

So I hung up two, and I ask myself: where are the rest?

There was supposed to be like 6 or 7…nada. Screw that, so I put everything up..takes me longer to accumulate all the supplies, than it did to hang the two.

the flower arrangement is artificial…as the rest will be.

Ain’t no good for nuthin’…

I found the other three, and put them up as well.

Tomorrow, I’ll haul away all the large garden tools, and put them in the wellhouse. Gotta keep BIL from getting any ideas to “take over my projects”. Guess I’ll have to hide my tools and cordless drill too…just to be sure.

The carne guisada came out excellent.

I’ll have to return, and get some more of those sirloins. At $3.99lb, darn well worth it. Yes, I gave in and installed the app to get the savings..I’m ashamed, but I got $4/lb sirloin steaks…one of the reasons why they may have gone to the coupon app is because of folks like me, who return twice and get the bargain before the sale is discontinued. The coupon only allows one usage per sale cycle.

I’m wise to that shit. The wife got an app too, as well as the kid. We’re gonna be swimming in sirloin. Hell, even at $6.99 lb, it’s still as cheap as ground beef at the big store.


6 thoughts on “2 Days To Go

  1. Many times the sale items are “Loss leaders” to get you into the store.
    The people that cherry pick and only buy the sale items are customers that they don’t make money on.

  2. The cheapest beef in the area is at the Asian market. A whole sirloin there is $9.95 a pound and it is low grade beef. I am doing OK in the steak area. When I had to go to south GA to clear up the bank issue last week I stopped by Robbins AFB and hit the Commissary. I hit the discount bin in the meat department. The meat is 30% off and frozen. I loaded up on their steaks.

    I have spent most of the weekend sorting screws, bolts, washers, and nuts. I had a wall hanging cabinet that had 10 rows of 12 drawers that held all of that hardware. I built it out of fir some 30 years ago when I was at an auction where I picked up 144 clear plastic drawers that were an inch and a half wide, a inch tall, and 5 inches long with a removeable baffle in the middle. The plan was to build it 12 rows by 12 drawers but I didn’t have enough wood and I wasn’t going to spend any more on the project, so it ended up as 10×12. About a year ago one of the mounting screws sheared and the cabinet fell to the basement floor shattering the wooden cabinet spilling the hardware all over the floor. I swept it up and dumped everything into two ammo boxes. I took an aluminum rail and tapped it with metric bolt holes on one end and standard on the other to aid in the sorting. My drill bits are dull as I had some issues drilling the 3/8 aluminum bar. The POS Harbor Freight drill bit sharpener is crap on anything smaller than 3/8″. I got 3 hardware boxes at Lowes and one is metric, one is standard, and the third is all screws, cotter pins, and E-clips. One step closer to cleaning up the workshop and its many unfinished projects. That reminds me I need to press out some 9mm ammo so I can go to the range on Tuesday. I somehow ran out of everything but JHP in 9mm.

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